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Princess Melissa, Mario Sister

Written by Melissa herself

Part 1

One day, Peach was walking outside the castle, minding her own business, when she suddenly tripped over something. BUMP!!!! She fell flat on her face.
  "What did I trip on?" she said out loud. Peach stood up and looked. It appeared to be a huge white rock with red spots of some sort. "That's a weird rock," she said. "I'll bring it inside for a better look." So she picked it up, and carried it inside the castle.

  Meanwhile, inside, Mario, Luigi, and Toad had just finished lunch, and they were lounging about the main room on the first floor of the castle. When they saw Peach walking in with the rock, they asked, "What is that, Princess?"
  "I tripped on this outside," she replied, "and I wanted a closer look, so I brought it in." She placed the rock on the floor and wiped the sweat from her face.

  Suddenly, the rock began shaking violently. "What's happening?!" yelled Toad. "What if it's a bomb?!" cried Luigi. "Hit the dirt!" yelled Mario, and everyone ducked to the floor.... just as the rock exploded and shattered.

Part 2

Everyone was stunned by the sudden explosion, but Mario was suddenly more surprised when he heard a crying sound coming from the remains of the rock.
   "What is that?" he asked out loud. Everyone crept over to the remains, and to their great shock they found a small, helpless, brown haired, brown eyed, baby girl!
   She seemed no more than a newborn's age. Her hair was curly, and dark as her eyes. She wore a diaper, a small pink shirt, and a red jewel enclosed in gold around her neck. But the most astonishing thing of all was that she had raccoon ears and a tail, sort of like when Mario did when he met the Koopa Kids!
   "That's the strangest looking baby I've ever seen," said Toad, "and it's not just because she's a human either."
   "My question is," said Mario, "is what is a baby with raccoon parts doing in an egg?"
   "MY question is, said Luigi, "is how could she take such an explosion like that?"
   "You know you guys," said Peach, picking up the baby, "I think that rock was actually an egg. And that was no explosion. She must have simply burst the shell open."
   "Ah, I see," said Mario, "but-"
   They were suddenly interrupted by a loud crash. The door had burst open and shattered to splinters- revealing King Bowser Koopa! "Oh, Princess," he said slyly, "I've come for the baby!"
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