Date and Time

Aug - Sept 1997

Wario Land 2 has been delayed to 1st quarter '98. Nintendo has announced all new N64 games will be in a lower price range ($50-$55 US) from Oct. 15th on. This will include Diddy Kong Racing and Yoshi's Story in the Mario universe. The new Nintendo Power has some pics and a new blurb about Yoshi's Story, showing some very impressive graphic effects.
Ultra Game Players has a highly unconfirmed story about SM64 #2. It shows an obviously fake picture with Mario and Luigi in the game. It has been Confirmed the Luigi and Yoshi will be in the game, and it's rumors that Peach will have a more active role. More on this soon.
Small update- it has been confirmed that Mario is somewhere in Yoshi's Story. More news is promised to be released next month.
Mario Paint 64 is due for release in Japan March 1998 along with the 64DD. SMRPG 2 is expected to come soon after.
Miyamato and Co. are currently working on the idea stage for SM64 II!!!!!
Nintendo Power issue #100 has Mario on the cover. The issue has an offer inside for 3 foot Mario and Donkey Kong stuffed animals. A list of the Mario games featured on the top 100 games of all time list in that issue:
#1 Super Mario 64, #4 Mario Kart 64, #5 Super Mario Bros. 3, #14 Super Mario Bros., #16 Super Mario World, #18 Yoshi's Island, #21 Super Mario RPG, #29 Mario Paint, #32 Super Mario Kart, #47 Super Mario Bros. 2, #71 Super Mario Land 3:Wario Land
Yoshi's Story has been delayed to a February 9th 1998 release, while a previously unknown game, Diddy Kong Racing (tentative) with Diddy (& Donkey?) Kong, is slated for November
Mario beanie babies will be released Sept. 1st. They will feature Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and Donkey Kong.
Yoshi's Island 64 has been renamed Yoshi's Story and is set for a December release
Wario Land 2 for Game Boy is slated for a November 10th release

Oct - Nov 1997

Details have surfaced about Yoshi's Story's storyline. The game takes place in Baby Bowser's coloring book, which has had all it fun and happiness sucked away by an evil force (Bowser? Kamek? Wario?!). The 6 Yoshi's (for the 6 worlds in the game) have to get the fruit from the "Super Fun Happy Tree" (Rough japanese translation) to restore happiness to the world.
The semi-Mario-character appearance Diddy Kong Racing is up for rental at Blockbuster now. I tried a rumored code 'bout getting Mario Kart people and Donkey Kong as racers, but it didn't work.
Electronic Gaming Monthly #101 has a kewl three page article about whether Toad is a guy or a girl. The article is inconclusive, and pretty darned funny
Lots of news this week. First, Ultra Game Players reports that Super Mario 64 made more money this year than major movies like face-off. WOW! Yoshi's Story's Japan release has been delayed a week, but probably won't affect the US release. DKL3 is officialy out now! The new NP catalog has TONS of new Mario stuff. This includes a Mario white board, two new t-shirts with Mario and Yoshi, a calendar featuring Mario 64, and Mario Kart 64, and three new Mario beanie dolls coming December 2nd (Luigi, Toad, and Wario). All 8 beanie babies (including Mario Bowser, DK, Yoshi, and Diddy) are at a special $36 price ($4 off) so get it now. To finish it off, there's a Mario Binder and Pen set. YAY!
Update on SM64 II. The programmers have gotten Mario to run around the screen. When they finish the engine, the programmers say they will "look into" simultaneous 2 player play!!!!!!! That would be AMAZING! Also Diddy Kong Racing is rumored to have Mario's original enemy Donkey Kong hidden in it!
Bring on the Mario Kart clones. NO real news, but Ultra game players latest issue previews Sonic R and diddy Kong racing, both of which are heavily compared to Mario Kart in that mag. Their Banjo-Kazooie preview compares it to Super Mario 64. These are slow days for Mario, until Yoshi's Story, that is.

