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What Was New

Note: Links on the page may or may not still work. For current links go to the Main Page.

11/27/05 Do you mind one more update? As you may know, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) has been slowly developing in the internet world. A few months ago, I created a feed for the news page. However, a poll I done with the mailing list has suggested that you don't know much about RSS. As such, I created a new section on the FAQ to help explain things. I also created a new section that lists all of SMBhq's feeds. Expect this list to grow in the future as we think of new ways to create feeds. -SK

11/25/05 You must be sick of us by now. :P Anyhoo, just in time for the holidays, the SMBHQ Store has been brought up to date! To help you out even more, with your holiday shopping, we have compiled a holiday gift guide to help you find the best Mario products this season! -SK

11/23/05 Sean deleted my update. While taking the time to put it back up, I decided to say hi again. Hi! Heh. Oh, and I don't think anyone mentioned this, but the Cartoons section has been updated recently. I will now conclude with a random silly picture:

Heh.-jay (A little clarification: I didn't delete Jay's update, I just accidently overwrote it. :P - SK)

11/23/05 Hmmm....a lot of updates this week. I just thought to let you know that daily chats are starting up again in the chatroom weekdays from 7-10pm EST. Check the page for a schedule of what is planned for each hour of the chat. There is not much now, but that should change in upcoming weeks. The whole thing starts tonight, so make sure to be there! -SK

11/22/05 What's the deal with all of the updates??? I think we must be sick or something. Well, don't worry. We'll go back to ignoring SMBHQ soon, so everything will be right with the world once again. Hehe. Kidding. Anyway, I bring you updates! First up, I finally put together a new set of Memories! Wow! And you thought that section was dead. Those are the last of the memories I have, so if you don't see yours, or if you have a new memory, please e-mail it to me. I'm also going to see if I can revamp the Memory main index page soon, since it's kinda boring. Also, I managed a small update to NC. This is part of my pathetic attempt to see if I can start updating NC again on a somewhat regular basis. If you care about NC at all, please send me an e-mail or an instant message of encouragement, for I need it, heh. Thanks. Oh, and read the new mailbag. I think that Jay fellow is pretty funny, IMO.-jay

11/21/05 Hey, I just noticed that Ryan Jean (who silently returned to being movies editor a few weeks ago) has put up a teaser for his new, flash-enhanced, version of the section. Looks good. Also, you should also notice that an RPC has been set for Dec 23. Please be sure to mark it on your calenders. -SK

11/21/05 Yes my friends, the SMBHQ Mailbag (with MetalMan replacing Luigi128) is back with another edition.-SK

11/20/05 You may have been hearing about the new era pages that we have been talking about for a while. I would like to say that they're done, but that's not the case. However, we don't want the game pages to lie around gathering dust, while they wait for a makeover, so I decided that I will create the era index pages first and then put the new game pages up as I complete them. Today, we have the Retro 80s index up, which features the links to all the old game pages for the original NES Mario games (though there is also a completed new page for Super Mario Bros). We will try to get indexes for the other 2 eras up ASAP. -SK

11/15/05 After over 2 1/2 years of service, Luigi128 has decided that his life has become too hectic to manage the Fan Ficion page any longer. As such, WE ARE NOW HIRING! If you like fan fiction and want to join the elite SMBHQ staff members, head to the help wanted page and follow the instructions to apply. Please be warned, the fan fiction section used quite a bit of advanced HTML coding (such as SSI), so I would like to find somebody who's skilled enough to keep doing those kind of pages. Anyways, what are you waiting for? Apply Now!-SK

11/03/05 Hey all, this is Jay. I'm just letting you know that we've brought back an old favorite, Dethrone The Mushroom King! The original King is back and ready for your questions. So see if you can stump the king by e-mailing him at Get to work! I'll see if I can scrap up an update of my own soon. Later.-jay

11/01/05 Well, you didn't have to wait long for that mailbag. -SK

10/31/05 Happy Halloween! Long time no see! If you were wondering where I was, shortly after my last update, my laptop (along with all my SMBhq files) DIED! I just got my new laptop two weeks ago, and I have been trying, in between my busy University schedule, to get an update pieced together. If you are expecting a new mailbag, you will have to wait a wee bit longer, since I still have to wait for a certain site founder to submit his responces. :P What we DO have is a new case for, the slightly reformatted, Super Mario Mysteries. Of course SSQ is always updating something. And, within the last month, there were updates to NC and fan fiction. Also, we cleaned up the links page, if you want to check that out. See you in a bit! -SK

9/10/05 Why hello there! Boy has the last month been quiet at SMBhq. I have just started my studies at York University, in Toronto, and I will try to find time, in between all my work, to make sure SMBhq keeps on ticking. My first proper update should be sometime next month. In the meantime, you should check out recent updates to the Fan Art and SSQ sections. -SK

8/7/05 I thought I was supposed to be on hiatus? Oh, well. Quick little main page redesign, with a more compact menu for the Specialty Sections. Hope you like it. While I am here, I should say that we have recent updates to cartoons and fan fiction. See you in two months.-SK

8/1/05 Well, Super Mario Bros. Headquarters is now 8 years old. We have a short special celebrating "SMB8Q." Go check it out (you may even find a birthday surprise). We also have a new mailbag for you. Speaking of which, mailbag responder, PeachFan, is now running the Comics and Books section, so make sure to check it out. I'm taking a two month break, so all your questions, should be forwarded to Jay. Speaking of which, Jay forgot to mention that there is a brand new game available for download at SMBhq Productions. Go check it out. Until next time.-SK

7/28/05 Hey all. This is Jay. Just wanted to let you all know that yes, I am alive. I've just been busy with research. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I've updated NC, so go take a look see if you want. Hope to have more stuff for the site soon. Later. Oh, also, in case you didn't know, some other sections have updated. Namely, Game Ideas has some new game ideas, Fan Fiction has new fan fiction, and Super Smash Quest has more, well, quests. Heh. Also, the Super Smash Stadium has matches #97 and #98. Heck even the Sprite section has been updated recently. Lots of stuff.-jay

7/8/05 Oops, forgot to tell you that PenguinMan has updated the Fan Art page. Check it out.-SK

7/6/05 OK, today's update seems to be the "big revival update." First, not only is there a new mailbag, but we also have a, just restored, archive of most of the mailbags from when Dave Adams ran the section. Make sure to check it out. In addition, SMBhq Productions is....well, back in production! Make sure to check it out. Finally, after years of being MIA, the Comics and Books section is back up! Now, if only we can get an editor for it. In other news, we are currently having a contest for someone to create a new SMBhq Banner! Check out details by clicking the link in the events scroller. Finally, there is an RPC Friday. It will be the final one until the fall, so make sure to check it out. That's all for now!-SK

5/29/05 How's things going? Today we have brought the SMBhq Store up-to-date. So, make sure to head over there to check out the latest in Mario merchandise. Or, if you want to look for some rare items, see what's for bid at the auctions page. There's also a brand new comic over at NC, if you want to check it out. Next up, the next RPC event will be happening on June 24. The RPCs are always a fun time, so make sure to try and attend. Finally, the news page now features an RSS page feed. So, head on over to see how you can read SMBhq News from the comfort of your RSS Reader, such as (CHEAP PLUG ALERT) Mozilla Thunderbird. See you around! -SK

5/3/05 Almost forgot. When I come back from Scotland, there will be a new RPC event to celebrate the new Star Wars movie. Make sure to check it out. -SK

5/2/05 Yeah, updates have been slow, but what are you going to do? Today we have a new mailbag, featuring a new responder. We also have the first new rant in years. You will also see some updates over at the Specialty sections. I would list them all, but I am a little short on time. Oh yeah, the launch of the Era pages is coming closer. Click each era, for the anticipated dates. I'm off to Scotland on Wednesday, so I will see you when I get back. -SK

4/2/05 Everything's back to normal after this year's April Fool's joke. If you missed it, you can check out the archived version here. -SK

3/19/05 Hey, this update just features a quick little tweak to the new main page. Now when you move your mouse over a section link, the section description pops up. Hope you like it.-SK

3/17/05 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I hope you didn't miss us when we failed to update for the entire month of February. To make up for it, we have the umpteenth (and hopefully final) redesign to the main page. I hope you like it. We also have a new mailbag for you to enjoy, as well as an update to the links page. Also, even though voting went on a little longer than planned, it is time to count and announce the winners of the Golden Toad Awards. The winners will be announced NEXT FRIDAY March 25, in the SMBhq Chatroom. Make sure to be there. Quick note: You won't be hearing from me much, since I will be disapeering to work on the long-delayed era pages. Hopefully we will see something within a few months (and hopefully Jay will do more regular updates in my absense).-SK

3/13/05 Hey all, this is Jay. Just wanted to remind you all that we are now voting for which character will become the NEW President of NC. So make sure you vote. NC Election 2004.-jay

1/26/05 OK, voting has now started for the Golden Toad Awards! The voting will on until February 18 and the winners should beannoucned live in the chat room on February 25.  We also have thefirst edition of the Mailbag for the new year and there's also a new new case for Mysteries.  To round things off, the following specialty pages have been updated recently: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Game Ideas, & SSQ. Now, get voting! -SK

The main part of this update is the introduction of anew main page.  As you can see the sections are now divided into 2categories - General Sections and Specialty Sections.  This shouldmake SMBhq a little more easier to navigate.  You should also seea new section for the Golden Toad Awards.  The voting for the 2005 edition should start real soon.  In other news a date has been announced for the next RPC session.  Make sure to attend. Finally, you should see a small edition the the links page (My new movie blog).  We'll have a more full update soon. -SK

Happy New Year! SMBHQ is working on becoming bigger thanever in 2005.  There's a lot planned in the coming months and itshould be an exciting time.  Just a quick note that many of theolder SMBHQ sections are in the process of being moved into their ownsubdirectories.  The SMBHQ Store and Dethrone the Mushroom King have already been moved.  You should expect more sections to be moved within the next few weeks. See you around. -SK

12/14/04 Long time, no update.  Just in time for the holidays, Books and Guides are now available in the SMBhq Store.  Make sure to head to the store and do some last second Christmas Shopping.  My suggestion would be the specially discounted Mario Kart Holiday Bundle, where you get A Nintendo GameCube, Mario Kart Double Dash, a $15 coupon all for 99.99.  Elsewhere around SMBHQ you will find that the NC Elections is getting ready to enter the final leg.  Also Mysteries has been completely resigned (there's a new comic as well).  To round things off, you should find recent updates at Cartoons, Ideas and SSQ sections.  Finally, make sure to attend the special Christmas RPC this Friday.  There are big things planned for SMBhq in the new year, and we will see you then.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! -SK

Hey, wow, it's Jay. Just wanted to point out that the Cartoons section has a brand new layout and some new updates, so check that out. Also, the Super Smash Quest is starting a NEW season and needs YOU to join in. It's a lot of fun, so check it out. And...I think that's all for now. Oh, also, it's really kinda old news, but the SSS does have a relatively new message board you should check out. Make sure you check out the Mailbag, and make sure you go visit NC, since I'm always doing stuff there, heh. In case you've been wondering where I've been, it's because I've been spending all of my time updating NC, heh. Anyway, later. I may be able to get the time to update the Memories section of SMBHQ soon.-jay

11/04/04 Quite a big update today.  First of all there is a brand new SMBhq Auctions page.  Brought to you by eBay, the auctions page lists a collection Mario Products that you can buy or bid on.  You can also search for a specific product if you want.  Every bid you make helps out SMBhq, so head on over to the section and shop around!  Also Jay would probably want you to know that voting has started for the NC Elections.  While you are at it, make sure to check out the new Halloween Special that's posted at both NC and Mysteries.  Also, we also have the very first edition of the new and improved SMBhq Mailbag.   Jay and Kyle has joined in on the question answering and now the mailbag is better then it ever was.  After reading the mailbag, make sure to go and send in some questions of your own.  In other news, things are heating up at the chatroom, with the popular event SMBhq RPC scheduled to start it's second season on November 26.  Make sure to come and check it out.  If that wasn't enough, you can find recent updates to the Ideas, SSS, & SSQ sections.  And to round things off, there's a few new links on the links page. -SK

10/29/04 The results of The 2004 Golden Toad Awards is finally up.  While "Take 2" may have included a smaller percentage of votes than the first time around, the results look more or less what the original result would have been (only the percentages would have been different).  Thanks for everyone who voted.  The 2005 awards will take place around January/February.  Elsewhere on the site, the SMBhq Store has been brought up to date.  After the success of the the Music & Video sales, all Video Game listings have been changed to feature mostly listings.  So, if you are a fan of, now is a good time to go to the store and check out everything from the hottest new Mario games of today to the classic Mario games of yesterday (oh, and Jay, don't get angry about the the current NES featured game :P).   Finally the FAQ has been updated to include some question about the store.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!-SK

10/14/04 The many changes at SMBhq continue with a new ad/navigation bar system.  Make sure to tell us what you think.  We also have a brand new Site FAQ for you to read. -SK

10/7/04 Nothing much today, just an update to the staff page.  Also, eam has taken control of the Game Ideas page.  Look for his updates to begin soon.  If your interested to know what's been going on around the site lately, here is a rundown: There's an election in full swing over at NC, a new story over at the Fan Fiction section, & a new match at SSS.  Oh yeah, one more thing: Do you know about the SMBhq truly-secret page? (cue Twilight Zone music) -SK

9/26/04 Well the first time was a bomb, since me and Jay were unable to count the 600 or so votes.  As a result it is time for The 2004 Golden Toad Awards - Take 2!  From now until October 26, you can now vote for your favourite Mario games from 2003 on the forum.  As a result, the results will be available for you to see as soon as voting completes.  So, if you haven't already, make sure to register for the forums and vote today!   -SK

