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Mario (or Bowser?) for President

By Michael Scrimenti

Chapter One: The Princess' Speech

One clear day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool had an important announcement to make. "My fellow mushroom people, before I begin, I'd like to add that, we won't be in danger anymore with Koopa. Mario and Luigi are my heroes. Now back to my speech. Good morning my fellow mushroom people. Today I'd like to talk about running in an election. It's compettion to see, who treats everyone fair, who likes children, and who treats my kingdom with respect. Do I have any voluteers?" The Princess asks. "I'm your number one runner!" "Koopa?! What are you doing here?" The Princess wondered. "I'm running for president! I don't think anyone else is volunteering Princess." "Don't be too sure Koopa! Luigi and I are running against you! Right Luigi?" "Right!" Luigi answered Mario. "Great. Now I have 3 runners. Just enough for my campagian for president. Now Koopa, I know you hate Mario and Luigi, but you can't hurt them or kidnap me, it's against the rules." Princess says. "No problem Pri ncess, it's all fair. (fair enough to say bad things about Mario and Luigi. Ha, ha, ha, ha!)" Koopa said. "Your speeches will be said tomorrow. Good luck to all of you." Princess said. Mario pulls Luigi over to talk to him. Koopa is heading up towards Princess Toadstool's room! Oh, no!

Chapter Two: Vote for Mario

The next day Koopa, Mario, and Luigi took the stands. "Welcome! Welcome all, to the Mushroom Kingdom's first president speech. My runners Mario, Luigi, and unexpectedly King Koopa." Everyone gets ready to hear Mario's speech. "My fellow mushroomers you should vote for me because I'm fair, kind, and I care about everone." While Mario is giving his speech Koopa goes to Princess Toadstool's room and puts a hypnotizer on the door saying, 'YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR MARIO OR LUIGI. YOU'LL VOTE FOR KING KOOPA, AND THEN KICK THE MARIOS IN THE DUNGUN.' Just after the trap is set, Koopa says to the Princess, "I've got a surprise for you up in your room for you my dear." Princess is wondering what it is. She then follows Koopa up to her room door and gets hypnotized! Oh no!

Chapter Three: Vote for Luigi

A few hours later Koopa brings down a sign saying, 'DON'T VOTE FOR MARIO OR LUIGI.' Yes that nasty reptile is at it again! Luigi now gets up on the stand. "Not so fast Luigi. Don't be too quick to talk. Your speech won't prove anything." Princess then comes down from her room and tells Mario and Luigi they're rejected from the Mushroom Kingdom! "But why Princess?" Mario asked. "Don't question me Mario! You know what you did! You went against the rules!" Princess said. "No I didn't!" Mario says. "Guards take them both away!" Princess ordered. "Princess you don't understand, Koopa is too evil to be in running of president." Mario said. "I never wanna see you guys again! Koopa is offically the president of this kingdom. I'm going to marry him Mario! So there!" Princess said. "Thank you Princess. When shall we get married and where?" Koopa wondered. "Uh, tomorrow morning in your castle." "Okay Prncess, whatever you say." Koopa said.

Chapter 4: Toad's Sequence

Meanwhile, Toad goes up to Princess Toadstool's room where she got hyponotized. "Gee, what's this contraption? This must be the gift Koopa gave the Princess. Wait a minute. This is a hypnotizer! Oh, no! Koopa's at it again! I must get Mario and Luigi outta prison! And save the Princess from making a big mistake marrying Koopa." Toad said. Princess now is starting to get ready for the wedding. Toad then sneaks by Koopa and evesdrops on what Koopa is going to do after the wedding. "Is the Princess nearby?" Koopa asked Mouser. "No King Koopa. She's in her room." "Good. Now, I want to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. After the wedding I'll have total victory! Mwaaaaaahaha!" Koopa said with an evil and wicked laugh. Toad gets worried and goes to the prison to save Mario and Luigi. In the prison Mario and Luigi are counting the number of people who died in the prison without food or water. "Mario we're going to die in here! We're gonna be really thristy!" "Never mind the drink, we're goi ng to starve!" Mario said nervously. Just then Toad comes in to rescue Mario and Luigi. "Mario, Luigi, the Princess has been hypnotized by Koopa. The only thing that can make her unhypnotized is a mushroom....

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