Jan - Feb 1998

Mario has a new confirmed appearance! On the 64DD! A demo for the startup/logo screen of the 64DD given to the press recently, featured the plumber. After a few seconds of a 3D "N" logo, Mario appears from behind and climbs aroudn the log. He then runs around it, hides behind it, etc.
In other news, Yoshi's story is nearing a US release (March 9th shipping date), and people are wondering what changes will be made from the Japanese version. Nintendo promised to change the difficulty (after reports of 6 year olds beating it in one day). According to Imagine Games Network, though, the only change so far is the name of the fruit, from Super Happy Tree Fruit to Lucky Fruit.
Speaking of Yoshi's Story, the pre-order offers are flying. KB-toys is offering a free $10 gift certificate to anyone who preorders the game with a $10 down payment. I think this weekend is the cutoff, so hurry down. Toys "R" Us also lets you reserve Yoshi's Story with $10 down, but there, you can get a white or black Yoshi beanie baby. If you buy the game, and send in the UPC and receit with a free form, they'll send you the toy. Either way, you get something extra with your purchase of the latest Mario. More pre-order info. as it comes
Ultra Game Players gave Yoshi's Story a 7.8 out of 10 in their latest issue. They noted that the Japanese version was reviewed, and that the challenge lvel may be to low. However, they said all the secrets and hidden stuff will keep people busy for a while. More review summaries to come.
A short blurb on IGN's site talked about some Nintendo classics being rereleased in miniform in their own stand alone units. Among these should be Donkey Kong and the original Mario Bros. No more details were avaiable, but it looks like there'll be some new Mario mini-games coming.
The facts about the new Mario games are coming to light. Nintendo Power #104-105 have lots of stuff on Yoshi's Story, Wario Land 2, and Mario Artist. I suggest anyone with any interest in Mario's future get these magazines. SMBHQ has an updated Yoshi's Story preview up now. Expect a WL2 and Mario Artist preview next week. These games will be the main news focus here for the coming weeks, with features, magazine review scores, and more info. on SMArtist and SMRPG2. Stay tuned to this site! In other news, this site got its 10,000th hit just after new years, and now has over 11,500 visits. Thanks to you all for making SMBHQ a hit!
These are slow time for Mario newswise. Nothing much new. mail me with any hot news tips
They say no news is good news. Well, there's no good news, but there is some bad news. Yoshi's Story has been delayed for a March '98 US release. Also, the 64DD has been put back to June '97, putting back SMRPG2's possible release. Speaking of those games, check out the Yoshi's Story and SMRPG2 pre-previews from Space World

Mar - Apr 1998

Preliminary info, on Mario Artist:Picture Maker has been released. The games resembles Mario Paint, but with many extra's. There's a 3D polygonal area, a photo capture option, and much more (The Imagine Games Network review compares it to Adobe Photo Shop). Mario takes a role similar to the one he had in Mario Paint, with a few stamps and pictures/animations of him built in. It doesn't really have much to do with Mario, but it is the first 64DD game with his name on it that we have ANY info. on. For an in depth preview, go to .
Mario has won the Favorite Video Game Award at Nickelodeon's 11th Annual Kid's Choice Awards! If any of you watched Nick's Award Show on April 4th, you already know this! Rosie O' Donnel was hosting the show. Then the show's portion changed to something similar to the show Figure It Out, where Summer Sanders gave four contestants a chance to guess who won the Favorite Book and Favorite Video Game Awards. In the FVG Award, Lori Beth Denberg from All That guessed Super Mario, and she was right. Way to go Mario! I'm guessing that this award was for the general Mario character, and not any specific game. Thanx to Kacyn64 for the news.
The latest Nintendo Power catalog has more Mario stuff for you collectors. Among these are a Yoshi T-Shirt, Yoshi's Story Dog Tags, a Yoshi Jr. College Sweatshirt, a Yoshi Watch, a Yoshi Message Center, Character Pen featuring the Mario characters, a Mario College Sweatshirt, 18-Inch dolls of Mario, DK, Yoshi, and Bowser, a Collectible Key Chain Set (Bowser, Mario, Yoshi, DK), new Yellow, Red, and Blue Yoshi Beanie Babies, and a Yoshi's Story soundtrack in the chape of Yoshi. Thanx goes to Kacyn64 for this update.