In a continuation from last update, I am proud to say that the SMBhq Store is being expanded.  You should all know that there is more Mario products out there than just Video Games.  Now, with the help of a brand new affiliation with, we can start adding new products to the store.  Instead of doing the expansion all at once, I decided to add new products in waves, one category at a time.  Today's new category is "Music and Video."  Now you can buy Super Mario Bros The Movie (and it's soundtrack), the classic Super Mario Bros 3 preview disguised as a movie, The Wizard, as well as many various Mario Cartoons.  The next planned expansion will be "Books and Guides" followed by "Toys, Clothes, and Accessories."  Speaking of products, you may have heard of a new promotion currently going on at Wendy's.  Check out the products page for information on the series of Mario Toys they are currently giving away with their Kids Meals.   -SK

9/9/04 In todays update, the SMBhq Store has been brought up to date.  You will find updated products and prices, with the big news being that you can now pre-order Mario games for the new Nintendo: DS system.  So, head on to the store and buy some games.  Remember that a proceed of every game bought through the store goes to SMBhq.-SK

9/2/04 Hey all, it's Jay. Just thought I'd let you all know about a cool event that's going on around here, called the SMRPG Internet Radio Play. It's being run by Curt from the VGF Forums, who was the one who tried to start the NC Live thing a while back. Basically all you need to do is play the part of some character from Super MaRPGio and record your voice over the computer. It's a little fun, so if you want, go check it out and give it a try. There are two places to check it out. Here and here;f=3;t=004338. Oh, and just so you know, this Radio Play is not offically run by SMBHQ in anyway. It's all run by Curt. So don't go yelling about this at all to me or Sean, heh. Later.-jay

OK people, the time you have been waiting for has arrived!  The Mushroom King has sent in his first batch of answers, since returning one month ago.  Go check it out and see if the king has been stumped.  Also there is a huge update to the purity test, with a whole bunch of new questions.  Elsewhere on the site, the cartoons section has had a complete makeover.  Make sure to check it out. Also, there are updates for Fan Fiction (new story), & NC (new short).   - SK

Whoh! I'm updating like wildfire here.  Anyways, a few new questions have been added to the purity test.  Make sure to send us some of your own questions of addition to the test.  Also some new rules have been added for people who want to join the staff of SMBhq.  Check out the Help Wanted page for more details. - SK

Hello again.  Kyle Orland has created a new general inquiries e-mail for SMBhq.  Next time you have questions or comments about SMBhq, just send them over to and either Me, Jay, or Kyle will get back to you.  In other things I have been looking around the user sections and found that there are fairly recent updates in the following sections: Cartoons (some news on the new DVD), Fan Fiction (new stories), NC (plenty of recent shorts), SSQ (Mega Update, apparently) & SSS (a complete makeover).- SK

Some late night boredom prompted me to go and bring the links page up to speed (change moved links, remove broken links, add new links).  I then decided to do the same for the Message Board Entry page (New main forum name and removed out-of-date number of fourms).  Enjoy.- SK

8/9/04 Wow my first update as co-webmaster.  Nothing much in this first update other than making myself at home.  I imported all my sections to the main directory.  I don't want to bother listing them all (especially since none of them have been updated), however I should note that SMBlogHQ now has a home right here on the SMBhq server.  Also expect the blog to be updated a lot more frequently now that I am a webmaster here at SMBhq.  Oh and don't worry Jay fans.  He will still make updates.........once and a while.- SK

Happy 7th Birthday SMBHQ! Wow, I feel old, heh. Well, it's good to still be here. Sean Kelly has put together an update for today's special event, mainly a new main page, as well as SMBHQ's 7 Year Itch Hopefully I'll manage to throw together something myself to celebrate the day, heh. Or at least try to update something special, heh. Anyway, thanks for the great 7 years we've had so far, and hopefully we'll have many more.-jay

7/20/04 There are two big things new today. First, Dethrone The Mushroom King has returned to SMBHQ. Send in your trivia and try to stump the king. Second, Sean Kelly has started up the new Downloads section of SMBHQ, where you can get neat things like backgrounds and icons for free. Check it out.-jay

7/17/04 Hey all. First first big news is that Brent P has brought back the Graphics section. He has a bunch of nice looking art from Mario games already up. So go check it out. Next, Sean Kelly has taken over the Movies page, and has done a fine job with the layout so far. You can also find a couple new short comics at NC. Finally, the Super Smash Quest is on a roll and it's a lot of fun. I've been going there myself every once in a while to check it out. You should too, heh. That's all for now, more soon.-jay

7/7/04 First, the Super Smash Quest needs more fans to join them! Go check it out. I've played before, and it's a lot of fun. Basically it's a chatroom based RPG. So go there and give it a try. Next, the Super Smash Stadium has been looking at getting a new and better Message Board, so go check it out. Also, me and Sean have been updating new episodes of the Lord of the Wings at NC. We got 1000 signitures to bring back a Super Mario Bros. cartoon series in the Cartoons section, so go check that out, it's pretty cool. That's all for now. More later.-jay

6/27/04 We currently are in need of help for many of the sections around SMBHQ. So please, take a look around, and if you see any section that is dead and you'd like to help work on it, please let me know.-jay

6/23/04 In case you didn't know, Sean Kelly has started up the Super Mario Battles section, so go check that out.-jay

6/14/04 Hey all, just letting you know what's new around here. First, you probably noticed the new index screen, which was made by Sean Kelly. Let us know what you think about it, I'm still open to play around with it and change it. Also, me and Sean started up a new comic series called Q-bert and Doppler at the Movies at NC. Next, our hosted site, the Super Nintendo Super Shire has updated some new stuff. Next, Sean has some new stuff in the News Section up. Jonathan put up a big update to the Cartoons section, so go check that out. Both the Super Smash Quest and the Super Smash Stadium have been updating too. Also, PenguinMan has updated the Fan Art section, so go take a look. Luigi128 has some new fan stories in the Fanfic section as well. So yeah, lots of stuff. Enjoy!-jay

5/12/04 I just wanted to let you know that Sean Kelly has been covering this year's E3 information in the News Section so go check it out.-jay

5/4/04 Hey, I just wanted to point out the new things at SMBHQ that I forgot to mention that have been updated recently. First, the Super Smash Quest has been updating quite a bit over the last month. So take a look and join in on the chat based RPG fun. Also, a lot of you have probably wondered what happened to them...but yes, we do plan to annouce the winners of the Golden Toad Awards soon. We just have to count up all 500 hand. Heh. So yeah, it will take us a little time that we just haven't had. But soon, soon. The Cartoons section has been updating, and Jonathan asks that you continue to send in your fan scripts. Also, please sign the Petition to bring back Mario to Television. The Mysteries section has some new stuff, like usual. Also check out the new Mailbag that has been put up. Finally, please continue to send in your submittions to the Fanfic section. Thanks all. More stuff soon.-jay

5/2/04 Hey all. Sorry for the quite April. Heh. Anyway, I've been pretty busy with school. But I wanted to let you know that I'm still here, and I should be free to start updating again shortly. In the meantime, Sean Kelly wanted to let you know that Registration for Camp FUNgi has begun! It's real easy to sign up, it's free, it's all online, and it should be a lot of fun. So go give it a look. More stuff soon.-jay

4/2/04 Hope you had a good April Fools yesterday, heh. Everything is cleaned up now. Expect new stuff soon.-jay

4/1/04 Well here is the very first and very efficient SMBhq update from your very own Sean Kelly. First we of course have a new mailbag. Then, we have for you a breaking news story (oh, you're going to love it). Next, I have to announce that Super Mario Mysteries will be known from now on as NC LITE. Speaking of NC, sadly VGF decided to close it down. It was something about it taking up too much bandwidth or something like that. Jay managed to leave some Deathmatch 19 comic behind. I don't know if you would really be interested in something like that. I can definitely say that NC LITE has the superior deathmatches. There is nothing like a good bloodbath don't you think?

3/31/04 Just put up a link to the SMBHQ Blog that I forgot to do last time as well as a link to the Mysteries Forum.-jay

3/12/04 A whole bunch of stuff has been going around at SMBHQ. So lets see if I can find it all. First, I should say that SMBHQ now has it's own staff-run Blog. It's basically an online journal. We should have stuff in there from both Sean and myself, as well as the other staff members here. So be sure the check it out every once in a while, since it'll be updated randomly. So far Sean, PenguinMan, and Luigi128 all have entries. I'll add stuff of my own when I have time and figure out how. Also, Luigi128 is asking you all to send in your Fan Fiction to the site. Next up that's new, PenguinMan has new Fan Art up, which is starting to look very nice. I love all of the art work that has gone up on the site. Super Smash Stadium has a new Match and some reactions, I think. And the Super Smash Quest has still been updating and is working on their story. Let's see, what else is new... Oh yeah, Jonathan has been updating the Cartoons section and is looking for some new scripts to the fan made Super Mario Sunshine Show. Also, SMBHQ Productions has released the demo for their new game, so check that out. Last but not least, the Mysteries section has a new comic series you should check out. Also, the Myseries section now has a Message Board that is a part of the VGF network, which is pretty cool. Well, I think that's all for now. Maybe I'll be able to do some work on the site tomarrow. And if you're really bored, after all of that, there's always NC, heh.-jay

2/22/04 Hey all. First up, theres a new SMBHQ Mailbag up. We also have two new people to the Mailbag, along with vets Sean Kelly and PenguinMan. Also, PenguinMan has updated the Fan Art section with some pretty sweet looking fan art. Make sure you send in your Mailbag questions and Fan Art. Also, Meweight has returned to run the Game Ideas section, so be sure to send in those. SMBHQ Productions has released some screenshots of its upcoming fan made Mario game. The Mysteries section has put up a new Deathmatch comic. Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, it looks like the Super Smash Quest has been updating, so check that out. And finaly, last but not least, the Super Smash Stadium has really been updating a lot recently, with a new Match for you all to see. Hope you enjoy!-jay

2/12/04 Hey Mario fans. The good news for today is that the
SMBHQ Chatroom has a new server now! That means, above all else, no more annoying registration. Just sign on and chat. Hopefully this will be a lot easier for people to use. So check out the chatroom and be sure to come to the scheduled chat times. I'd like to get some good Mario related chat discussion going. Also updated is the SMBHQ Productions section. I think they're getting ready to release their new fan-made game soon, so check it out. More soon.-jay

2/5/04 Hey all. A few new things around SMBHQ for you. First, check out the Super Smash Stadium which has been updating a lot recently. Lots of new stuff there. Also, the Mysteries section has beed updated. Next, there is some new Mario News about the upcoming Mario games. The Super Smash Quest section have been updating and I think they are getting ready to start their new season soon. So go check that out. Finally, if you have nothing else better to do, you can check out NC, which is starting up a new comix series being written by myself and Sean Kelly. Enjoy!-jay

1/27/04 Oh, I forgot to say that the Cartoons section has updated as well. There are some new episodes to the fan made Super Mario Sunshine Show that are up. Enjoy!-jay

1/27/04 Hey all, time for something new and exciting at SMBHQ. Get ready for the 1st Annual SMBHQ Golden Toad Awards, hosted by Sean Kelly! YOU get to vote for your favorite Mario games of the last year. There are also some other catagories to vote in such as your favorite section at SMBHQ. So vote now so your voice can be heard!-jay

1/26/04 If you havn't checked out the Mysteries Section recently, there is A New Mystery up as well as A New Whodunit. Also, if you check out NC, there are some updates there as well.-jay

1/23/04 Chuck Quizmo has a new Trivia Game up for you all to play. Give it a shot and win prizes! Also, the Super Smash Stadium has updated and is still looking for some help for the section.-jay

1/17/04 Two new Mario Game pages are up, written by Sean Kelly. Check out the pages for
Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine.-jay

1/7/04 Hey all. A new section just opened up at SMBHQ! That's right, it's Fan Art! Just send in your drawings of Mario characters or whatever, and we'll put them up on SMBHQ. It should be a lot of fun. More stuff soon.-jay

1/6/04 Happy New Year! Just letting you know about the new stuff around SMBHQ. First, the big news is that we will be hosting Camp FUNgi this summer! It should be a lot of fun. Sean Kelly is running the camp, but you should also see me and other SMBHQ staffers around. Signups start in a couple months for this great event. Also, new, Pat has been updating both the Fan Comix and Sprite Sheet section as well as the Super Smash Stadium. Next, the Fan Fiction section is back and has a new layout, so go send Luigi128 your Fan Fiction. Finally, the SMBHQ Mailbag is about ready to start 2004 updates. So check it out and send in your questions!-jay

12/29/03 Hey all. Hope you're all having a good holiday. For those of you who are looking aroung SMBHQ, first, the Super Smash Stadium has been updating and is looking for staff members. So go there and apply for a staff position. Also, there is a new comix at NC. Next, the Super Smash Quest has been updating. The Guides Section has also made an update. Also, the big news is that the Sprite Sheet Section is now that Fan Comix and Sprite Sheet section. So take a look there and submit your homemade comics to the site. Hope you all have a good New Years!-jay

11/30/03 The big news is that Trivia and SMBHQ Mailbag are BACK! So go check them out. Thanks to Sean for putting them up on his own server, while we're still waiting for their space on the SMBHQ server to be made. Also updated - Codes/Tricks/Cheats, Guides and Super Smash Quest. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!-jay

11/23/03 Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that the Codes/Tricks/Cheats section has a new editor, Russ. So go check it out and submit your Codes in to be put up on the site.-jay

11/16/03 Yo. Check out the Guides Section, which is holding a Comic Contest. Also, check out the Super Smash Quest which has some new stuff. Be sure to also check out Movies and Cartoons sections, which are both back up and running. Also, NC has the last episode of Mario busters up, so check that out too. Basically, check everything out, heh.-jay

