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April-May 1999

     Another Mario appearance on N64 has finally been confirmed! In a recent interview with EGM, Miyamato announced that they are producing another Mario game for this generation, although he "can't gaurantee it will be called a sequel to Super Mario 64." This should put to rest any fears people had about having to buy another system to play Miyamato's next masterpiece. The situation for the N64 seems similar to that of it's predecessors the SNES, with one Mario game coming out with the release of the system (Super Mario World) and a sort of indirect sequel coming out at the end of the system's lifespan (Yoshi's Island). Does Miyamato have somethnig equally innovative up his sleeve for his N64 swan song? SMBHQ will have all the info. on this game as it comes in.
     Super Mario Bros. DX is out. Actually, it's been out for a week. I've been busy, sue me why don'tcha. The game is only compatible with GBC, so those of use with Super Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, or (gasp!) the original GB are out of luck.
     As always... Kyle's Commentary: Despite having high hopes for the cart, I can't recommend gettin SMBDX. I thought the old game with some new imporvements would be a trip down memory lane, just as Super Mario all-stars was. Instead, it reminded me of three things 1) a calendar and fortune teller are only "extras" for the 5 minutes it takes you to get tired of them. 2) Graphics become dated after 14 years. 3) Games are better played when you can see the whole screen! #3 is an especially big concern of mine, as the upward scrolling (Due to GBC's poor resolution) is annoying and hard to manage in many spots. The challenge mdoe is nice, but finding 5 red coins and beating your old scores is only entertaining for so long. Get it only if you never played the original, or really, REALLY loved the original. For some other opinions on the game, see the reader reviews.
     The industries big annual show, E3 took place this weekend, and Mario made a small appearance in the form of Mario Artist. The game was playable on one kiosk at the show, and featured three pre-programmed enviornments: underwater, space, and prehistoric. The game let you take objects, such as a T-rex, out of the environment and edit them using many 3D tools, some of which are mroe reminiscent of high powered 3D workstations. You can then place the object back in the environment and watch it interact. The game is shaping up to be a great, 3D succesor to Mario Paint. In a smaller story, Super Mario RPG 2 has had it's name changed to Super Mario Adventure. The game will now take on a more action/RPG feel instead of being a strict RPG as originally planned. No videos or shots were shown of the game's progress, just this little name-tidbit.

Win a copy of Super Smash Bros.! No, this time SMBHQ isn't sponsoring the contest, but Cartoon Network is giving away the game on their web site. Of the entries, 10 grand prize winners will receive a copy of Super Smash Bros. and an N64 to play it on! Fifty more 1st prize winners get the game. You can enter once per day per e-mail address until midnight, May 9th so get over there and enter.
In other news, SSB received a prestigous 5-star review from Next Generation magazine. Only the best of the best get this high honor, held by such great games as Super Mario 64, Zelda 64, and Metal Gear Solid. The review says the game is "almost sacrilege" for Nintendo, but "fun nonetheless". If you were looknig for another reason to buy this game, now you have it!

Super Smash Bros. is OUT! Stores around the country are currently stocking the game. Some stores are reportedly waiting until April 30th for some reason, so if you can't find it in your town yet, just be patient.
First, the inevitable Kyle's Commentary: SSB looks to be another classic Mario cameo, along the lines of recent hits Mario Kart 64 and the newer Mario Party. As in these games, SSB seems to be a game best not to play alone, the 4-player mode is the games most endearing feature. Being able to duke it out between your favorite Nintendo characters is a nice experience, one that will have any real Nintendo fan pleased. I'd give it a 7/10, only because the one player mode's only purpose is a way to open up the secret characters.
Along with the release comes a new TV ad for SSB. The ad features a human-sized Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Pikachu romping through a meadow to the tune of "Happy Together" by The Turtles. Suddenly, a brawl breaks out and the characters proceed to kick, punch, hit each other with mallets, etc. while the music continues to play. A few scenes of the game are shown next, one particularly cool one showing Mario performing a huge Dragon uppercut on Pikachu! The "spinning N" logo finishes the commercial.
The latest issue of Nintendo Power (#120) has a strategy guide for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for Game Boy Color! SMBDX not only has the original 1985 version, but also a Challenge version where you have to find red coins and Yoshi eggs, a Versus mode that has Mario and Luigi on the same screen, the japanese SMB2, and a race between Mario and a Boo Buddy. It also has a photo album and a print shop (calenders, banners, and predictions). Talk about the deluxe treatment! It comes at a small price, though; SMBDX will be playable only on Game Boy Color. SMBDX is scheduled to be released May 10th.
In other news, Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe are reviewed in this issue. Smash Bros. gets a 7.7, and SMBDX gets an 8.3! Thanks to Kacyn64 for these stories.

Super Smash Bros. is coming in only four days! As a promotion for the game, Nintnedo is doing a live web cast of a real life, pay-per-view style fight at the MGM Grand Theme Park in Las Vegas. The fight will pit Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu and Donkey Kong in a battle Royale, and will take place on Saturday, April 24th between 11am and 1pm. Check out the web site for pre-fight odds and more information.

    Mario Artist is well on it's way to becoming reality! For the 64DD no less! It turns out that Software Creations has been working on the many incarnations of Mario Artist: Paint Studio for four years now. A spokesman for the company has confirmed that it will be released in Japan for the 64DD. In additioanl news, Nintendo's Space World expo originally scheduled for November 1998, has been delayed again to November, 1999. Could this be more time to work on Mario Artist and the 64DD? Could be!
    Mario Golf to hook up with Game Boy? Sources say yes! A source at Nintendo has said that Mario Golf will be compatible with the 64GB pack, which will come with Pokemon Stadium in the US this August. The pak allows players to transfer game data between their N64 and their Game Boy. It's not clear how this interaction will work with Mario Golf right now, but the game will have interaction between the Game Boy and N64 versions somehow. More news as it comes.
    Super Smash Bros. comes to the US in 14 days. Check SMBHQ in the coming weeks for the latest info., reviews, and reactions.

    For those who didn't figure it out, the news story posted on 4/1/99 was an April Fools Joke .
    Also, in real news, Mario Golf has a solid release date of September 13th, 1999 now. Great news for people looking forward to the game (both of you) About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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