May 1998

Super Mario RPG 2 (or Super MaRPGio 2, as Jay would call it) may still be a long way off, but epic gamers and Mario fans in North America may well start counting the days once they see what's in store for them. The most striking element of SMRPG2 is the 2 1/2-D art originally used for Yoshi's Story, which gave players a 3-D look in a 2-D world. The result is sort of an animated painting. Within the artestry, though, you'll find Koopas, the Troopas, the Princess and the others. Goombas are even your friends. The battle scenes are similar to SMRPG, but companions do their own fighting without your commands. The development team at HAL in Japan hasn't revealed much about the story, but from what we've seen, it's going to be super. Thanx to Kacyn64 and Nintendo Power for the info. on this one.
Kyle's Kommentary: Yes, I spell kommentary with a K. It looks like SMRPG2 is shaping up to be another one for the kiddies, a la Yoshi's Story. The fighting system sounds interesting and original (as all Mario games are) and if the story is anythnig like the first, this should be great. One thing that worries me is HAL. More known for their Kirby games then their RPG experience, can HAL compete with Square's original SMRPG masterpiece? Only time will tell.
In a smaller, unrelated story, it seems Mario's name is on another "product". Kay-Bee Toy's is now giving $30 of "Mario Money" with the purchase of an N64 system. Mario money can go towards any Nintendo software or hardware purchase at K-B. Whether this is an authoized Nintendo promotion or just a KB pet name is unclear (and the teenage cashier at my local KB wasn't a great source of info. What an attitude!)
The Interactive Academy of Arts and Sciences' Hall of Fame award will honor Shigeru Miyamato, the creator of Mario, this month. The award will be presented as part of the Academy's Interactive Entertainment awards at the E3 show. Says Jim Charne, president of the Academy of Miyamato, "Throughout his career, Mr. Miyamoto has consistently created wonderful worlds filled with memorable characters who have taken us on the most amazing and challenging adventures."
This isn't much of a news story, but your chewin'' on scraps nowadays for Mario info. Next Generation magazine just released an article on the much anticipated Zelda 64. In this article, an innovative new control scheme for the game was revealed. Most of the game is free movement with a roaming camera a la SM64, but when you encounter an enemy, there is another option. If you hold down the z-button, the camera will go to an over the shoulder view and your view will lock on the enemy. The analog stick now rotates you around that enemy, and the other buttons attack, jump, etc. When Z is released, control changes back to normal. This is nice, you may be saying, but what does it have to do with Mario??? Well, the article also pointed out that this method will be used for all future 3D action games. This means that we now have an idea of some of the control structure for SM64II. It isn't truly amazing news, but I already warned you it wasn't much

Jul - Aug 1998

Mario's popualarity is cross-gender! A recent industry study, cited in the most recent issue of Next Generation magazine, found only two recent games that are played equally much by both boys and girls, Fox interactive's "Croc", and Super Mario 64! The fact that Croc also got equal play time from both genders suggests the genre of 3D platformer had something to do with SM64's cross-gender play. Still, this study shows that the appeal of SM64 is large enough to break the gender gap (a feat few games can do)
Mario advertises new Nintendo brand products. This may not be news anymore, but I was just at my local Best Buy, and saw a product in the non-gaming stuff aisle with big letters that said Super Mario 64 in the traditional logo! I examined, and it turned out to be a Nintendo portable AM/FM radio. It had the Nintendo and N64 logo many places on it, but Super Mario 64 was only on the packaging. What a draw! The same thing was done with a camera/binocular set on the same rack.
In other news, some Mario products recently were released though the NP catalog (issue 111). These include: A Yoshi Face T-Shirt, an Orginizer & Sticker Set that includes stickers of Nintendo guys like Mario, and an N64 Collector Button Set that shows Mario, Yoshi, DK, Link, Banjo & Kazooie, and the N64 logo.
Luigi in SM64 II? Indications point to yes! In a recent interview in Next Generation #44 (Pg. 26) Miyamato was asked when we'll see Luigi in something other than Mario Kart. Miyamato replied, saying that he has "Luigi running around with Mario on his development system right now." He didn't say for sure that Luigi would be in the game, but "I [Miyamato] would like him to be." This rumor has been going around for a while, and this is as close to confirming it as we'll get for now. Look in the coming months for real news about SM64 II and what it's like
In a smaller story, word is going around that the Super Mario Bros. cartoons will re-air this fall on Cartoon Network. This would be great news for fans of Mario and the show, but the report hasn't been confirmed. Details will be posted here as soon as we get them!