11/8/03 Hey all. I just wanted to take this time to congratulate Sean Kelly on his 5th Year Anniversary here at SMBHQ! He has been a HUGE help around the site, contributing to many sections and helping with the overall design. I seriously doubt SMBHQ would be as far as it is today without his help. I mean, after I took control of the site, I was used to just updating NC. The idea of updating all of SMBHQ was a huge step for me. But Sean Kelly has been here to help me out and add so much to the site. So thank you, Sean. Congrats on your 5 years here at SMBHQ. I'm glad to have you as a staff member. Please check out the retrospective page that Sean has made for the occation, highlighting his work here at SMBHQ. And be sure to send him a Congratulations e-mail! Oh, also, Sean wants to let you all know that he's planning to bring back the Super Mario Battles section some time next year. Also, the Guides Section has been updating, with some new guides. Oh, and Super Smash Quest has also been updating.-jay

10/31/03 Happy Halloween! Go out and get lots of candy. But if you feel like hanging around here, check out the new Paper Mario and Super MaRPGio guides in the Guides Section. Also, the Super Smash Quest has been updated. Mario Mysteries has also updated for Halloween. Also, be sure to check out the SMBHQ Chatroom on Sunday. -jay

10/23/03 Oh, I almost forgot. Mario Mystery Madness will be tomarrow night from 9pm to Midnight! Be sure to check in on that. Should be a lot of fun.-jay

10/23/03 The Guides Section has updated again. If you have your own guide you want to go up on SMBHQ, please send it in. Also, the SMBHQ Chatroom now meets every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. Be sure to give it a shot, I'll try to be in there this Sunday to talk to people about stuff.-jay

10/21/03 We just got a new editor for the Guides section and he already has a new Super Mario Sunshine guide up, so check it out.-jay

10/19/03 Hey. Just letting you know that the Super Smash Quest is back up and running. It's a chat-based RPG that's a lot of fun, so give it a try. Also, the the Super Smash Stadium has been updating, so check that out as well.-jay

10/14/03 Hey all, a few new things around SMBHQ. First, you may notice the Main page is a little different. The old one was bothering me for a while, so I changed it. I may change it some more, so be on the look out. Let me know what you think. Also, we're playing with the idea of a NEW section, called
SMBHQ Productions. This will be run by GM Link, from the Mailbag, and will feature fan made games. Everything made will be freeware and the whole operation is non-profit. Also, there is a new Fan Comix Forum for you comic makers out there. And that's about it for now, I think. More stuff soon. Oh, and be sure to check out the SMBHQ Chatroom every Sunday.-jay

10/8/03 We're slowly getting the sections back up, as you can see. Hopefully we'll get things back to near 100% working soon. But there's still things to do around SMBHQ! First, check out the SMBHQ Message Boards. There's always something going on in there. Next, take a look at the Super Smash Quest which is starting up again. Also, get ready for the Mario Mystery Madness on October 24th. Finally, for a limited time you can get free shipping on pre-ordered games when you buy them at the SMBHQ Store. All you have to do is type in the coupon code "FALLSHIPPING". The deal expires October 20th, 2003. Sounds like a good deal. More soon.-jay

10/7/03 Hey all, good news! The sub-sites are working again! So you can now enjoy Mysteries, SSS, and everything else once again. It may take a little while to get them all back up, so hang with us. But everything should be back to normal soon. Thanks for being patient. Be sure to check out Mario Mystery Madness!-jay

9/13/03 Man, this has been a crazy month. The sub-sections are still down. Yes, I know about the problem, but there isn't anything I can do about it. We all just have to wait for Shane, the dude who owns our server VGF, to fix it. This means that all of the sub-sections like Fan Fiction, Mysteries and SSS are still down. But hang in there. We're still alive. Plus, with my computer acting up, updating the site has just been hard. But we'll manage. I have a few notes for you all today. First, if you want to reach the SSS, please go check out their Message Board. Next, are some notes from Sean Kelly. He wants me to spread the word that he's looking for Help in his sections at SMBHQ. So please check out the Help wanted page and give Sean an e-mail if you're interested at all. More soon.-jay

8/29/03 Hey all, it's Jay. Man, I can't believe we missed SMBHQ's 6th Birthday. It was August 1st. Well, I'll see if I can do something belated to celebrate the birthday this week. But for now, I have some new Mario Memories. Be sure to send in your memories to SMBHQ!-jay

8/14/03 Hey everyone. Kyle Orland here to announce the brand new, relaunched SMBHQ store! The store features a selection of over 70 new and used Mario games for every major Nintendo system, from Donkey Kong to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and everything in between. You can even pre-order games that are coming out in the next few months. Best of all, every purchase helps SMBHQ, thanks to our affiliation with respected web-vendors Gamestop and EBWorld. Expect the selection to be constantly updated as the months go by. See you all at the virtual mall!

8/11/03 Hey all. Just so you know, VGF upgraded it's server last week. This is a good thing in the long run. But it also meant some crazyness recently. I have access to the site now, but none of the user sections do currently. This should be fixed soon, but it is out of my control. So just hang in there right now and everything should be up and running soon.-jay

8/2/03 Hey Mario fans. Just letting you know about all of the new stuff around SMBHQ. First, check out the brand new Fan Fictions and Game Ideas. Next, there is a new SMBHQ Mailbag up! Also, the new Mario Golf Video Game is out in stores. Also, be sure to check out the Mysteries and the big chat they have set up. Finally, go over to NC and check out the new comix I made. More soon.-jay

7/20/03 Join the SMBHQ Chat-o-rama right NOW! Going on all day today from 9am to 9pm! See you there!-jay

7/16/03 Hey all. I'm just giving you all a big reminder about the SMBHQ Chat-o-rama on July 20th. It's going to last all day and it's sure to be fun. So stop by whenever you have the time. See you there!-jay

7/3/03 Just a reminder to everyone about SMBHQ Chat-o-rama on July 20th. Be sure to come at least a little while. I'll be in and out throughout the day. Register early so you don't have any problems on the 20th. Also other small updates around SMBHQ. NC has new comix and so does Mysteries. Oh, and check out the new Trivia quiz up. And I think the new Super Smash Quest has been updating too. Join in. More soon.-jay

6/13/03 Hey all. First up, the big news is that Sean Kelly has made a huge update for the Mysteries Section. A new case is up as well as a comix and new layout. Lots of fun. Next, Sean has set up a NEW News Section! It looks very cool. Check out the new Mario games that were featured at E3. Also, the Fan Fiction Section has been updated by Luigi128 with new stories. Oh, and I finally did an update to the Links Page. More soon. Or later. Or both.-jay

6/9/03 Oh yeah, I forgot to say something big. The Super Smash Quest is back up and running under new management, Metal Man. Special thanks to Metal Man for bringing the section back to life. So be sure to go there and get all of your Role Playing on. It really is a lot of fun, I've played before in the past. I may even play a little this summer if I have some free time. See you there. And remember about the SMBHQ Chat-o-rama!-jay

6/7/03 Hey all. A few new things. First, mark your calenders for the big, super SMBHQ Chat we'll be having all day on July 20th! We'll be having fun, talking about all of the new Mario news and all sorts of stuff. So be sure to pop in, even if for only an hour. Oh, and you can always come to the chatroom every day at 8pm. Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, the Super Nintendo Super Shire has updated recently. Pat has updated the Sprite Sheet section.. And I think Fan Fiction, Movies and Cartoons have updated as well. I'm sure I missed something, so check everything about. Also, you'll probably notice that I've opened up some room for some new staff members at some of the sections. Look around and check out the Help Wanted page. More this weekend, I should have some free time.-jay

5/22/03 A few new things. First, check out the brand new Trivia section! It's been totally revamped a looks pretty cool. Second, the Super Smash Stadium has been updating some new matches recently. And last, check out NC if you're bored. More soon.-jay

5/21/03 Woah there. Sorry for that little break. School and computer crashes got to me. Well, the good news is that I'm now free from school and ready to start updating. So be on the look out for new stuff poping up around SMBHQ. In the mean while, check out some of the other updates around NC. First, the Fan Fiction has been doing a lot of updating. Second, the Game Ideas section has updated. Send in all of your Fan Fictions and Game Ideas. Lastly, the Movies Section has updated. Enjoy!-jay

4/18/03 Hey, it's Jay. Just a heads up on some new stuff around SMBHQ. First off, the
Movies Section has been updated. Next, the Cartoons Section has some big information. Also, the Fan Fiction has been updated. Lastly, the SMBHQ Mailbag has some new letters. I may be hiring some new staff for some of the deader sections. Keep an eye out.-jay

4/5/03 Well, the april fools joke was a huge failure this year. Sniff sniff! I archived the product page and posted some of the best responses. Check them out.

4/1/03 Hey. It's Kyle again. This updating stuff is pretty addictive. Anyway, I'm doing another update so soon because I stumbled onto this amazing new Mario product. I wasn't such whether to put it in the news section or the products section, so I just decided to put it in the product section. Go see it now. Hurry! (Oh, and check out the new Mystery)

3/30/03 Hey all. Quick update to let you know what's going on around SMBHQ. First off, the Fan Fiction section has been having a lot of updates. Read all of the cool new fan fiction. And be sure to send in your own. Next, the Cartoons Section has been updated recently, as well as the Movies Section. Be sure to check them out. And lastly, be sure to look at the new episode of Mario Busters up on NC. That's all for now.-jay

3/29/03 What up! Kyle Orland, SMBHQ's prodigal son, here with a quick and dirty update to the Ranting and Raving section. There were just a few things that I needed to get off my chest, and I figured this was the best forum to do it. Hope everyone had a good spring break. Be safe.

3/8/03 Hey all. Check out the new stuff around SMBHQ. First, the Fan Fiction is back! Yay! Christina hasn't returned, so I've hired someone new to run the fan fiction section, Luigi128. So send him your Fan Fictions so they can be put up and read by everyone. Next, there has been some Mario News popping up. What else is new? Oh yeah, be sure to check out the NC Choose Your Own Adventure in Flash at NC. It's a lot of fun. I think thats all for now. More soon.-jay

3/1/03 Happy March! First, check out the preview for the new upcoming section, the SMBHQ BOTVGH. Sean Kelly and the Mailbag people have been working on some updates around SMBHQ. First, be sure to check out the new SMBHQ Mailbag. Make sure that you send in your questions to the Mailbag! We want to help you answer any of your SMBHQ or Mario related questions. Next, Sean Kelly has updated the Mysteries Section with a new case, so go there and voice your opinion on the new mystery. Also, the Mushroom King has answered his next set of questions in Dethrone the Mushroom King!. Lastly, Sean has also fixed up the SMBHQ Chatroom. Go there, check out the chatroom, and talk to other Mario fans around the world. More soon, hopefully this weekend.-jay

2/18/03 Hey all. There's nothing new from me, but there IS new stuff in the other sections around SMBHQ. First, the Movies Section has been updated and second, the Cartoons Section has been updated. I'm pretty sure the Super Smash Quest and the Super Smash Stadium have been updated too. More from me as soon as I get a break from school work, heh.-jay

1/26/03 Goofy server. Well, we're back. Hope you all didn't mind that little break. Anyway, a few new things are up to take a look at. First, check out the new fan Reviews that are up for Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, and other games. Next, check out the new Mario Memories that are up. More soon.-jay

1/8/03 Hey all! One day update. Sweet. First, check out the new Mario Memories that are up and be sure to send in your own. Second, and probably more importantly, the Reviews Section is now reopen to submitions! So yeah, send in your reviews for your Mario games. The limit for each game is now 20 reviews. I also encourage you to send in reviews to new games, which are not on the Review page at all yet. Send in those reviews!-jay

1/7/03 Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry for the little break there, but I have winter holidays just like everyone else. We all need a break. Anyway, I'm back at school now, which should mean that I'm back to updates. There is a whole bunch of stuff to check out around SMBHQ. First off, stop by the Super Smash Stadium and join in their Fan Tag Team Tourney! It's real easy and should be a lot of fun. Even I'm playing! So see if you can beat me and Dr. Donez. Next, Jonathan has a new episode of the Fan Made Super Mario Sunshine show up. Also, the 1st Chapter of SMB: Eternal Legacy is up for you to read. Want more? Well, we also have the new SMBHQ Mailbag up! Check it out and send in your questions. I'm sure there is something new a the Super Smash Quest, so check that out too. And last, the new episode of Mario Busters has been up at NC for a little while now. Enjoy!-jay

12/15/02 Hey SMBHQers. There's some new stuff around SMBHQ for you to check out. First off, is a NEW section, the SMB: Eternal Legacy! This is a very long fan fiction story written by some of the best Fan Fiction writers on the internet. The preview is up now so take a look. It's sure to be a huge and fun story. Next, Super Smash Quest has been having a bunch of updates recently, as well as a new staff member, Alys. Super Smash Stadium has a new match up. And I think that's it for now. Expect some small updates around SMBHQ from me as well, like Memories and stuff. But that's only when I have some free time between finals.-jay

12/7/02 Cool. One Day Update. First off is a new Dethrone the Mushroom King! So take a look at that sometime when you arn't playing Super Mario Sunshine. Second, there is a new Comix at NC. Be sure to check that out too. Keep catching shines.-jay

12/6/02 Just letting you all know of a couple new things that have been updated around SMBHQ. First, the SMBHQ Mailbag has been updated recently. Second, the Movies Section has been updated as well. So check those out. And expect an update from me, well, soon.-jay

11/20/02 Hey, guess what! The
Mysteries Section has been updated! Woo hoo! So...yeah. Go check it out. Oh, and check out the new episode of the Super Mario Sunshine show too. Oh, and one more thing. The Super Smash Quest (Also known as SSSRPGio) has started a new season. So go there and join in the RPG fun. Oh, and if you havn't been to NC recently, I always have new stuff there. Like the new Comix series, the NC Chronicles. Enjoy!-jay

11/14/02 Just letting you know that a new episode of the Super Mario Sunshine show is up at the Cartoons Section.-jay

11/10/02 I hope you all are having a good November. Today up is a new edition of the SMBHQ Mailbag as well as an update to the Movies Section. Please make sure you go to the Movies Section and submit your comments and ideas. Last, be sure you go to the SMBHQ Chatroom on Friday at 8pm eastern. More soon.-jay

