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The Party

By Maria Martinez

Chapter 1

"Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear Mario! Happy Birthday To You!" everyone sang. Peach put a BIG cake in front of Mario. Peach slaved over the stove all day just for this party. Everyone was at Peach's castle in the Party Room.

"Make a wish!" Luigi said. Mario closed his eyes and made a wish. He took a gallon of air a blew out the candles. Everyone cheered.

Mario cut slices for everyone. Everyone loved it. Except Bowser Jr. (Bowsie's son.)

"I HATE chocolate!" Bowser Jr. complained. He went in a tantrum. Peach gave him Sweet-Tarts and he was fine.

The band was The Mushroom Heads. Toad and the rest of the servants were the members. Toad was singer. They called a DJ last minute for The Mushroom Heads were horrible!

Diddy danced with Dixie and Tooty. Gruntilda sucked the beauty out of her sister Brentilda and looked just as good in the game after transformation. Her and Mumbo Jumbo dirty danced and made-out. DK talked to Banjo but Kazooie called Kong, "Monkey Boy" and Banjo's back pack was left on the stage. Bottles got into Banjo and DK's conversation. Kazooie insulted anyone who passed. Bowser and Bowser Jr. were dancing. They rocked the house! (Literally.)

The DJ suddenly said over the speakers, "We have an uninvited guest outside the door!"

Chapter 2

The room was silent. You could hear a pin drop. Mario tip-toed to the door. He opened it a crack. He looked and opened it all the way. Everyone gasped. It was...was...was...Leonardo DiCaprio!

"I came by to crash this party Nintendo idiots!" Leo exclaimed, "I love Playstaion and Sega! Nintendo stinks!"

A cursed, little, blue hedgehog, ran in and tore up the place. Everyone gasped. The blue hedgehog went back to Leo. Leo threw in some maniacal laughter.

"You ruined my party! I worked all day just for this Birthday Party! And you ruined it!" Peach cried. "Ha! Ha! Ha!" Leo laughed. But, little did everyone know Banjo was tip-toeing to the stage.

As a fight of words broke out Banjo took his back-pack, bird and all, and walked in Leo's direction.

As Banjo's walked to Leo everyone went back to silence. Banjo took off his back-pack and opened it. Kazooie popped out and said, "Pretty Boy, thinks he's so pretty!"

"So?" Leo asked.
"All you are is an ugly boy who gets all glamour for nothin'! No one even LIKES YOU!" Kazooie jabbed.
"Your right. People LOVE me!" Leo said.
"Not anymore!" Bowser corrected holding Leo so he couldn't move.
Bowser Jr. was jumped on Leo's gut. The Mushroom Heads started singing. Banjo was punching Leo's face while Kazooie insulted. Natalya and pretty Grunty kissing him to death. Peach stuffed poisonous pies in his mouth. Yoshi spit poison on him. James Bond was shooting him while drinking his famous martini, shaken, never stirred. Everyone tortured him. Until a blue hedgehog sawed him in half. Every backed away and Bowser breathed fire all over him. That was the end of Leo. They threw the body out the window. They could here cheering from outside.

"Peach, thank you for a wonderful party!" Mario said, "and what we threw out the window was the best birthday present ever!

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