Oct - Nov 1998

  The Color Game Boy is out! This weekend, Game Boy color, Nintendo's first full color portable, was released along with Mario's first ever color portable game, Game and Watch Gallery 2. G&WG2 is the anticipated sequel to Game and Watch Gallery, which was released last year. The GBC cart will include modernized game and watch remakes for the games Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin, and the double-screened version of Donkey Kong.
  Wario Land 2 Color a replica of the original WL2, but with enhanced GBC graphics, will be released sometime around December-January 99'. Keep an eye out for it. Thanks to Erik Winzeler for his help with this story.
        Super Mario Fighter?! Every Mario fan's dream come true is one step closer to reality with Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s announcement of a new game: Nintendo All-star Dai-Rantou Smash Brothers (Expect this name to change for America). The fighting game will include DK, Yoshi, Wario, Mario, Luigi, and Peach, with Bowser rumored to be included. Characters from other popular Nintendo games such as F-zero X, Metroid, Zelda, and even Pokemon should appear in Smash Bros. as well (So it isn't jsut a Mario fighter, but an all around Nintendo fighter)! The game was originally rumored to be a mini-game in Mario Party, but it's now clearer that this is a brand new game. Expect a cutesy feel to win out over realistic, hard core fighting style though. As with most N64 games these days, this one'll be geared towards the kids most likely. Thanks to for breaking the story.
Screenshots of the game from Bowser's Castle
        A new holiday season means new Mario products around the stores! First off, the original Mario beanie babies are now in keychain form. Same beanie babie with a keychain attachement (This may be old... but I just saw them). The other big new(er) Mario products this season are the talking plush toys. They come in small and large sizes and include Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and DK. Each has one voice sample when you squeeze their tummy. And don't forget the original Mario beanies, they're still around. A good holiday season for Mario toy collectors.
        In a smaller news story, Next Generation magazines most recent issue (NG48) has a feature on video game movies. Super Mario Bros.: The Movie is cited many times and some stats are even given, but mostly it talks about how bad it was, and how badly it did in the box office (gross of only $20 million). Pick it up if your starved for Mario in print.

OK, OK, I've been negligent about my Mario news posting, but I have been out there looking, and I've got quite a bit of stuff for you one item as recent as today. Lets go
        Breaking news: A previously unheard of game, tentatively titled Mario's Party, has just been announced for the N64 and Game Boy. The game will be co-developed under a new partnership between Nintendo and Hudson (of Adventure Island fame) is said to be a mix of 50+ varied mini-games, from puzzle to racing to bowling. Mario's involvement isn't known (except for the name) but the games could possibly be themed around Mario. Details are sketchy right now, but more info, should come as the months go by. Stay tuned...
        More info. was released by Nintendo recently about the mildly anticipated SMRPG2 coming eventually for N64. Lots of informaton was revealed. The graphics in the game, which have been compared to Yoshi's Story's 2 1/2-D playing field, are now being compared to Parappa the Rappa's 2D cutouts in 3D. The game is supposedly more of a strategy RPG than a strict RPG, and it was revealed that the members of your party (besides Mario) will fight without input from the player! For the full story (courtesy of look at the extended preview
        The two most recent issues of Next Geneneration magazine both have very interesting tidbits on Mario. The more recent of the two (NG 47) has an article on serendipitous events in gaming, and features the birth of Mario. It's a short article, but gives a good overview, and many good tidbits (even one showing how Mario's birth came from the loss of the Popeye liscense!). The earlier of the two issues (NG 46) has an article on the history of mascots, Mario being one of the ones featured. The page spread gives vital stats on Mario, an interview with Miyamato, and lotsa facts about Mario in general. A good reference sheet, in essence. Anyone who loves to see Mario in print should pick these two mags up.

Dec 1998 - Jan 1999

Lot's of news this month, let's get right to it.
    Super Mario Bros. to be rereleased for Game Boy Color. You heard right, the original classic that brought Mario into millions of homes is now going portable. The GBC version should be an exact port of the original with a few minor changes; the resolution will be lower, there will be more colors used, and there'll be no minus world. SMB comes to the GBC on May 11th. Check out Nintendo's web site for more info. and official pics.
    The latest, greatest party game for the N64, Mario Party, comes out in a mere 6 days! The game has already garnered lots of praise from the press, who got their hands on the Japanese version already and can't stop talking about it. Already the game has garnered a front page feature in EGM (With an 8 page preview inside) and a feature on IGN's web site detailing all the mini-games. As with all new Mario games now, right before the release I'll give...
Kyle's Kommentary: Usually I stay cautious and wait for the reviews of a game before I go and buy it, but in this case, I'd reccomend to all the readers out there with an N64 to run out and get this game as soon as they can. Based on the reaction this game is getting from all the critics and it's relative success in Japan (8th biggest seller for the month of December, rare for an N64 game) this is looking to be an amazing game. Start bugging your local store February 8th! This isn't one you wanna miss.
    Of course, Mario party's impending release is accompanied with the usual magazine ads appearing on the back page of major gaming publications. The Matwo page spread features a floor shot of a very messy room (strewn with coke cans and pizza boxes). On a couch you can see 4 set of legs (The bodies are cut off by the top of the page), each with an N64 wire leading up to their lap, connecting to an N64 in the foreground. The marquee reads "Eat, drink, and be Mario" (an allusion to eat, drink and be merry... get it?). The ad also features 5 screenshots of the game along with the "Get N or get out" logo. Expect TV ads to deluge the air waes after the games release.
    Smash Bros. is a surprise success in Japan. Almost all of the initial shipment of the Nintendo fighting game sold out within two days of release in Japan, a wonder given N64's relative failure to Playstation over the ocean. Still no word from Nintendo on whether this irreverant fighter will be seen stateside. C'mon Nintendo, what're you waiting for?!
    Could SM64 run well on a high end PC? The answer to that question was proven to be yes this week with Ultra HLE, the first working N64 emulator ever! Super Mario 64 was the first game to work with the emulator, and could reportedly run at a smooth 30 frames per second on a PII 300Mhz with a Voodoo 1 based 3DFx card (The emulator requires a 3DFx card to work). Mario Kart 64 also worked, although there were some graphics problems. However, the Ultra HLE project has been stopped due to massive piracy started through the emulator, which the creators did not intend... but at least we know it's possible!