10/27/02 Bunch of stuff today. First, I think the Movie Section has been updated. Second, the SMBHQ Mailbag has been updated for the 3rd time. Last, there is a new Dethrone the Mushroom King! Hope you all enjoy. And make sure you all check out the SMBHQ chatroom on Fridays.-jay

10/21/02 Quick update. New picture in the 3-D Art page by Adam Cooper, that SSS guy. Go give it a look. More soon.-jay

10/15/02 Sigh. Person needed to run the Guides section. Again. Also, our Fan Fiction Gal, Christina, is going to be on a short break until the new year. As a result, she won't be able to update the Fan Fiction section. So what we're going to do is hire a temporary person to run the Fan Fiction section while she's gone. If you are interested in either of these, let me know. But I'm not going to hire just anyone, so you better be good.-jay

10/12/02 Check out the first episode of the NEW Super Mario Sunshine Show in the SMBHQ Cartoons Section! Cool! And also up are some NEW Game Ideas, so go check them out too.-jay

10/10/02 Hey all. More new stuff for SMBHQ. This time, it's an update from Kyle! (Gasp). First, Kyle has FIXED the Mario Fan Purity Test! Wow! So go take a look and see how Mario you are. Second, if you feel like reading a professional review, check out the review of Super Mario Sunshine that Kyle has written up for our school paper, the Diamondback. Cool stuff. And you thought he was dead.-jay

10/9/02 A new month of Mario Memories are up. Check them out and send in your own. Also, as of yesterday, I've been webpagemaster of SMBHQ for one year now. Wow.-jay

10/7/02 A couple of new things to look out for. First, if you havn't seen my very first Flash Movie that I made at NC, go over and take a look! Second, it's time for a new section at SMBHQ! That's right, it's about time that we had a Movie Section for all of your Wizard and Super Mario Bros. Movie needs. Run by old staffer of the Cartoons section Ryan Jean. Take a look and hopefully this section will have some new and cool stuff over the next few weeks. I hope to have some new stuff up at SMBHQ soon, so be sure to check in.-jay

9/29/02 The
NEW SMBHQ Mailbag has been updated! Go now! Check it out! Send in questions! You know you want to.-jay

9/17/02 Quick update. The sidebar links, the Frames Version links, and the Text Version links for the main page have been updated and fixed. (About time).-jay

9/17/02 The first edition of the new SMBHQ Mailbag is here! Sweet!-jay

9/9/02 A whole bunch of Mario Memories are up! Woo hoo!-jay

9/5/02 Like all of the updates? Well, here are some more. First, the Game Ideas section has been updated with new ideas. Next, the OG Story section has been updated with all sorts of new stories. Be also sure to check out the OG Story Forum. Last, make sure you check out the new comix at NC.-jay

9/2/02 New Dethrone the Mushroom King is here! Check it out. Also, the Cartoons Section is back up and running. Weeha.-jay

8/30/02 The SMBHQ News section is finally back! Woo hoo! The section is now run by Eric M. and Jason Joo. Hopefully they will keep SMBHQ up to date with all of the new Mario information. Go there and check out the info they have on Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Advanced 3. A bigger update is coming as soon as I get my computer set up at school for the internet.-jay

8/25/02 New Mailbag! Run by Sean Kelly and Co. Go NOW and send in some questions to the new Mailbag.-jay

8/22/02 Updates are fun. To read, at least. Otherwise they are just a pain. Right now, I just wanted to let you all know that the new Chatroom is up, run by Sean Kelly. Soon (maybe today as well), I hope to have some more stuff up. To be continued...-jay

7/27/02 Hey all. Sorry for the lack of good sized SMBHQ updates. But things have been updated. Super Smash Stadium has a new message board and the Fanfiction section has been updated quite a bit. Plus, at NC, I have a couple of new comix for you all to enjoy. Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going on vacation for a week, from 7/28 till 8/3. So that's why I put up an early "Happy Birthday SMBHQ" sign on the front page. And that's why I'm saying Happy Birthday now, since I'll miss the real birthday, heh. I'll try to have a larger Birthday update when I get back from my trip. See you all later!-jay

6/22/02 Mmm...update. Hard to imagine, eh? Anyway, it's that time again. SMBHQ is going through another staff tranassition. Which means...we need some new staff to cover some of the sections which I havn't been very happy about their current management. So please go check the Help Wanted Page and see if you are interested in anything. Besides that, the Super Smash Stadium has been doing some stuff and seems to be going well, so take a look at it. The SSSRPGio has also been going well. I've played the RPG myself and it is very enjoyable, so give it a shot. Next, Fanfiction has been updated (a very LARGE update at that) and the Game Ideas section has also been updated. Also be sure to check out the new edition of Dethrone the Mushroom King. Last, be sure to go to NC, because I always have new stuff there. Also be sure to check out the SMBHQ Store! Buy a t-shirt!-jay

5/29/02 In the chaos that has come out of the server problems, a new section has been made. This section is the Super Smash Quest, a brand new RPG-ish game based on the Super Smash Bros. games. It looks like a lot of fun, so give it a look. As a personal note, I will probably call the Super Smash Quest the "SSSRPGio" just for fun. Longtime viewers will understand the joke. The Section will be run by VGWarrior, who is leaving the Super Smash Stadium. The fate of the Super Smash Stadium has yet to be determined. So please, go check out the Super Smash Quest and more will be up soon. I hope. Heh. Hope you all are having a good summer.-jay

5/17/02 The server is back. Wee. That means that we have to reupload everything agian. Wee. Sorry about that, but it couldn't be avoided I guess. I can not control what they do at VGF. Anyway, check out some new stuff that we have tonight, including some new Game Ideas, a new Dethrone the Mushroom King, and a new comix at NC that you should read, the First Annual VGF Telethon. Some of the staff-run sections are up, including Mysteries, Fanfiction, OG Story, and Guides. Some of the other ones will probably take a little more time to get up. Thanks for hanging in there with us. I'll try to get SMBHQ up and running like it was soon.-jay

4/22/02 New week, new stuff. The Previews page has been updated by DAVID. Check out the stuff on Mario Sunshine. Also, Patrick VanDusen has taken over the Sprite Section. Be sure to check in there for cool new sprite sheets. Next, the Game Ideas page has been updated. Finally, the Codes page has been updated. Oh, and the staff page has been updated. Oh, and be sure to check out NC/SSS Part 3 and Mario Busters Part 9 on NC! And be sure to e-mail the SMBHQ Mailbag! Do it now or else!-jay

4/14/02 Hey all you Mario fans. We've got some cool stuff for you. First off, Meweight has started back up the Game Ideas section and it looks great. Be sure to go there and check out the new Game Ideas. Also be sure to send in your own Game Ideas. Next off, The Flying Fish has taken over the OG Story section. Take a look and be sure to tune in because I'm sure all sorts of new stuff will pop up in there. Next, the Codes/Tips/Tricks page has been updated. Finally, in NC, I have made the NC Test. Go there and see which Neglected Character you are most like. Enjoy!-jay

4/10/02 Whole bunch of new stuff! A bunch of new sections and people taking over old sections. I've played around with the Main.htm page in order to fit them all in. First off, Kyle has set up a new SMBHQ Store. So go and buy a SMBHQ shirt or something. Second, we have a new staffer for the News Section and a new staffer for the Game Ideas section. Next, we have a couple of NEW sections, Codes/Tips/Tricks and a Previews Section. Also, the Fanfiction, Super Mario Battles and Mailbag sections have been updated. I'm sure I forgot something. Oh well. Just check in soon, for new stuff is popping up.-jay

4/3/02 Happy Post April Fools everyone! Hehe. I hope you enjoyed the jokes that we put up around the site. First off, the fact that the server was down for most of the REAL April Fools Day was not the joke and was completely out of our control. But, there were, however, 3 jokes that were featured throught the site for this great holiday. First, Kyle came back to put up his parody of SMBHQ, the Super Monkey Ball HQ. Next, Sean Kelly put up a joke about the Second Minus World in Super Mario Bros. Lastly, I, Jay Resop, put up a small joke about the development of a NC Game by Nintendo. You can still see all of these jokes in case you missed them yesterday. I hope you all had a joke filled April Fools!-jay

3/29/02 Hey all, a whole bunch of stuff is up today. First off, the Dethrone the Mushroom King section was updated. Check it out and make sure you e-mail the Mushroom King your trivia. The Super Mario Battles section is doing it's 3rd battle, so make sure that you vote! I have also updated the Memories page with a new batch of Mario memories. Christie has updated the Fanfiction has recently been updated as well, with some new stories. Sean Kelly has put up the new Mystery in the Mysteries section, so take a look. In my section, NC, I have recently put up the 8th part in the Mario Busters comix series. The Super Smash Stadium has also been updated recently, I believe. Finally, I have put up three oppertunities in the Help Wanted page. We are looking for someone to run the News page, the Game Ideas page and the OG Story page.-jay

3/17/02 New index page by Keith Johnston and some cleaning up. More soon. Let me know if you are interested for working on any of those postions. Enjoy your Easter!-jay

3/3/02 Well, SMBHQ is a bit slow in getting everything back together. Stupid server move. But we do have new stuff for you. First off is a new section for you to try out, Dethrone the Mushroom King! After that, check out the new stuff in NC, Mysteries, SSS, Cartoons, Battles, Guides, Mailbag and Fan Fiction. Some of the other sections are taking a little longer to get back up. I hope you hang in there with us.-jay

2/17/02 Blarg. It seems like whenever SMBHQ is doing good the server blows up. Anyway, we're back, but we're going to have to reupload everything back to the server. Please be patient while we get everything back online and organized.-jay

1/25/02 Looks like some more stuff is happening around SMBHQ. First, we have a NEW section for you today by Guides Guy Mike P called Super Mario Battles. Go there and vote in the first fight, Mario VS Mega Man! Mike P has also been doing some updating to the Guides section. Just to hype up my own section, I've update NC recently, adding the 6th Part in my Mario Busters comix series. And finally, here is the news in the sites that we host here at SMBHQ. Enjoy!-jay

1/17/02 Hey, I said there would be more soon, heh. Anyway, I just got word that our new News guy is all set up. Flamethrower Mario will be taking over the News section, something which I know I wouldn't have time to do on my own. Thanks a lot Flamethrower Mario!-jay

1/17/02 Hey all, I hope you're having a great New Year. Got a bunch of stuff for you today at SMBHQ. First off, I updated both the Rants page and the Memories page. Please, send stuff into both of these sections. Next, the Fanfiction page has been updated recently (I really think Christina is doing a great job with this section, check it out). The Super Smash Stadium has been updating pretty regularly now that it's been back. The On-Going Story page has also been updated. Next, we have the new December Mailbag in. Be sure to write in for the January mailbag! Last but not least, are two new sections, The History of Mario Logos by Ryan Jean and a 3-D Art Page by Brandon Charlton. I hope you enjoy and more soon.-jay

12/31/01 I hope everyone is having a good holiday. While you're looking around SMBHQ, make sure you check out the new and improved Super Smash Stadium which is back up and running. Also check out the Help Wanted Page because I'm looking for someone to run the Comics and Books section. Also updated today are the Rants and the Memories pages. Also, the Fan Fiction section has been updated. Hope you all have a good new year!-jay

12/9/01 Check out the NEW Super Smash Bros Forum! If you're already a member of the Forums, then post away. If not, sign up!-jay

12/8/01 Well, it's a Saterday so we're going to try something new here at SMBHQ. Did you know that SMBHQ hosts three different sites on it's server? Well, if not, here is your chance to learn a little more about what they are and what they have been doing lately.

12/8/01 Luigi's Mansion Feature! Check it out. Also, the Graphics page has been updated a bit. More? Later.-jay

12/7/01 Hey everyone, just a small update. Bob Grocer needs YOU to send in your Game Ideas. Things have been slow with the school year and all, but I know you guys are just filled with ideas for new games. Check the section out and be sure to send Bob an e-mail with your ideas. Also, the Fanfiction section has updated. Be sure to send in your News, Rants and Memories!-jay

12/4/01 I've been playing with just a few small things around the site if you noticed. Mainly just fixing things to look nice and replacing Kyle's e-mail address throughout the site with my own. Some things to note is that soon we will have information pages on Super Mario Kart:SC, Luigi's Mansion, Wario Land 4, and Super Smash Bros:Melee. Also, I will begin taking Rants, Memories and News. Please be kind, I will only be able to do so much, heh. Don't scare me with a hundred e-mails the first day.-jay

12/3/01 Yo. First up, I'd like to annouce that Brent P is starting up the Graphics section of the site. Yep, thats right, with a staff member for the section for the first time, that means more pictures at SMBHQ. So go check it out and make sure you give him some feedback. Also, Dave Adams has updated the Mario Mailbag for November. Finally, the Links section has been cleaned up of all of the bad and broken links. Everything left is the good stuff. More soon.-jay

11/28/01 Hey all, the new SMBHQ Chatroom is up, after the hard work of Sean Kelly. The Chat times are still every Friday at 8pm eastern, but we have a much better chatroom now. See you all there!-jay

11/27/01 Oh, I forgot to hype this up before, 1,000,000 hits! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of SMBHQ's first million hits. Real small update. I updated the Staff Page a bit for our new section leaders. Also, the Links page is up to date with all of the links I have recieved. If you want to send one in or I forgot yours, please, e-mail me.-jay

11/26/01 Hey everyone, a few new things are up. First I want to point out the new hosted sites you may have noticed on the SMBHQ index page, the Super Nintendo Super Shire and Comic Central. Check them out, since they are both excellent sites. Also, I finally scanned in the reference to SMBHQ made by Nintendo Power a while back. Make sure you sign up to the mailing list, I'll be using that to e-mail out all sorts of SMBHQ stuff. Also, the Game Ideas, Fan Fiction, Mailbag, and Guides sections have all been updated recently. Also, my section, NC! More soon.-jay

