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June-July 1999

     Game & Watch Gallery 3 Has been confirmed for a December release in the US. The game, already out in Japan, features moe of the same clasic LCD goodness found in the last two games, with Mario in the modernized versions. More news as it comes. Thanks goes to Skirbyy for this story
     Another nail in the 64DD's coffin? Sources have been reported that Mario Artist, shown at one kiosk at this years E3 show, has been moved to cartridge due to the iffy status of the DD's release. Mario Artist was one of the last "killer apps" that Nintendo had lined up for the N64 add-on, which is still on Nintendo's release list for a release this year in Japan. It's chances of success are lower then ever now though, and a state-side showing of the peripheral is almost out of the question. However, the move to cartridge helps the chances of us seeing Mario Artist stateside.
     Mario Golf is due out in the US this september, and magazine ads have already started to pop up. The two page spread advertisement shows a Mario-type white glove plastic wrapped in a case marked "FitRite" hanging on a wall with golf tees and balls. Above this picture, it reads "Oh great, now they'll let anyone play." on the right they have three screenshots of the game showing Mario, Luigi, and Wario clubbing around the colorful worlds. In the upper-right is the games logo 6/27/99
     The latest issue of Nintendo Power has a preview of Mario Golf. The game will feature Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Baby Mario (of Yoshi's Island), Wario, Bowser, DK, three other Yoshis, and four new characters: Plum, Charlie, Sonny, and Harry. The game will also have time-changing, like in Zelda 64. Peach and Baby Mario will get a makeover: Peach has a shorter skirt, and Baby Mario will wear Mario's clothes, except with shorter pant legs and blue shoes. Thanks to Kacyn64 for this story.

     Two days ago, Mario became immortalized again. This time, it wasn't through a great game, but through a street renaming in Kungsbacka, Sweden. The street was renamed Mario's Gata (Mario's Street) on June 19th by the town council of Kungsbacka. The council was convinced by the Bergsala company, which owns the Scandinavian rights to Nintendo game distribution, that Mario was an important of Nintendo's success in Sweden, and that a street named after him was a good way to show their appreciation.

     Some details have recently emerged about the new form SMRPG2 is taking now that it's being called Super Mario Adventure. First off, the graphical style seemingly everyone already hates has remained unchanged, and still features cutesy 2D Mario characters in 3D backgrounds. Many things will remain true to the SNES classic though, things like menu-based fighting and meeting new characters along the way will be in the psuedo-sequel. Nintendo's web site also mentioned that the original hammer will return, as well as a locomotive?! Keep watching for further developments.
     A few months ago, it was revealed that the GBC and N64 version of the upcoming Mario Golf were going to be compatible through the 64GB pack. Just recently, we found out how. According to Camelot and Nintendo, the GBC version will have an RPG mode where players can build up their golfer's stats. These golfers can be sent right to the N64 version of the game to be used in both versions. Yowee!
     Can't get enough of Mario in Super Smash Bros.? Well fear not, because the Super Smash Sequel is already in development, Magic Box reports. Details on the new game are non-existant except that it will have even more Nintendo characters than the original. The chances of Mario being absent are virtually non-existant!
     On a final note, it's been reported that Shigeru Miyamato has begun work on Nintendo's first title for Nintendo's upcoming Project Dolphin system. General wisdom would say that this is the start of the newest Mario game for the next-generation system. But didn't Miyamato just say that he was working on a final, N64 version of Mario (See May 16th news)? So he's working on two versions of Mario for different systems at once? This is possible, seeing as the development cycles for SMB3 and SMW overlapped a bit, as well as those for YI and SM64. However, it's also possible that Miyamato's first Dolphin work won't be a Mario game, however improbable that might be. It's all just wild speculation on my part for now, though. Check back for further developments. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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