Yeah yeah, it's been a while. I've been busy... sue me why dontcha! Here's December's news
      Super Mario 64 II is in bad shape. In a recent interview with Miyamato, Mario's creator outlined the bleak state of the game. "We have made the outline for Mario 2 more than one year ago, but I haven't touched it since then," Miyamato said. The main reason cited for the lack of progress on the game was the huge ammount of time his team spent on Zelda 64. Originally planned for the 64DD (whose release is iffy at best), Miyamato also mentioned that they might end up making it "for a completely different system." It looks as if those waiting for a true Mario game may have to be satisfied with Mario Party for a looooongggggg while.
      Speaking of Mario Party, a US release date of February 8th has been set for the game. This comes as a surprise since we heard bout this game less than 3 months ago. Get your friends and four controllers ready for the big day!
      Nintendo seems bent on bringing Mario back into the forefront of gamers minds. First Mario party is announced, then Mario's set to make an appearance in Smash Bros., and now the third in this recent deluge of cameos... Mario Golf has been revealed. Mario, already the star of golf games on the NES and Game Boy, will star in Nintendo's first N64 golf title sometime in '99. Despite the cutesy feel of the characters (10 total, from Bowser to Luigi!) and the courses (which are inspired by classic Mario levels) Nintendo says it's concentrating on realistic ball physics and control to help this be a good simulation. Details are sketchy now, (the name still may change), but we can look forward to another token Mario appearance in the future. Check out's full preview for a little more info.
      Mario's in Zelda 64! No, this is not that silly Talon/Mario relationship, Mario and friends are really there! After all, what would Nintendo's flagship game of the year (century?) be without their flagship character in it somewhere! As the child Link, go to see princess Zelda in Hyrule castle. Look in the windows at her room and... Mario posters line the walls! Zelda has pictures of Bowser, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and others plastered on her walls. Don't believe me? Check out these shots from Nintendojo and see for yourself.

Feb - Mar 1999

  The latest Nintendo Power does not list Wario as a character in Super Smash Bros., so he probably isn't in the US version of the game. The Wario seen in the store promos was probably Mario's purple/yellow outfit from the Japanese game. He may have been added at the last minute, but it's doubtful.

  Wario in Super Smash Bros.? Maybe! A US promo of the game, in full English, was recently seen at a few Toys 'R' Us stores featuring the anti-plumber. However it not clear if this was actually Wario or the purple/yellow outfit Mario has in the Japanese version of the game. If anyone could confirm this for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  In a smaller story, the most recent issue of Electonic Gaming Monthly features a poster and strategy guide for Mario Party. The guide gives details and strategies for the games eight courses, including where to find stars, how to avoid Bowser, etc.

  News has been kinda slow since Mario Party's release, but there's a small Mario story today. In his keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference, Mr. Miyamato said that Mario Artist: Talent Maker will be compatible with Game Boy Camera. Apparently, a cable will connect the GBC to the N64 and allow data to be transfered. It could be fun for letting you paste your pizelated, B&W face onto a texture map, but I don't see it as being amazing. Thanks goes to Fastest Game News Online .

    More Mario Party reviews are in. GameFan online gave the game an 88/100. The review points out that while the game seems initially geared towards younger gamers, you won't mind it when you're in a 4-player rumble. See the full GameFan review.
    Imagine Game Network gave Mario Party a 7.9/10 overall. The review gives the game a 9 for presentation, 8's for sound and lasting appeal, and 7's for sound and gameplay. The review stresses that this is not a game to be played alone... ever! See the full IGN review.
    As is traditional with the company's big releases nowadays, Nintendo has put up an official Mario Party web site. On the site you can play a web version of the game and compete for a high score and your initials on the page. Worth a try if you have some free time.