11/21/01 Guess what? SMBHQ has a new Mailing List to go along with the Golden Age. Special thanks to Sean Kelly for setting it up. So sign up to keep up to date with all of the new SMBHQ Stuff. Coming soon is a new Chatroom as well. I'll be home for the next few days on Thanksgiving, so I'll update more when I get back. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!-jay

11/19/01 The new SMBHQ Main layout is up. I may continue to play with it, so let me know what you think. Look around and check out all of the sections that are underway and I plan to have more updated soon. Also, two new comix are at Neglected Characters, the NC/SSS Crossover Part 1 and the Mario Busters Part 4.-jay

11/10/01 Hey all, I have some free time today so exspect a lof of stuff to pop up for SMBHQ. Right now, though, I thought I'd tell you about all of the stuff going on at SMBHQ, it's new Golden Age as I like to call it. Lets go through all of the section that are doing stuff. Bob Grocer has started up the Game Ideas section, so make sure you stop by and send him some Game Ideas. The Fan Fiction section has started up again under the control of the new staffer Christie. Both of these sections are ready to go so send in your stuff. Also, Mike P is now in control of the Guides Page, so I'll let you know when he has new stuff in there. Dave is still running his Mailbag and Sean is still doing the Mysteries. The new section here at SMBHQ is the OG Story section, run by Vorpal. The Mario Cartoons section is being restarted under Ryan Jean and Mario500 and the Comics section should soon have a webpagemaster. Also, the Graphics page should soon be rebuilt by it's new designer and the SSS should also be up again soon. So that's all of the stuff that's happening around SMBHQ. Oh, I guess you can also count MY section, NC, hehe. At NC I recently started two new comix series, I put up Deathmatch #16, Wart vs Lemmy, and two new staffers Carter and Spencer are updating the new Viewer Comix and Sprite Contests respectively. So there should be a lot happening here around SMBHQ. What's to come? Well, for starters, that new Layout I keep talking about. Otehr new stuff include a new and better Chatroom, a new Mailing List, a revival of the News section and soon I may start taking submissions for things like Rants. Basically, I need to figure out how I want to deal with the "small" sections that Kyle left, like Rants, Reviews, Products, Sprite Sheets, ect. I guess for starters I need to replace his e-mail address with my e-mail adress. Well, that's all for now. Like I said, a lot of cool stuff is going on around here at SMBHQ, so look around and have fun.-jay

11/4/01 OK, I think that SMBHQ's staff needs have been met for the time being. I may post more Help Wanted Ads once the dust clears.-jay

10/30/01 This is Jay with the news that I'm finally taking resumes for job positions here at SMBHQ. Please go to the Help Wanted page and see if you are interesting in any positions we are offering. Also note that pretty much all of the jobs positions that I want to fill require some HTML experience. Well, I won't tak about it any more here, just go to the Help Wanted page. Also up is the new On-Going Story section run by Vorpal. More soon so stay tooned.-jay

10/28/01 Hey all, a few notes and small updates today. The Mario Myseries section is back to it's old home and I updated the Polls section. The SMBHQ Mail is also fixed. (I think). I also cleaned up the Graphics section. Be on the lookout for a new layout for SMBHQ over the next few days.-jay

10/21/01 Dave Adam's Mario mailbag is back! Also up is a new Luigi's Mansion coverage page by Spencer! More soon.-jay

10/17/01 Hey all, I'm still cleaning up all of the stuff that Kyle left for me. Let me know what you think and look for more changes around here. I also put up some new image buttons by Dave Adams and some new title pictures by Flamethrower Mario. I may play around with the layout a bit, so keep an eye out.-jay

10/12/01 Well, as you may have noticed, there are a lot of links on SMBHQ that don't work anymore. I've been going through each section and seeing what exactly works and doesn't work. Some I have been able to fix easily, such as linking the SSS temp index page and the mystery section. Some will not be so easy, as in making a new Game Ideas main page. Some will have to be completely overhauled, like the cartoons and comics sections. And finally, some will have to be completely thrown out or redone like the mailbox. So over time, I hope to have completely fixed SMBHQ and made everything working. Please bear with me, this will take a while. Check back continually for updates. Something new you can check however is Kyle's Tribute Comix, created by SSS's Lord Reid. NC has been updated recently if you havn't checked and the mysteries have been updated.-jay

10/8/01 SMBHQ is back! (In Jay Resop Form).-jay

10/2/01 SMBHQ has ceased updates.

7/2/01 I know what you're thinking. Three months! What's the deal, Kyle? Sorry to say that life has gotten in the way of the site. For the past few months it's just been one thing after another, until this past week where I finally sat down and forced myselfto crank out an update. It's not a huge update, but I hope it will do. First off is some belated E3 News. We've got game info. pages up for Dr. Mario 64, Mario Party 3, and Super Mario Advance. There's also, three new trivia quizzes, and handful of rants, a sprinkling of products, and a new Mario 101 lesson. The next update is currently penciled in for August 1st (SMBHQ's 4th birthday!) and should feature the reviews and memories that have been accumulating in my mailbox, as well as a new section and a birthday special.

In site news, SMBHQ is yet again changing servers, so you may have some trouble accessing the site over the next few days while DNS issues worked out. And we're approaching our 900,000th visit! Wow!

4/3/01 The April fools joke is now archived. Thanks to everyone who was fooled =P. Update should be coming in about two weeks (If I live through midterms, that is)

3/19/01 I know, I'm a week late. Spring Break, y'know. Your patience is rewarded though, as this is a super sized update! First up is a huge backlog of memories that I finally waded through. If you don't see yours, try resubmitting it (I may have missed some). There's also a few new reviews including reviews for Paper Mario. Speaking of PM, there's a Paper Mario badge quiz in the trivia section. The guides section is finally reopened, with a new Mario Party guide by Josh. There's the usual products, and rants, as well as a new Mario 101 lesson. A small news story and a Game Ideas update finish it off. Look for at least one new section along with the next update. See ya in a month.

2/12/01 Due to me leaving behind some crucial files on the home computer, and assorted business with the new semester, I was not able to complete the promised huge update on time. I've decided to split it up into two parts. Today we've got a new sprite sheet, new products, a new rant, a small new news story, another contest and a Paper Mario info. page. For the next part, I'll try to get up all the visitor submitted stuff (half of which is on the other computer). This includes a whole lot of reviews, memories, rants and a Mario Party strategy guide. I should have a Paper Mario trivia quiz by then too (if I can stop playing it for long enough to write it). I'll try my hardest to get this done by the end of February, or else soon afterward.
In site news, VGF (SMBHQ's network) has been in the rather messy process of transferring all it's sites to a new server recently. This resulted in some downtime and the loss of some small updates on SMBHQ (see the news section for a brief recap of the news that got lost). It also resulted in the loss of FTP for all the sections of the site, which means that no one could update to any of the sections since early this month. I just recently got the ability to update back and the sub-sections (NC, SSS, etc.) should be able to update again within a week. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us. Once the move is done, the site should load faster and be more stable again.

1/13/01 Happy new year everyone (13 days late). I'm at home on break this month, and I haven't had access to my usual computer. Hence, this update isn't as big as I would have liked. There's a new sprite sheet, a new rant, new products, a new trivia quiz and a few news stories. If you submitted a rant, review, or memory over the last month, itís currently caught on my computer at college. Itíll go up in next monthís larger than normal update, along with a Mario Party guide and maybe some other surprises. Happy Martin Luther Kingís Birthday weekend.

12/13/00 Wow, what a month it's been. Been working hard on the update, and here it is. We've got a new sprite sheet, a new trivia quiz, a bunch of new rants, and the standard new products and reviews. Also, I updated the selection at the store for all your holiday shopping needs.
In site news, I've decided to officially schedule updates for once a month. With all the new stuff I've been encountering at college, it's gonna be very hard to do it more than that. Updates will still be the same size, though, and all the usual sections will be updated. Just consider SMBHQ your monthly Mario magazine =). News will be updated as it happens, of course, and the independent sections (such as NC and SSS) will continue to update on their own schedule. In the near future, I'm planning to update the cameo information and update the screen shots section. Happy holidays everyone.

11/12/00 Not a huge update this time. There's a small news story, a bunch of new products, a new Yoshi's Island sprite sheet, a months worth of memories and some SMB2 trivia. Also, Mario is in Majora's Mask. Within the week I'd like to get up a rant and a new Mario 101 lesson. Have a good rest of November.

10/23/00 Forgot to put up the Behind the Mushroom contest winners up yesterday. Check the link and scroll down to see 'em. Also, SMBHQ has now had over 500,000 visitors! WOW! C ya

10/20/00 Hey all. Sorry this is so late. Midterms... you know how it is. Anyway, we got lots of cool stuff today. A new SMRPG sprite sheet, two new weeks of trivia, one new rant and two new rebuttals in the ranting section, and a few new reviews for Mario Tennis. There's also a small news story up and two new products. I hope the next update will be sooner and bigger now that midterms are near over. See ya'll later.

9/26/00 What's up all? School work is picking up, which means fewer updates for a while. But in the meantime we got a normal sized update. I updated the game info,. and cameo pages for Mario's Picross,, Mario Kart 64, Zelda: TOoT and DK64. Behind the Mushroom Part 2 is up , along with a mini-contest. There's some small news, a trio of products, some reviews (mostly for Mario Tennis) and some of the funniest memories I've seen in a long time. Rounding out the update are four viewer submitted rants. Happy Jewish New Year everyone!

9/6/00 Whew, it's taken me a while to adjust to college andto get my computer set up. But I'm finally back on-line and ready to start updating again. Lotsa stuff this time, we've got some rather large news stories, a whole bunch of new rants, a few new products, a new Mario 101 lesson, a Mario Tennis game info. page, and the obligatory reviews. I hope you enjoy it all. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a copy of Mario Tennis in my N64 that's calling to me.

8/11/00 Remember when I said "hopefully by the end of the week" last update? I meant the end of this week =). Anyway, there's an average size update for today, there's a new Mario Bros. arcade sprite sheet, a few cool news stories, and the usual reviews and memories. Also, Jay and I collaborated on another retrospective special: The first days of SMBHQ/NC. Next week I'm on vacation in Colorado and the week after that I'm moving into college, so updates may be scarce for a while, but once I'm settled in updates will continue. Have a great end of the summer everyone.

8/1/00 SMBHQ turns three today! Yeeeehaw! What a ride it's been. Who knew we would last this long. Anyway, I decided to be humble this year and give a big thank you as my birthday gift to the world. Also, we have new main page graphics thanks to Dave Adams. Hope you enjoy.

As for updates, I've done a few cosmetic things you won't noticed, which means less time for content. There's still some new stuff though, a new week of trivia is up, a new Mario 101 lesson, two new products and a small news story. The obligatory reviews and memories, as well as new rants and some other stuff should be up soon (hopefully by the end of the week).

In site news, SMBHQ will be switching servers soon, which may mean some downtime. Don't be surprised or worried when this happens, we'll come back soon enough. Same old site, just with more RAM. Hope to see you all at the chat on Friday! Happy Birthday to me! Wheeeeeeee!

7/13/00 Sigh... another update, another excuse for why it took so long. This time it's due to starting my new summer job which has taken up much of my free time. But patience pays off, they say, and the month drought has paid off in yet another large update. First off, there's been a total overhaul of the item list so that it resembles the new moves lists, and a very late Wario Land 3 game info. page. Other stuff includes a new sprite sheet, some slightly out-of-date news, and half a dozen viewer rants. There's also new products and the ubiquitous reviews and memories. Oh, and there's a new contest. The winner of the last contest was Yoshinator, who was picked from 72 correct entries and 92 total entries (The answer was Axem Rangers). Look for an overhaul to the trivia section next time. See ya in a couple.

6/14/00 My first update as a high school graduate! And to think I was a lowly sophmore when I started this site (apologies to any sophmores I just offended). Anyway, graduation craziness caused the delay in this update, but it is definitely one of the biggest (if not the biggest) updates I've ever done. I finished the moves list, put up an SMB2 sprite sheet, and updated the selection at the store. There's also a few new rants, a smattering of products, a few news stories, and as always, lots of reviews and memories. There's a new contest for an SMRPG strategy guide, and I re-launched the chat room, with the first chat scheduled for Friday at 8:00pm. I'll be there... I hope to see you there too. Have a great summer everyone.

5/23/00 Wow... four updates in two weeks instead of the normal one. Let's hope I can keep it up. Today there's about 3 dozen new reviews, one very good rant, a few new products, and the SMB3 moves are up. Also, a winner has been declared in our SMBDX guide contest... it's David Hurley! David was picked randomly from the 96 correct responses (out of 164 total) to the scrambled picture (A Hammer Bros.). Look for another contest soon.

5/16/00 The big surprise is finally here... it's a Mario moves list. It's a day late due to laptop problems beyond my control... I'm sorry. Currently only SMB and SMB2 moves are up, but I'll be updating it throughout the next few weeks. Also, there is some new news about SMRPG's sequel. Coming soon... a belated Game Reviews update.

5/11/00 Whoops, I forgot the submit button for the contest, so I've extended the deadline to enter two days. Also a few products and a whole slew of memories. See ya Monday.

5/9/00 A new contest. You could win an SMBDX guide from Prima Games. I plan to have one ofthese every week forthe next five weeks. Look for another update in the next two days, and that big surprise is still set to go up Monday.

5/7/00 This update is so late not only because of my usual busy-ness, but also because of a big project I've been working on for the site. It should be ready by next Monday. Until then, you can have fun with revised game info. pages for all the major games (MB, SMB1-3, SMW1-2), and a new SMW Yoshi sprite sheet, and some belated news. There'll be more small stuff throughout the week, such as products, reviews, and memories, before the big surprise next Monday. Stay tuned.

4/1/00 Two and a half weeks till an update. I can live with that, but I will try to do better for next time. (2 weeks on the dot would be a good goal). Anyway, there are a few out of the ordinary things this update: An SMB3 map screen sprite sheet, an ode to mario that I wrote in school, and the brand new Mario Dance! Plus the usual products, reviews, memories, and rants (Including one non-rant). Happy Pagan New Year.

