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Mario Products

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Mario has been in a lot besides video games over the years. Here are just a few of the other products Mario has been on. New stuff is marked by . Also, new stuff appears on the bottom of the table.
Note: Credit for some pictures goes to . Others are from Adam Spradlin . Still others are from The Mushroom Kingdom and a lot are from the auctioneers at

This new products page is under construction. For products unavailable on this page, go to the orginal page.

Mario Glasses Case
Mario Game Keychain
Mario Movie stuff
Mario Japanese Figures
Mario Phone Cards
Mario Ties
Mario Cars
Mario Beanie Babies
Mario Watches
Mario Hat
Mario Cups
Mario Christmas Ornaments
Mario Plush Dolls
Mario Shirts
Mario Walkie Talkie
Mario Stamp Sheet
Mario Trophies
Mario Pin
Mario Clock
Mario Remote Control Kart
Mario Boxers
Mario Golf Balls
Mario Legos
Mario Wall Paper
Mario Camera
Mario Towel
Mario Ceiling Fan
Mario Board Game.
Mario Clip-ons
Mario Alarm Clock
Mario Calculator
Mario Stickers
Mario Pogs
Mario Valentines
Mario Sing-a-long Radio
Mario Placemat
Mario Anime Comic
Mario Kart Plush Toys
Mario Suspenders
Mario Trash Can
Mario Lunch Box: The sequel
Mario Pillow Case
Mario Curtains
Mario Cereal
Mario Copter
Mario Keychains
Mario Gumball Dispenser
Mario Action Figures (from Mcdonalds)
Mario Karaoke Machine
Mario Sponge
Super Mario soundtracks
Mario Telephone
Mario Lunch Box
Mario Cookie Jars
Mario Chair
Mario Soda
Mario Mask
Mario Pez dispenser
Mario mini-pinball
Mario Action Figures (from Toy Biz)
Mario Shower head
Mario Wallet
Mario TV Tray
Mario Cookie Cutters
Mario Water Squirter
Mario Sleeping Bag
Mario Marionette
Mario Ice Cream Bar
Mario Shampoo
Mario Toys (Wendy's)
Mario Bookmark
Mario Kart Phone
Japanese Keychains/Mobile Strap
2006 Mario Toys (McDonald's)
Mario Shirts 2
Mario Puzzles
Mario Rubix Cube
Mario Pillows
Mario Gloves
Mario Ceiling Fan Pull
Mario Neon Signs
Wii Toys (Wendy's)
2006 Mario Keychains
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