    More news regarding Smash Bros. First, the game has been renamed Super Smash Bros. for it's US release. Second, the game is now set to be released in the US on April 26th. This is much earlier than expected and great news for Mario fans. See Nintendo's super Smash Bros. page for all the info. you need.

Some quick news bits for you people.
    First off, if you hadn't noticed, Mario Party has shipped in the US and should be most everywhere by now. In honor of the event, Nintendo will be holding a Mario Party chat in the Nsider area of their web site. There'll be trivia and prizes galore, and lots of talk about Mario. The chat is scheduled for 3pm PST (That's Pacific time, be sure to adjust), so be sure to book mark Nintendo's web site to get ready.
    Video Game Spot gave Mario Party a 7.2/10 (very good) on their tough review scale. The reviewer game the game a 7 in gameplay, 6 in graphics, 7 in sound, 7 in value, and 8 for reviewer's tilt (all out of 10). The difficulty was classified under "easy" and it should take about 1/2 hour to learn. While a 7.2 may sound harsh, VGS is notorious for giving tough reviews (SM64 got a 9.2!). This is still a "very good" rating according to their scale. I'll have more reviews as they come, but for now check out VGS's full review.
    On a final note, two semi-anticipated Mario appearances were confirmed for US release yeterday. Smash Bros. and Mario Golf both appeared on Nintendo's US release list recently, with a summer and fall release in the US respectively. Previously, Nintendo had no official word on whether these games would be coming stateside, but now we can plan to see them. Two pokemon games for the N64 were also confirmed for US release.

Apr - May 1999

     Another Mario appearance on N64 has finally been confirmed! In a recent interview with EGM, Miyamato announced that they are producing another Mario game for this generation, although he "can't gaurantee it will be called a sequel to Super Mario 64." This should put to rest any fears people had about having to buy another system to play Miyamato's next masterpiece. The situation for the N64 seems similar to that of it's predecessors the SNES, with one Mario game coming out with the release of the system (Super Mario World) and a sort of indirect sequel coming out at the end of the system's lifespan (Yoshi's Island). Does Miyamato have somethnig equally innovative up his sleeve for his N64 swan song? SMBHQ will have all the info. on this game as it comes in.
     Super Mario Bros. DX is out. Actually, it's been out for a week. I've been busy, sue me why don'tcha. The game is only compatible with GBC, so those of use with Super Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, or (gasp!) the original GB are out of luck.
     As always... Kyle's Commentary: Despite having high hopes for the cart, I can't recommend gettin SMBDX. I thought the old game with some new imporvements would be a trip down memory lane, just as Super Mario all-stars was. Instead, it reminded me of three things 1) a calendar and fortune teller are only "extras" for the 5 minutes it takes you to get tired of them. 2) Graphics become dated after 14 years. 3) Games are better played when you can see the whole screen! #3 is an especially big concern of mine, as the upward scrolling (Due to GBC's poor resolution) is annoying and hard to manage in many spots. The challenge mdoe is nice, but finding 5 red coins and beating your old scores is only entertaining for so long. Get it only if you never played the original, or really, REALLY loved the original. For some other opinions on the game, see the reader reviews.
     The industries big annual show, E3 took place this weekend, and Mario made a small appearance in the form of Mario Artist. The game was playable on one kiosk at the show, and featured three pre-programmed enviornments: underwater, space, and prehistoric. The game let you take objects, such as a T-rex, out of the environment and edit them using many 3D tools, some of which are mroe reminiscent of high powered 3D workstations. You can then place the object back in the environment and watch it interact. The game is shaping up to be a great, 3D succesor to Mario Paint. In a smaller story, Super Mario RPG 2 has had it's name changed to Super Mario Adventure. The game will now take on a more action/RPG feel instead of being a strict RPG as originally planned. No videos or shots were shown of the game's progress, just this little name-tidbit.

Win a copy of Super Smash Bros.! No, this time SMBHQ isn't sponsoring the contest, but Cartoon Network is giving away the game on their web site. Of the entries, 10 grand prize winners will receive a copy of Super Smash Bros. and an N64 to play it on! Fifty more 1st prize winners get the game. You can enter once per day per e-mail address until midnight, May 9th so get over there and enter.
In other news, SSB received a prestigous 5-star review from Next Generation magazine. Only the best of the best get this high honor, held by such great games as Super Mario 64, Zelda 64, and Metal Gear Solid. The review says the game is "almost sacrilege" for Nintendo, but "fun nonetheless". If you were looknig for another reason to buy this game, now you have it!