3/14/00 Yay, another update. Nothing really, but I realized that I forgot to upload the Mario 101 lesson. This is SMBHQ's 112th update! Whoo!

3/13/00 When you consider that this is only the 4th update of the year, the update schedule seems pretty pathetic. But all 4 of those updates have been jam packed with content... so I hope you guys are satisfied. This update is no different. There are a lot of new products featured, some new rants, new reviews and memories, a new Mario 101 lesson and a whole load of new screen shots. All this plus a new SMB2 guide, and a new mystery from Sean Kelly, and the February Mailbag is up. You also may have noticed the new navigational bar to the right... I hope it helps you get around the site more easily. SMBHQ reaches 300K hits soon! Another meaningless milestone! Whoo! See ya in a couple (or a trio, if I'm busy)

2/22/00 College Applications have risen from the dead. With interviews and small things I forgot and stuff lost in the mail I am still quite busy. But, I did manage a good sized update within 2 1/2 weeks (applause, cheers from audience). Anyway, there's a Game & Watch Gallery 3 info. page (very late, I know), a couple of new rants, a lotta new products, lots of new reviews (Including 6 new Mario Party 2 reviews), and new questions on the Fan Purity test from Toasty64 (Send in your own new questions!). Finally, for the first time in months, the screen shots section has about 40 new shots (I'll be adding more the next few updates). Also, Neglected Characters was updated. Until next time.

2/3/00 Hey, it only took me two weeks to update instead of multiple months! Amazing isn't it! It would have been one week if not for FTP problems. I'm amazed myself. It's a good sized update too. We've got lots of reviews and memories, a couple of products, a new, pretty long rant, and a quartet of small news stories. Topping it off, a Mario Party 2 info. page and a very big update to the cartoons section. It site news, we are now on a faster server and a new ad network. We also recently broke our visits/day record with over 700 visits last Saturday. That's about it. Oh, I'm on the lookout for rant and purity test question submitions, as well as Mario Party 2 reviews. Send them in!

1/21/00 Happy new year all. First off, I hope no one was too freaked out/scared by my little Y2K prank. It was meant to get everyone to lighten up a bit about the whole situation. It seems we got through OK though, because you are reading this, after all...
Normal sized update today. Woulda been a little sooner if not for finals and the flu. There's the normal stuff, reviews (past the 260 mark), memories (lots of good ones this time!), and some important news (a little late... sorry). Other stuff includes a cool new form for submitting new purity test questions (I'm on the lookout), spiffy new products (including Mario karaoke), and a new Mario Ed. lesson (Don't fear the items). As an added bonus, there's also a self serving college essay I wrote about the site. Other sections were recently updated too, including SSB Matches, Neglected Characters, and the new Mario Mailbag. Check them out. First semester is over in a week, which mean more update time for me very soon!!!
In other site news, some weird stuff is going on with VGF's servers. This may results in some downtime and slow access for SMBHQ if we're required to move to a different server. You shouldn't notice any other changes, except for faster access once it's all done with.

12/23/99 Small update. Fixed some typos in the Fan Purity Test and added easier JavaScript scoring. Also, some new Mario Memories that I forgot about two days ago. Happy Holidays

12/21/99 I did warn you that it would be hard for me to update this time of year. Still, I've managed to squeeze this one out. First, I've revamped and brought back the fan purity test. Hopefully it'll get more of a response this time. The Q&A section has also been changed to the new and improved Mario Mailbag, run by Dave Adams. Send in your questions now. As always, there's new reviews and rants. The products section gets a few extra Mario items, and there's a new lesson in Mario Education about the Real World. Two small news stories too. If you haven't seen yet, there have been updates to the neglected characters section and the SSB Match section, and the Message Boards are always getting new posts. There's plenty of great last minute gifts to be found in the store as well. Expect at least a small update before new years, probably one or two during January, then more frequent updates after that.

11/6/99 Sorry for not updating for so long. Reasons for the delay include college applications, my internship, and a busy weekend schedule. You can expect this sort of update schedule until mid-January probably, when some of my time will free up. Sory to dissapoint you. In the meantime, I've got a pretty large update today. There's a lot of new products up, I'm almost done sortingthrough all the ones on my hard drive now. There are a few new reviews and memories, but submitions to them have been sparse. There are a bunch of new rebuttals up in the ranting and raving section, and a 3-month recap of Mario news tidbits as well. Finishing it up, there's an update to the SSB matches section, now run by VGWMan. Also, in case you missed it, there's a great new deathmatch in the NC section. How this will satisfy you for the next few weeks. See ya round.

10/11/99 Wow, an update after only one day! Don't get too excited, it's just some loose stuff I meant to have for yesterday. There is a new SSB Match plus reactions to the last match. There's also a few more reviews up, and some new rants and rebuttals. Hope you enjoy.

10/10/99 Yes, yes, I know its been a while. You'll have to get used to this update schedule, though, as my free time is becoming less and lees. I am not abandoning the site, and I will update when I can, so just be patient please. What do we have this time... there's a whole buttload of new rants up, some very weird memories, a few reviews and a few new products. Also, I've switched to GameCave as the supplier for the SMBHQ store, so there is now incrased selection... 5 new games and about a dozen toys are available. In site news, SMBHQ is now part of the Prima Games Fan Site program, the benefits of which you'll all see shortly. Soon (within the week) there should be a Mario vs. DK Grudge Match, as well as reactions to the last match (there are a lot!). Until I have time to update again, have fun.

9/21/99 Sorry for the late update. It would have been up Friday if it weren't for some FTP problems. Big update this time around. We got the usual, reviews, memories, and SSB grudge match, of course (count on these most every update). In addition, we have a new Mario Golf info. page, a new Mario Ed. lesson, three new rants, and finally, the relaunch of the fan fiction section, now under the guidance of former guide guy Mark Kelly.

9/6/99 Hmmm, did I say I'd update every week last time? I meant I'd try to update every week =). I'm not gonna make excuses this time, suffice to say I was busy. Moving along, there are reviews, memories, and an SSB grudge match this time around, along with one viewer submitted rant. All this plus a new SSB guide, and the end of the Mushroom Wars in the NC section. In around the site news, Bowser's Castle has left SMBHQ, but you can now visit our newest hosted site, Pokewatch. Also, the Fan Fiction section is now in that hands of former game guy Mark Kelly. Soon, a bunch of fan fics that he's working on should go up, complete with ratings. Watch this space.

8/20/99 I am now trying harder to make good on that "one update a week" promise I made when I created this site. Hence, there is an update today. It may not be the biggest SMBHQ update you'veever seen, but there is some new stuff. The highlight of the update is the brand new Mario Store where you can buy all those Mario games you've read about on SMBHQ but don't have. Also this update, we have the first weeks worth of Mario Memories up. Elsewhere on, there's an update in the NC section, and hosted site KHQ is in a new location. This weekend I will be working on game reivews, fan fiction, a new SSB match, and some new product features. Look for all that sometimes over the next week.

8/13/99 Well, after being pestered by what seems like everyone over the past 10 days, I have gotten out an update, and a big one at that. First off, as a few people pointed out, I forgot my own sites birthday on August 1st! Imagaine my embarassment. To make up for it, there is a belated birthday special about front page formats and a birthday NC comix by Jay Resop. The new year also signifies the birth of two new sections... Mario 101, a silly section where I "teach" people about Mario issues, and Mario Memories, a section where you can share your best and worst Mario experiences with the world. Rounding out the update are a bunch of rants on the "modernization" of Mario and other issues, even more game reviews, and a handful of fan fics (If yours isn't up don't worry, I will get to it tommorow) Finishing it off, we have the highly requested rematch between Mario and Luigi in the SSB Grudge Match section. Hope this keeps you busy for a while. Have a great rest of the summer.

8/3/99 I know, I know, there was no big update this weekend... something came up. From now on, take any update promises as tentative at best due to my busy schedule. Anyway, there's a medium sized update today, the feature of which is news and commentary on the latest developments of Mario n Nintendo's next system, Dolphin. This signifies the start of SMBHQ's continuing focus on this new, sure to be revolutionary game, which you will see continue to grow over the coming months. Also up are some viewer submitted things that I got around to putting into HTML, rants and reviews. The Message Boards were put back up a few days ago, but access has been shaky recently due to the server transfer. Coming soon, a massive update to the FanFics (first priority), then maybe some more products and a Mario Golf game info. page, plus a top secret section that I've been working on. I promise some sort of update will come this weekend (read: I will try to update this weekend, but don't bet the house on it).

7/30/99 Everything except the message boards and polls are back up! This includes hosted sites KHQ, and BC (with an update), as well as cartoons (with an update), comics, guides and mysteries. There's also an update to neglected characters. Now that all that is out of the way, I can get to updating. Expect a big update by Sunday night.

7/27/99 The Neglected Characters section is back up. Expect an update to it tomorrow. Also, we are currently in the process of moving to the new server, in case you care. This new server should be faster and more reliable (so no more data crashes like the recent one). Expect an update this Friday at earliest, Sunday at latest (Sometime this weekend). Oh yeah, and Mario Golf is out! Go get it

7/23/99 The Game Ideas page is back up, but not pdated. Just thought you should know. Expect cartoons, comics, and neglected characters to be back up soon. KHQ, BC, and the guides section may take a little longer, but they will all be back eventually. In other site news, we were down again for a short time today. We should be moving to a new, much more reliable server by Tuesday, which should stop these periods of downtime. That's all... not really big enough news to warrant changing the "last updated" date even

7/21/99 Ack! Problems galore around the site. Just as I am about to upload an update Sunday, the site goes down, and in doing so deletes every single file on the server! ARGH! I just got my FTP access back tonight! Due to this crash, all staff run sections are currently down (This includes neglected characters, ideas, cartoons, comics, guides, unsolved mysteries, and hosted sites KHQ and BC). Since the crash effected all of VGF as well, the message board and poll will not work for a while. We are working our hardest to get these all back up and they will all be back up eventually. Until then, you can enjoy what I have updated recently. There are a buncha new reviews up, a few new rants, a couple of products, and the triumphant return of the SSB grudge match with a new Mario vs. Luigi match. Over the next few days you can look for the sections that are currently down to slowly come back up. After that is all settled, I will get back to traditional updates. I plan to work on fanfics, products, and maybe those new game info. pages when I can. Until then, happy viewing

7/7/99 I've been a little busier then expected this summer with an internship, and as such, have not had as much time to update the page (a busy July 4th weekend didn't help either). As such, there isn't a huge update for you today. There's reviews, news, and fan fiction up, along with some new links and a small update to the guides (mostly the SMW guide). There's also an update to the NC section and the cartoons section. Our hosted site Kirby HQ is also sporting a new look with more info. then ever. Stuff I'm planning on doing soon includes a new rant, more products, a new SSB match (I have it on paper, just need to type it up), some more trivia, and maybe that game info, page redes ign I've been talking about for so long.

6/27/99 OK, OK, so it took a little longer then planned. It is summer you know... I've been busy relaxing ;). Anyway, your patience is rewarded with a good sized update. I'm just gonna list all the stuff. We've got a news story, new rants, new products, new trivia, and new viewer submitted reviews. There's also lots of new stuff in the Neglected Character section. Coming soon, a new grudge match, more rants from yours truly, and hopefully some screenshots up (time permitting).

6/21/99 Summer is finally here! Yay! Anyway, this isn't that exiting of an update. I processed 40+ more reviews and 10 new fan fictions. I also changed the poll to one that updates automatically, courtesy of VGF. There's often new stuff in the NC and cartoons sections. Now that all that is out of the way, you can look for some real content updates soon like products, game info. pages, graphics, ranting, and maybe even trivia!

6/13/99 Good news: Summer is almost here! Bad news: It isn't here yet. I'm right in the middle of finals so don't expect another update before Wednesday at very earliest. In the meantime, I've put up a few rebuttals I've been sent recently. I've also put a list of SSB matches I'm planning to do and reopened the poll. Finally, there's a new member of the SMBHQ family this week. Kirby HQ, the place for all your Kirby needs, is now hosted on this server. Go check it out. See you after finals!

6/1/99 So it's been a while since I last updated. I've been busy at school. Summer is coming, though, so look for more updates soon. Anyway, I finally got up my pet project, the beginnings of SSB Grudge Match. Be sure to mail me your opinions and matches. Also up are a buncha news stories, and info pages for Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros. DX. TTFN, Ta ta for now!

5/18/99 I tried to get an update out yesterday, but couldn't due to FTP problems. Sorry. There's a buncha new news stories, with subject ranging from SM64's sequel to SMB Deluxe to Mario Artist and E3. Their are six new reviews up for various games (denoted with a on the reviews page), and a hillarious new deathmatch in the Neglected Characters section. Coming soon: SMBDX and Super Smash Bros. game info pages.

5/17/99 Not much today, just three rants/rebuttals, all on the continuing Mario vs. Zelda saga. How long will this argument last! Check back tomorrow for a Mario E3 wrap-up (Sorry it isn't today, but tomorrow I have a half day....)

5/16/99 Well, despite a busy week, I did manage to get an update out. And a very tedious one at that. Two dozen or so more reviews are up, as well as 11 fan fiction stories. Soon I'll try to get some real content up, instead of just processing your mails into HTML =). Sumemrs comnig, expect updates to pick up then as well. C ya round.

5/7/99 I finally was able to get 20 more reviews up, and I still have 18 more to go! Look for those tomorrow, along with a much needed fan fiction update.

5/4/99 Not much, just a news story. Check back this weekend.

5/2/99 It's official! The winner of the free copy of Mario Party is..... Zack Rzetelny. Zack was picked at random from 165 people who correctly identified this picture as Roy Koopa (Bully was also accepted). 284 people entered altogether, the most popular wrong guess was Bowser. Thanks to everyone who entered. Zack, expect an e-mail from me soon.
I also put up a whole bunch of reviews of many various Mario games. If yours isn't up yet, I still have about 20 to go, so don't worry.

