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Peach's Revenge

By Geoff Miller

Chapter one:

One fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach Toadstoolwas filling out some forms and laws and stuff like that when she decided to go and look for her good friend Toad. Toad and Peach have been good friends science they where young , Toad was adopted into Peach's family and he is now genral of the Mushroom army.Anyway Peach was walking from her room (the highest point in the tower when there was a huge BOOM.Peach was flug down th stairs like a rage doll before she hit the ground she wonder "What the heck was that?" When Peach came to she was still in the castle on the checkered floor. Concerned only for the well-being of her father she ran to his room (where she heard the blast come from. when she reached his room the entire west wall was gone.The room was entirely covered in blackness and the furniture was blown to bits!

Chapter 2:

"Daddy," Peach screamed"where are you???" There was no reply just a familiar laugh BWA ha ha! It was Bowser where are you???" There was no reply just a familiar laugh BWA ha ha! It was Bowser who had done this to her father "BOWSER!!,"She screamed. Bowser Floated down in his "Bowser Copter "thing " YOU, wher'es my father! Don't YOU DARE do anything or you'll be SO INCREDIBLY SORRY" "OH yes Princess Toadstool right away BWA HA HA Catch you later sweetie pieBWA HA HA," Bowser said as he disappered in a puff of smoke. Peach dove at the smoke hoping to hit Bowser but instead she hit air and landed in the moat."bowser,"she said with a galre in her eye," you've just made your FINAL mistake I'll get my father back if it's the LAST thing I do!!" Later, that morning Princess called Mario, Luigi, and of course Toad to help her get her dad. the group set out for the dark forest, the first obstacle in the way of Bowser's Castle!

Chapter 3

" Peach can we eat," Mario asked, Peach not being in the best of moods(i don't blame her) just glared at Mario. "AHHHHHH,"Toad screamed,"KOOPA'S" The party was suddenly surrounded by a swarm of koopa's,Goomba's and shyguys. The battle raged on for a few minutes with Peach and Toad doing most of the work, "hyeeaaaaa" Princess screamed as she kung fued a few shy guys. Toad plowed into some with his mushroom thingy. Luigi and Mario worked togther, Luigi would bend down and Mario would jump on his shoulders and flatten quiet a few Koopa's with his gut. "Well, that was a little too easy," Peach said,"i could get into this!" The group slept that night and the next morning they came out of the forest, and the sight the saw almost made them sick.

Chapter 4

In the distance was the castle, but before that there was a dessert, the one that had the koopa kid's castles on it. The group walked for hours until they reached a castle, on it there was a big pink bow,"Wendy O'Koopa's castle,"Toad said. "Mabye we can just walk past it,"Luigi said. "I doubt it this castle has booby traps all around it," Mario said knowing from experence. Just then Peach let out a scream and was catepulted off the sand and into a window! She landed right in the middle of a huge tabl filled with food,"WAAAAAAAAAAAA," Peach heard the whine of wendy koopa" GAURDS, SHE mashed my FOOD SIEZE HER" " I don't need this right now", Peach thought and started running! She ran up stairs until she reached a bright pink door despreatly she ran in and started throwing various objects at the gaurds "STOP oh no that's my favorite shirt," Wendy whined. "stand back or I'll shred it," Peach said, Picking up a can of hair spray and a bright yellow cape. She ran toward the window and flug it open, it was a good 20 stories down and then there was a loud tromping and a fire breathing renzor ran in. Peach, knowing that fire and hair spray don't mix hurled the can she had picked up at one of the Renzor's fire balls,"so Long Wendy o," she said jumping from the window and using the cape to safley parachute down. Then a loud BOOM was heard ant the room at the top of the castle exploded. when Peach hit the ground she realized that she must've hit a gasline or something because the rest if the castle exploded and she went flying toward the ground.Toad Mario And Luigi all camm to see her, she was knocked out cold and her face was covered with soot.When peach came too the other castles where exploding, they must've been connected be a pipe or something but the group didn't have to worry about the koopa kids anymore!So htey walked through the dessert for days until the re ached a horrible sight the gigantic front door's to Bowser's Keeep!!!

Chapter 5:

A Draw bridge lowered and bowser's voice came over a loud speaker,"Welcome, I didn't think you'd make it this far, OH wel COME ON IN!" the group trudged in and were transported to a huge stone slab ove a pit of fire," BOWSER you Bucket head put up your dukes" screamed Peach. then there was a flkash of light and Bowser was there,"No fair fighting 3 against 1" he said and another flash blew Toad,Mario and Luigi back."now let's FIGHT" Bowser Said. He hit Peach and she went flying across the stone."you can take my father, but he's still alive,but Bowser all of our brats are dead' Just lay there while Bowser walked over to her ready to burn her with one breath of fire.Peach without thinking or knowing the power she possesed screamed out," BROOCH MAGIC ATTACK" and the entire battle pit was filled with a pink light,"Bowser you're time has come" and her brooched flashed and a line of white light shot out and right at Bowser who screamed in pain the light grew larger until bowser started glowing and then he turned looked at mario who was still unconsious and looked back at Peach who smiled back at him. Then Bowser screamed and his entire castle exploded reavling Peach and her brooch still glowing, then there was anoter flash and the entire party was back at the castle,"Well that was fun,anyone for cake?"peach asked.Everyone but Mario walked in,"Funny"he said<"I thought I would be the one to Kill Bowser!" THE END About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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