Super Smash Bros. is OUT! Stores around the country are currently stocking the game. Some stores are reportedly waiting until April 30th for some reason, so if you can't find it in your town yet, just be patient.
First, the inevitable Kyle's Commentary: SSB looks to be another classic Mario cameo, along the lines of recent hits Mario Kart 64 and the newer Mario Party. As in these games, SSB seems to be a game best not to play alone, the 4-player mode is the games most endearing feature. Being able to duke it out between your favorite Nintendo characters is a nice experience, one that will have any real Nintendo fan pleased. I'd give it a 7/10, only because the one player mode's only purpose is a way to open up the secret characters.
Along with the release comes a new TV ad for SSB. The ad features a human-sized Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Pikachu romping through a meadow to the tune of "Happy Together" by The Turtles. Suddenly, a brawl breaks out and the characters proceed to kick, punch, hit each other with mallets, etc. while the music continues to play. A few scenes of the game are shown next, one particularly cool one showing Mario performing a huge Dragon uppercut on Pikachu! The "spinning N" logo finishes the commercial.
The latest issue of Nintendo Power (#120) has a strategy guide for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Deluxe for Game Boy Color! SMBDX not only has the original 1985 version, but also a Challenge version where you have to find red coins and Yoshi eggs, a Versus mode that has Mario and Luigi on the same screen, the japanese SMB2, and a race between Mario and a Boo Buddy. It also has a photo album and a print shop (calenders, banners, and predictions). Talk about the deluxe treatment! It comes at a small price, though; SMBDX will be playable only on Game Boy Color. SMBDX is scheduled to be released May 10th.
In other news, Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe are reviewed in this issue. Smash Bros. gets a 7.7, and SMBDX gets an 8.3! Thanks to Kacyn64 for these stories.

Super Smash Bros. is coming in only four days! As a promotion for the game, Nintnedo is doing a live web cast of a real life, pay-per-view style fight at the MGM Grand Theme Park in Las Vegas. The fight will pit Mario, Yoshi, Pikachu and Donkey Kong in a battle Royale, and will take place on Saturday, April 24th between 11am and 1pm. Check out the web site for pre-fight odds and more information.

    Mario Artist is well on it's way to becoming reality! For the 64DD no less! It turns out that Software Creations has been working on the many incarnations of Mario Artist: Paint Studio for four years now. A spokesman for the company has confirmed that it will be released in Japan for the 64DD. In additioanl news, Nintendo's Space World expo originally scheduled for November 1998, has been delayed again to November, 1999. Could this be more time to work on Mario Artist and the 64DD? Could be!
    Mario Golf to hook up with Game Boy? Sources say yes! A source at Nintendo has said that Mario Golf will be compatible with the 64GB pack, which will come with Pokemon Stadium in the US this August. The pak allows players to transfer game data between their N64 and their Game Boy. It's not clear how this interaction will work with Mario Golf right now, but the game will have interaction between the Game Boy and N64 versions somehow. More news as it comes.
    Super Smash Bros. comes to the US in 14 days. Check SMBHQ in the coming weeks for the latest info., reviews, and reactions.

    For those who didn't figure it out, the news story posted on 4/1/99 was an April Fools Joke .
    Also, in real news, Mario Golf has a solid release date of September 13th, 1999 now. Great news for people looking forward to the game (both of you)

Jun - July 1999

     Game & Watch Gallery 3 Has been confirmed for a December release in the US. The game, already out in Japan, features moe of the same clasic LCD goodness found in the last two games, with Mario in the modernized versions. More news as it comes. Thanks goes to Skirbyy for this story
     Another nail in the 64DD's coffin? Sources have been reported that Mario Artist, shown at one kiosk at this years E3 show, has been moved to cartridge due to the iffy status of the DD's release. Mario Artist was one of the last "killer apps" that Nintendo had lined up for the N64 add-on, which is still on Nintendo's release list for a release this year in Japan. It's chances of success are lower then ever now though, and a state-side showing of the peripheral is almost out of the question. However, the move to cartridge helps the chances of us seeing Mario Artist stateside.
     Mario Golf is due out in the US this september, and magazine ads have already started to pop up. The two page spread advertisement shows a Mario-type white glove plastic wrapped in a case marked "FitRite" hanging on a wall with golf tees and balls. Above this picture, it reads "Oh great, now they'll let anyone play." on the right they have three screenshots of the game showing Mario, Luigi, and Wario clubbing around the colorful worlds. In the upper-right is the games logo 6/27/99
     The latest issue of Nintendo Power has a preview of Mario Golf. The game will feature Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Baby Mario (of Yoshi's Island), Wario, Bowser, DK, three other Yoshis, and four new characters: Plum, Charlie, Sonny, and Harry. The game will also have time-changing, like in Zelda 64. Peach and Baby Mario will get a makeover: Peach has a shorter skirt, and Baby Mario will wear Mario's clothes, except with shorter pant legs and blue shoes. Thanks to Kacyn64 for this story.