5/1/99 The Mario Party contest is officially closed. I'll announce the winner soon.

4/28/99 Super Smash Bros. is OUT! There's a small news story about it and a new quizlet on SSB too. I also added a link to the links page. Around the site, there are updates to the neglected characters section as well as Bowser's Castle. The message boards are back up and running after some technical difficulties. Go voice your opinion on SSB or anything else. Finally, the contest is almost over. If you haven't voted yet, go do it! Look for some sort of update this weekend, probably the reviews and fan fiction sections, and maybe some surprises! See ya then.

4/24/99 OK, here's that "big" update I promised two days ago, though it isn't as big as I'd like. First off, we got some news about SMBDX from Nintendo Power. There's also a much needed update to the Q&A section. One set of viewer trivia questions is up, and well as three rebuttals to the controversial Mario vs. Zelda rant. Rounding out the update content-wise are game info. pages for Game & Watch Gallery 2 and Super Mario RPG.
Around the site, you'll probably notice the new intro page, as well as the navigation menu's at the top of each main section page. SMBHQ also now offers a free web-based mail service. Click the link to sign up for your very own address.
If I'm lucky I may get an update out this weekend, but don't hold your breath. For the next update, I'll be focusing on getting the reviews, fan fiction, and poll votes out of the way, as well as giving you all the news on SSB as they come (only 2 more days). In the more distant future, I am going to get that previews page up and work on the graphics section some more, as well as working more on the lists. I'll also be focusing more on content in general and less on aesthetics and services (as I have been recently). Happy viewing.

4/22/99 Very small update today, just a news story. This weekend I'll get out some sort of update, probably pretty big.

4/12/99 Back from my trip... ready with a small update. There's two small news stories and two new rants up. Around the site recently, there's some random new stuff in guides, mysteries, game ideas, cartoons, and neglected characters sections, as well as our sister site Bowser's Castle. Finally, I switched to a new message board system yet again (Last time, I promise!). This one has does make you register, but it does have a nicer format, and can easily sort out all the confusing threads. Be sure to enter the contest if you haven't yet. By this weekend, I hope to get up some fan fiction, reader reviews, and that oft-delayed previews section.

4/7/99 I'm going away for a long weekend tomorrow, so I thought I'd leaveyou something to remember me by... SMBHQ's first contest in history! Enter today and you could win a free copy of Mario Party! There's also a small update to the game ideas section. See ya Monday.

4/5/99 First off, if you didn't figure it out all the stuff but the MP info. page last update was an April Fools Joke. OK. Small update, new stuff includes a very small news story and two rants put up. There's also some new SM64 episodes up in the cartoons section. In site news, Steven Reich quit maintanence of the game ideas section to run the cartoons section. Cameron Tidd is now accepting your game idea submitions. Also, I'll be away from the computer for a four day weekend starting Thursday. I'll try to get out one update Wednesday night, and I'll try to work on renovating some more game info. pages on my laptop during the trip. No promises though.

4/1/99 Lotsa stuff all around the site today. First, there's a huge news story concerning Mario's immediate future. Everyone thinking about what their next system will be should go see it now. There's also a new Mario Party feature up, in the new format. Eventually, all the main games info. will be in this format. Elsewhere aroudn the site, there's a look into the life of the mysterious Jay Resop, maintainer of the Neglected Characters section. Also, our sister site, Bowser's Castle has an exciting news story and a preview of a super secret Mario game. Finally, there's some big change to the cartoons section. Check it out.

3/29/99 Another small update, this time a new rant and a rebuttal, and four new fan fiction stories. Also a new quizlet, and a confirmation on a news story we just ran. In other sections, a new name game in the neglected characters section and an update to the nitpickers guide in the cartoons section. It's spring break this week, so expect upddates throughout, including that MP page in the new game page format.
3/27/99 Not much, just a small news update. As far as page news goes, all the sections are now on, meaning you don't have to hop servers while your within this page. Also, Adam Spradlin has quit running the Cartoons and Books/Comics sections. The Cartoons page is now being run by Steven Reich, but we're still looking for a Comics/Books guy. Let me know if you're interested.
3/20/99 OK, should access this page now. Great, cool, good. Anyway, this is mostly a cosmetic update. I fixed a buncha links, I closed down the poll (Due to a deluge of over 150 unrecorded votes!), I changed to a new Message Board based on a reader's suggestion (I'm staying with this one... really) and I re-put up the link to our sister site Bowser's Castle. More important stuff updated includes a big update to the guides section with an SM64 guide and more, and a small news story. There's a lotta stuff in my mailbox waiting to be put up, and Spring Break coming up to sort through them, so get ready.
3/16/99 I have no idea why does not register as this address yet. InterNIC is being really slow and dumb about it. For now, just use the ol' IP address to access this page. Busy busy busy me, I haven't had much time to do anything with the page since the front page update. All that's new this time is a buncha reviews. I'll put up some more stuff whenever I get a free moment.
3/6/99 Well, it's been a busy week for me, but I finally got this update done. First of all, the site is at a new IP address now. This address is less buggy and should go down less. While in IP transition, you may not be able to access the page from If so, just go to and the page will be there. Don't think the page is dead! Anyway, I've been busy this week making a more compact front page design (don't worry, I'll keep this one mroe than a month). On that new front page, you may have noticed a new SMBHQ search engine, a new message board, and a new unsolved mysteries section. That's the main brunt of the update although there are updates to the products and game ideas sections as well. I'm hoping to update all the user sections soon (fan fiction, reviews, and poll) but with my schedule, don't count on it soon. Plans for the future stil l include a redo of all the game info, pages, but that's even less likely to happen soon.
2/16/99 Not much homework tonight, so I thought I'd do a small update. New logo is up courtesy of Yoshi1001, tell me whatcha think. Also some more Mario Party reviews in the news section and a new week of Game Ideas. Also small changes to the staff page, and links page. By the end of this weekend expect a front page redesign (yes another one), a Mario Party feature (in a new, better format), some product write-ups (I got a buncha pictures), and some screens if I have time (my scanners broke, so no drawings for a while).
2/9/99 Small update, just put up a new counter (yes, another one...) from and some short news stories. There may be an update this weekend, but I'm pretty busy with other stuff. Definitely expect an update by 2/18.
2/5/99 is up, and the new address means a big update. Be sure to change all your bookmarks to the new address
    First off, there's been a lot of Mario News over the past month, so go check that out. We've got a major overhaul to the enemies list with a new by game listing, and some errors fixed. There's a new rant and three rebuttals in the Ranting & Raving section. There's a buncha new Fan Fiction and three weeks worth of Game Ideas , and a buncha new reader reviews in the Reviews Section. Rounding out the update is a new quizlet on the poll page .
    In the near future, I plan to do poll results (I have over 100 uncounted votes!), some product pages (just got some new pics), make previews for the upcoming games, and at least one new list. Also, expect a Mario Party feature soon after it comes out (Feb. 8th).

12/29/98 I was putting off this update until we could secure our address, but that may not happen for a while, so I'm updating now. The "overhaul" update idea has been thrown out and I'm just changing things as I go.
    The first big thing this update is the reorganized front page. I'm open to comments about the new design. There are design changes big and small (mostly small) throughout the page.
    A brand spanking new graphics section is up, starting out with over 200 combined screenshots and pictures. A months worth of news stories are up in the news section, and there are a lot of new rants up by me and others. The game guides section is now under the very capable hands of Sean Kelly, and a new SML guide is up. Also, I added an about the staff page. To finish it off, theres a few new Game Ideas up.
    By the end of the week I'm gonna try to get to a lot of stuff I've been meaning to do, including poll responses, fan fiction, trivia, and products updates. In the coming months, there's gonna be a big focus on revamping all the lists and helping launch the graphics section. Also, be on the lookout for eventually. Happy New Year and belated "Happy Holidays" to all!
11/23/98 Small update, fixed some lnks, added a news story and updated the links.
11/22/98 Well ,the old vghost server finally broke down. This is why you haven't been able to acces the page for the past week and a half. Anyway, I picked up shop, and have moved temporarily to for hosting of the site (change your bookmarks). First off, anyone interested in helping out SMBHQ, look to the help wanted page and see what we need. SMBHQ could really use your help.
Lotsa updates this time around. There's two new rants up, 4 new mario products , and some fixes/changes to the links section . I finally updated the misconceptions page with stuff I've been considering for a while. Finally, there's three new News stories , a few new Fan Fiction Stories and updated poll results. . Oh, I also transfered control of the Game Ideas section to Yoshi1001 so mail your ideas to him. I'm still working on that overhaul update for before the years end. Expect at least one new section, and some changes to the game pages. Happy surfing.
Important Note: If you sent a game idea in the past few months and it isn't up yet, please send it to so we can put it up. Thank you.

10/26/98 Hey all. The usual sorry's apply for my lack of updates, but now I have a more thorough explantion. Go see my reason(s) for lack of updates . I also have a big news update and some new poll results. C YA round.

