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October-November 1998

  The Color Game Boy is out! This weekend, Game Boy color, Nintendo's first full color portable, was released along with Mario's first ever color portable game, Game and Watch Gallery 2. G&WG2 is the anticipated sequel to Game and Watch Gallery, which was released last year. The GBC cart will include modernized game and watch remakes for the games Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin, and the double-screened version of Donkey Kong.
  Wario Land 2 Color a replica of the original WL2, but with enhanced GBC graphics, will be released sometime around December-January 99'. Keep an eye out for it. Thanks to Erik Winzeler for his help with this story.
        Super Mario Fighter?! Every Mario fan's dream come true is one step closer to reality with Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s announcement of a new game: Nintendo All-star Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers (Expect this name to change for America). The fighting game will include DK, Yoshi, Wario, Mario, Luigi, and Peach, with Bowser rumored to be included. Characters from other popular Nintendo games such as F-zero X, Metroid, Zelda, and even Pokemon should appear in Smash Bros. as well (So it isn't jsut a Mario fighter, but an all around Nintendo fighter)! The game was originally rumored to be a mini-game in Mario Party, but it's now clearer that this is a brand new game. Expect a cutesy feel to win out over realistic, hard core fighting style though. As with most N64 games these days, this one'll be geared towards the kids most likely. Thanks to for breaking the story.
Screenshots of the game from Bowser's Castle
        A new holiday season means new Mario products around the stores! First off, the original Mario beanie babies are now in keychain form. Same beanie babie with a keychain attachement (This may be old... but I just saw them). The other big new(er) Mario products this season are the talking plush toys. They come in small and large sizes and include Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and DK. Each has one voice sample when you squeeze their tummy. And don't forget the original Mario beanies, they're still around. A good holiday season for Mario toy collectors.
        In a smaller news story, Next Generation magazines most recent issue (NG48) has a feature on video game movies. Super Mario Bros.: The Movie is cited many times and some stats are even given, but mostly it talks about how bad it was, and how badly it did in the box office (gross of only $20 million). Pick it up if your starved for Mario in print.

OK, OK, I've been negligent about my Mario news posting, but I have been out there looking, and I've got quite a bit of stuff for you one item as recent as today. Lets go
        Breaking news: A previously unheard of game, tentatively titled Mario's Party, has just been announced for the N64 and Game Boy. The game will be co-developed under a new partnership between Nintendo and Hudson (of Adventure Island fame) is said to be a mix of 50+ varied mini-games, from puzzle to racing to bowling. Mario's involvement isn't known (except for the name) but the games could possibly be themed around Mario. Details are sketchy right now, but more info, should come as the months go by. Stay tuned...
        More info. was released by Nintendo recently about the mildly anticipated SMRPG2 coming eventually for N64. Lots of informaton was revealed. The graphics in the game, which have been compared to Yoshi's Story's 2 1/2-D playing field, are now being compared to Parappa the Rappa's 2D cutouts in 3D. The game is supposedly more of a strategy RPG than a strict RPG, and it was revealed that the members of your party (besides Mario) will fight without input from the player! For the full story (courtesy of look at the extended preview
        The two most recent issues of Next Geneneration magazine both have very interesting tidbits on Mario. The more recent of the two (NG 47) has an article on serendipitous events in gaming, and features the birth of Mario. It's a short article, but gives a good overview, and many good tidbits (even one showing how Mario's birth came from the loss of the Popeye liscense!). The earlier of the two issues (NG 46) has an article on the history of mascots, Mario being one of the ones featured. The page spread gives vital stats on Mario, an interview with Miyamato, and lotsa facts about Mario in general. A good reference sheet, in essence. Anyone who loves to see Mario in print should pick these two mags up. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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