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Mario Products

Super Mario 64 Cars - These get my vote for least relevant use of a lisence. Shown here are two toy vehicles with Mario slapped on the packaging and the paint job for no reason whatsoever. The first, from Johnny Lightning (Left) is part of that companies "Racing Dreams" collection. I guess it's someones dream to drive around in a car with Mario painted all over it. Go figure. The second from Mattel (inset) is part of the Matchbox Super Rigs collection. I guess this has some relevance to Mario, modeling a supposed truck full of Mario cartridge, but how fun can it be to pretend your driving a bunch of Mario games down Route 66? Or maybe I'm just bitter because I never got to play with toy cars when I was young. Anyway, these probably aren't very hot collectors items, and I can't see toy car or Mario enthusiasts really going for it? But if it's your dream to drive a truck full of games, these might be for you. VROOM!
Also: Street Wheels Car: A 5-pack of cars with Mario on the roof and side.

Ford Model T: What the Mario's plumbing van would look like... if they were around about 80 years earlier. -
Green Car?: From Europe. I can find no explanation for this. side view -
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