9/30/98Welcome to the new and improved SMBHQ now with unlimited server space. You'll notice some small changes immediately, such as the new front page and frames layout, but many changes are yet to come, so keep your eyes peeled. As for taking so long to update, it was partially organizing this move, but partially because I've been very busy in life also. For update right now, I have lots of new Game Ideas a whole buncha fan fiction stories and a new rant and one rebuttal also. I have few half-finished things also which I'll try to get up by the end of the weekend. For now, if this doesn't satisfy your appetite, take a look at the neglected characters, comics & books, and cartoons pages, all of which have had a few updates over the past month. Don't forget to change your bookmarks!
Important note: Not all the game ideas I've received in the past month were put up. The longer ones are being put into HTML right now, and should be up soon. The shorter ones are up right now.
8/24/98 Big update! Two new games on the game list that I was unaware of before ( Mario vs. Wario and Super Scope 6 . There's a whole months worth of poll results as well as two new automatic result polls . There's a brand new Mario product that just debuted at the San Diego Comic Con. There's two new Rant's and Rave's, both from viewer's! Two new stories in the Fan Fiction section. Also, a new guide for Super Mario Land 2 That's all for this week. Eventually (whenever I get to it) I'll put up all these game ideas! Oh, and sign the guestbook at the bottom of the front page!
8/14/98 Not as much as I wanted, but it is an update... Brand new Ranting & Raving about Mario stories, and two new Mario products . Tomorrow, poll results and game ideas, I promise. Mabye an update to fan fiction also (Send in those submitions!)
8/13/98 Yikes, sorry to keep you all waiting, but my new summer job has really taken up my time. I'll actually be LESS busy when the school year starts! But I have today ad tomorrow off, so I can update! There's a complete overhaul to the fan fiction section. I hope you'll write something for it! There's a brand new and very comprehensive SMW guide by Mark Kelly, a little news tidbit, and a new viewer trivia by Jay Resop, whose NC page has been updated too. You'll also notce a new ad network up around a few of the pages on the site. I hope they don't get too bothersome. If I get too many complaints, I'll tone the number down a bit. Expect an update tomorrow too including ranting & raving, products, and the much needed poll and game idea updates.
8/1/98 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! . Check out the birthday retrospective. Lot's of other stuff I've been trying to get up all week, but haven't gotten to. I'm just gonna list it all. There's new game ideas and a featured idea, there's new viewer trivia , a new cameo appearance in GB camera, an update to the links page , two new products , a little Mario news and some new reference stuff in the chatroom . Whew, what a sentence. Have fun sorting through the update! I'll be taking a nap!
7/27/98 No real update today. I just wanted to notify everyone that the new chat room will have scheduled chats this week every night at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Adjust for other time zones and try to be prompt. Expect a real update tomorrow. See ya in the chat room!
7/23/98 Finally, a real update! Put up a new chat room that I've wanted for a while. Java-enhanced browsers only I'm afraid. The first scheduled chat is Friday the 24th at 10pm Eastern (7pm pacific), but you can check into the chat room at any time though, just to see if anyones hanging out there there. I hope you'll all try to make it on Friday. A buncha new stuff on the neglected characters page to precede Jay's leaving for a week. A new rant is up with no topic in particular and there's a new product review up too. Theres a new question in the poll section. I hope you'll vote. Finally, there's two brief Mario news stories . See ya Friday night!
7/21/98 I'm baaaaaack! After a four week sabatical at camp, I've returned to SMBHQ. How did Adam do while I was gone? Mail me your opinions. The temporary home is now gone, and all the stuff Adam put up is now linked to from these pages. That's basically all I'm doing this update. Expect a real update tomorrow. In another note, the cartoon, comic/book, and NC pages are now updated through thier respective authors (Adam Spradlin and Jay Resop) on their own server space. That means updates to those sections more often and efficiently. Thanks for bearing with us over the past month. The page will be back to normal soon!
6/21/98 Well, it looks like this is my last update for a while. I'm going away to camp for four weeks, and Adam Spradlin will be updating SMBHQ at a new site ! When I get back, SMBHQ will be back here and all the stuff will be transferred back to here. This site'll just be up for reference. This update I think I fixed the game guides that Mark sent me, and I set it up so all my e-mail links go to Adam instead. Other than that, not much. C YA in four weeks
6/17/98 Sorry for the lateness, by my grandparents have been visiting and I've been preparing for camp. Lots of stuff, including a new Wario Bio. , a new SMB guide (as well as an update to the others' looks), an update to the cartoon page , a new SMW map screen sprite sheet . There's also a lot of new viewer bio.'s (If yours isn't up, don't worry, Jay's getting to it), a week of new Game Ideas (as well as a featured idea ) and finally, a long overdue Q & A update. Click the banners!
6/10/98 Boy summer sure is boring Good thing I have this site to put my time into. Lot's of sections updated, including Ranting and Raving (Fan fiction, by Chris Waters), Sprite Sheets (SMB enemies), Cartoons (the main 3, not all stars), Comics (small html fix), and products . Also, theres a new Fan Fiction section by Brenen Blair that you should take a look at. Please click one of the banner up top before you go, and happy reading.
6/9/98 Fixed the three pages I updated this morning (they were broken). Also, descriptions for SM64 characters on the enemy list and Mario Kart items on the Item List
6/9/98 Morning update. New outlay for the cartoon and comics pages, and more info. on the SMBSS page. Also added a link to Mark Kelly's other page, The Darc Syde. There may be another update later today, so keep a lookout!
6/7/98 Sorry for not doing the promised updates. Finals were harder than I thought. NEway, there's a big update today! New formats abound in the front page, products section, news page, and the cameos page . The product page also has a Mario sleeping bag featured. There's a new viewer bio. on Goomba by Steve G., a new rant about strategy guides, and some new question to the purity test . Topping off this update is a new ad at the top of the page (PLEASE click it every time you visit) and the finale to Mario and Co.'s history . Summer starts soon, so expect more updates. Have fun!
6/3/98 Every day this week I get out after half a day, so expect somethnig small every day. Today, you'll notice the new outlay on the front page that lets it load faster and looks more organized. Also, the poll results . I told ya it'd be small. Look again all this week.
5/31/98 Sorry to keep you folks waiting, but it's the last week of school, and finals are taking all my time. Don't expect another update for about a week, but after that, expect quite a lot. Quite a bit this week, though not as much as I'd like. There's a semi-big news story about SMRPG2, thanx to Kacy Shelley. Four new Bio.'s are up thanx to you readers out there. There's more comic, book, and cartoon stuff thanx to Adam Spradlin. Also from Adam, more of Mario and Co. history and a new Mario timeline from Chris WatersThe product section gets a badly needed shot in the arm and should be updated regularly the next few weeks. Descriptions are in for the YI enemies and finally, there's a new week of Game Ideas as well as some featured, especi ally bad ideas . See you later.
5/22/98 Rather then wait till tomorrow and do a bigger update, I figured I'd do a small one tonight and another tomorrow. Tonight, we have everyones favorite... neglected characters!!! With a Captain Syrup NC. Some more of my rantings about Mario hacks are up, and Parts three and four of the thrilling history of Mario and Co. goes up as well. Tomorrow should see Game Ideas and Q & A, and maybe some other things. Happy Memorial Day!!! Click the banner!
5/16/98 A huge update tonight, and right on time too! First, theres yet another new section on Mario storylines, a new comic and book review up, and an update to the cartoons section, all from Adam Spradlin. There's a handful of new Game ideas up, plus a new question and the first set of results for the new poll . There's all new questions on the Fan Purity Test , and a small news story . Rounding out this update is the belated Wario Land 2 feature, courtesy of Jay Resop. In the next few months, this site should see an SMRPG data sheet, a YS Strategy guide, some new product reviews, cartoon episode reviews, and a completion of the enemies and items list (with descriptions). Remember to click the banner at the top of the front page before you leave.
5/11/98 Since I went so long without updating before, I thought I'd be quicker this time. New logo on the front. Tell me what you think. New section, Mario reviews lets us tell you what games are good. Also, a new comic anmd book and some updates to the cartoon section, all by Adam Spradlin. Finally, and update to the Captain N featured game idea by Kacyn 64. I still have yet to see any new quiz questions. Where are you guys? Remember to click the top banner!
5/8/98 It took me longer than expected to recuperate from the trip, but I'm back. Not a bad sized update tonight. NEW section, Mario fan purity test to see how big of a fan you are. Also new trivia on the similar topic of how good of an SMBHQ viewer you are. We have a brand new bio. on Mallow and new Game Ideas too. Finally, we have a new, always controversial ranting and raving on the long wait for Mario games, and a small news story . Soon you should see a new reviews section, some more products shown, comics & books, and more enemy descriptions. Remember to click on the banner EVERY time you visit. Happy reading.
4/28/98 Hey all you in Mario land. I'm going away tommorow on a trip till Saturday, so I thought I'd leave you with SOMETHING to remember me by. This something is a sizeable update to the Enemies List . This update includes the much requested SMRPG enemies, and descriptions for most of the regular enemies (SMB1-3, SML, and SMW). To make this list complete, though, we need your help. The staff here at SMBHQ is in the process of getting most of the remaining descriptions done (SMRPG and YI), but there are some we can not place. If you have the official SM64 or YI strategy guide and can write descriptions of the enemies in those games, please send them in, so we can finally have a COMPLETE enemies list. NOTE: For YI, only the 30-some enemies on the missing list are needed. Thanx in advance for the help.
4/27/98 Sorry for missing yesterday, but I've got some stuff for you today. First, there's a comprehensive SMB3 strategy by Mark Kelly, and a new Geno Bio. by Jay Resop too. There's also a new comic and book expose up. I'll update again tomorrow or even later tonight, but that will be my last update for a while, since I'm going on a trip till Saturday. C YA then and remember to click the ad!
4/25/98 A whole week without an update?!?!? You may be asking. Sorry, but I had two big projects in school, so the page had to suffer. There's quite a bit tonight, including new game ideas, new trivia, and a new Q & A answer. There's also a complete overhaul to the poll , an update to the games/cameos list with SMB pinball, and a new news story . For tomorrow, expect at least 3 of the following: ranting and raving, neglected characters, comic/book, or SMRPG enemy list. In site news, the promised SMB movie section has been stopped/put on hold because of a site I found with ALL the info. you'd ever need about the Mario movie. Remember, PLEASE click the banner once whenever you visit, it keeps the site going!!!!
4/19/98 My AOL accounts' 2 megs are getting full. Instead of getting a new site provider and confusing everyone, though, I just added another screen name, smbhq, which adds an additional 2 megs of space. This screen name will house all the sections not usually updated. This change may result in some broken links or missing pictures. IF you find any huge ones, please mail me about em. Thanx!
4/17/98 We have a new Bio. about Kamek, we have a new comic and book posted, and we have a rant sent in by NESter. There was also a huge overhaul to the cartoons section, and I finally got the Yoshi's Story Enemies from a considerate reader. Happy viewing
4/13/98 I know you all are suffering through this holiday and Spring Break without an update to SMBHQ. I apologize for being so tardy in updating, but I've just moved to a new house, and went to New York, and all sorts of things. Well, I'm back, and so's the site. What've we got on tap this week. There's a news story, there's trivia there's a new book and comic up. There's a huge load of new game ideas this week, as well as a featured idea, Super Kirby Bros. . Finally, there's updated info. in the cartoon section, and 3 new Q & A questions answered. That's quite a lot for a week so hectic. I hope you won't mind if I rest a bit now. ZZZZZZZZZ!
4/4/98 The April Fools joke was a success!!!! Thanx to everyone who was fooled! They can now be found in this archive . Let's see, there's a new Yoshi Bio. , there's a new ranting and raving and there's a final =( update to Cameos . Not too much, but when you consider I'm moving to a new house this weekend, it's a lot. Expect more stuff through the week.
4/1/98 HUGE NEW NEWS STORY. Go see it RIGHT NOW. Also, a new cameo of a Japan only game I just found.
3/28/98 Sorry for the lateness. It's been a busy week. Lots of stuff though. Lots of new stuff: A new Yoshi's Story feature, a new section on my ranting and raving about Mario, and new item descriptions on the item list (still no pics). All this, and the usual news, products, cameos, and trivia you all love.
3/22/98 Thanks to a favorable response, I've done another sprite sheet, this one of SMB. There's a new Q & A response too. Also, the relaunch of products has begun with a new one courtesy of Adam Spradlin. If you have any digital pictures of Mario products, please send them in.
3/21/98 You should all at least look at the new eight page Game Idea submitted by Chris Waters entitled "Super Mario Fight" (In the game ideas section). Also, look at the new bio on Princess Peach. Be on the lookout for MANY new sections in the coming months, including game reviews, SMB3 strategy, Mario timeline, an SMB movie section, Yoshi's Story and WL2 features, and the relaunch of the products section!
3/18/98 Lot's o stuff. New game ideas. New cameos. New week of trivia on SMB3. New Q & A question answered. Also, whatdya all think of a Mario review section?
3/16/98 New poll results. Also new comic & book and important note on the Neglected characters page.
3/11/98 New trivia about the site. Yet another new counter. Just reached my 20,00th hit!!!! Thank you all for visiting.
3/10/98 New comic and book. New week of Game Ideas. Two new cameos. That's all.
3/6/98 No updates to the sections I said yesterday. They should come this weekend. The big thing is I reverted to the old format. I think it's much more informative and looks better than the fuzzy image map. Tell me what you think
3/5/98 Another smaller update. Sorry, but it's been a real busy week. A new comic, book, and the Bowser Bio Part 2. Tomorrow should see the traditional updates. Trivia, poll, game ideas, and cameos should be updated (or at least some of them).
2/28/98 Semi-small update. Three new news stories, a new week of trivia, and LOTS of new poll votes (about 15 more processed). Tomorrow or soon, look for new game ideas and a new comic. And prob the Wario Land 2 thing. 2/24/98 Wow. One day, one update! Restart of the products section, with beanie babies. Also, LOTS of new info. in the cartoon section. Join the mailing list! Sign the guestbook!
2/23/97 Sorry about how late the update is. Please join the mailing list and sign the guestbook (at the bottom of the front page). Quite a few new game ideas. Cameos page fixed (hopefully) with two new games. New neglected character. New Q & A question. New comic and book review. Hopefully this week will see more frequent updates, with trivia, new poll results, new cartoon page stuff, the relaunch of products (YAY!) and that Wario preview (eventually). Look for the Yoshi's story feature soon after it comes out. Stay tuned.
2/14/97 Bigger update than last time. New section on Game ideas. Added strategy questions to the Q & A. New trivia and two new cameos. Small change to front page image map. Expect a new comic & book and some more cartoon info. tomorrow.
2/12/97 Very minor update, with a new toad Bio. (in the neglected characters section) and a new news thing. I'll be on a long car ride this weekend, so expect a big update Monday or Tuesday, with some new sections and hopefully the Wario Land 2 preview.
2/9/97 Wow, only two days between updates. Not much though! A new Mario book and comic and a news blurb are up. Soon will be a Wario Land 2 pre-preview.
2/7/98 OK, no more bi-weekly updates. Here's the deal. Instead of updating all the sections every week (or two) the sections will be updated when they're done. That means there should be a section every few days (more around the weekend) Today there's a new neglected character, and two new cameos. Soon there should be a Wario Land 2 pre-preview. Enjoy.
1/27/98 Hey, only 1 1/2 weeks between updates this time. Huge Yoshi's Story update in pre-previews. New NC and two new cameos. Two new books and two new Q & A questions (keep 'em coming). New week of trivia up. Poll update comnig later this week. Fixed some links. Pretty much the usual this time. Expect some new sections soon. BTW, check out the Mario News section through its text links (It isn't on the image map)
1/16/98 It seems these updates are getting to be more bi-weekly. I have an excuse though, because the time was spent on the whole new outlay. Please mail me your comments about the new image map. No new features anymore, but the old features are all linked to from the "The Games" section. New cameos, neglected char.'s, trivia, and book up. New outlay for some sections. Enemies list updated with SML enemies.
1/5/98 I'm baaaccck! Super overhaul update (sorry for the delay)! NEW sprite sheets. NEW comics page. NEW Mario Q&A. Pre-preview of Yoshi's Story and SMRPG2. The three final featured games. New poll results and questions. Three new neglected characters. Snazzy new frames outlay (see front page for link). Some new news. Major changes to link page. Minor changes to cartoon page. Spell check and minor changes to most other reference sections. Small news update. Whew, that's a mouthful. Trivia & cameos coming later this week. Happy new year!!!!!
11/15/97 Again, sorry 'bout the lateness. I was away for a week from all computers =(. But this update has TWO WEEKS worth of updates. FOUR featured games. SIX new cameos. TWO weeks of trivia (23 questions!). Also news about Yoshi's Story storyline! Expect DK in the Neglected Char. page soon! Also a new page counter. Poll results coming soon (Anyone got new question ideas?!) Over 5,300 hits. YAY!
11/2/97 An on time update finally. YAY! NEW cameos section! New featured games, new trivia. Lotsa new Mario news. New poll results. VOTE! Expect neglected char. page update sometime this week. Over 4,000 hits, hurrah!
10/24/97 OK, OK, so I was late again. I'm busy during the school year, OK? New featured games, New NC page guy, Bowser. Last weeks triv answers (no new triv, sorry). Poll results. Added to GSN and another webring.
10/10/97 Sorry for being late with the update. I promise to do one every week from now on. SUPER BIG UPDATE! NEW Yoshi's Island strategy by Mark Kelly. THREE featured games. EIGHTEEN trivia questions. Also Neglected Character page Peach feature, small news tidbits, and updated poll results. Over 2,000 hits now. WOOHOO! BTW, took the products section to reference due to overall crapiness. =( Anyone got ideas for new weekly sections? MAIL ME!!!
9/30/97 - Sorry for the late update. Everything but products updated. It doesn't seem to be doing so well. Mail me with your opinions of the products section. Expect a Yoshi's Island Page soon!
9/19/97 - Sorry for missing last week. My computer connection died. NEW cartoon section. Updated trivia, news, and poll (VOTE TODAY). New featured games. New neglected character, toad. Sorry, no products this week.
9/6/97 -updated the poll, added Neglected characters section by Jay Resop.
9/5/97 -PLEASE VOTE IN THE POLL. Updated all the weekly update sections. Didn't update any of the others. Look soon for more new sections from some of the other editors.
9/1/97 - Little updates here n' there, most notably, completed the item list. Links page now works. Added Kirby Super Star to cameo list. Put REAL story for SML in.
8/28/97-NEW SECTIONS. Check out the Polls and the products section. Added new featured games. New outlay for main page. Fourth week of trivia up.
8/22/97-Links section updated. Many new pictures. New feature games and third week of trivia up.
8/19/97-MAJOR update and change to many sections. Lots of different stuff
8/5/97-cosmetic update, fixed some links.
8/1/97-Everything on the page is new. Check it all out. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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