     Two days ago, Mario became immortalized again. This time, it wasn't through a great game, but through a street renaming in Kungsbacka, Sweden. The street was renamed Mario's Gata (Mario's Street) on June 19th by the town council of Kungsbacka. The council was convinced by the Bergsala company, which owns the Scandinavian rights to Nintendo game distribution, that Mario was an important of Nintendo's success in Sweden, and that a street named after him was a good way to show their appreciation.

     Some details have recently emerged about the new form SMRPG2 is taking now that it's being called Super Mario Adventure. First off, the graphical style seemingly everyone already hates has remained unchanged, and still features cutesy 2D Mario characters in 3D backgrounds. Many things will remain true to the SNES classic though, things like menu-based fighting and meeting new characters along the way will be in the psuedo-sequel. Nintendo's web site also mentioned that the original hammer will return, as well as a locomotive?! Keep watching for further developments.
     A few months ago, it was revealed that the GBC and N64 version of the upcoming Mario Golf were going to be compatible through the 64GB pack. Just recently, we found out how. According to Camelot and Nintendo, the GBC version will have an RPG mode where players can build up their golfer's stats. These golfers can be sent right to the N64 version of the game to be used in both versions. Yowee!
     Can't get enough of Mario in Super Smash Bros.? Well fear not, because the Super Smash Sequel is already in development, Magic Box reports. Details on the new game are non-existant except that it will have even more Nintendo characters than the original. The chances of Mario being absent are virtually non-existant!
     On a final note, it's been reported that Shigeru Miyamato has begun work on Nintendo's first title for Nintendo's upcoming Project Dolphin system. General wisdom would say that this is the start of the newest Mario game for the next-generation system. But didn't Miyamato just say that he was working on a final, N64 version of Mario (See May 16th news)? So he's working on two versions of Mario for different systems at once? This is possible, seeing as the development cycles for SMB3 and SMW overlapped a bit, as well as those for YI and SM64. However, it's also possible that Miyamato's first Dolphin work won't be a Mario game, however improbable that might be. It's all just wild speculation on my part for now, though. Check back for further developments.

Aug - Dec 1999

    If you haven't noticed, Game & Watch Gallery 3 is out. I haven't played it yet, so I can't give my usual commentary, but from what I've read, it's more of the same goodness you loved in the first two. It's all you'll get till Mario Party 2, so I say go get it.

    Mario is milk's new spokesman. A recent commercial being shown on several major networks features Mario pitching milk for the dairy council. In the commercial, to young children play a highly stylized version of Super Mario 64. They're trying to make Mario jump over a pit, but he keeps comnig up short and bashing agaisnt the target platform's side. After the kids are called to bed, Mario comes out of the screen and goes to the kitchen, where he gets out a carton of milk. As he gulps it down he gets noticably bigger. When he goes back into the game, he easily steps onto the platform and moves on. The ad ends with the classic "got milk" slogan on a black background.

    Wow, I've really fallen behind on the news. Well, it's not like I missed much over the past three months. Since the Dolphin announcement, Mario news has been pretty scarce. Here's the stuff I coudl scrounge up.
    If you haven't noticed, Mario Golf for Game Boy is out. In fact, it has been for a month. It's pretty similar to the N64 version, surprisingly. The graphcis aren't as good, of course, but it's still a satisfying play experience, especially on the road. Plus you can build u pthe four new characters in the Game Boy version and then bring them to the N64 with the transfer pack. Cool.
    Kyle Kommentary:: What more can I say. If you liked Mario Golf on N64, you'll like this. And you can take it with you anywhere. And you get new characters for the N64 version. What's not to like? Go get it unless you really hate golf.
    Along with the new Mario Golf game is a new Mario Golf commercial. It features an unseen Mario setting up his purple Game Boy Color on a golf tee and bouncing it aroudn the screen until it falls in the hole. Admist the bouncing GBC (which doesn't break when it's bludgeoned by a driver, obviously) you can hear Mario's annoyingly high voice say things like "Here we go" and "Mama Mia". Then to finish, a monotone male voice says "Mario Golf on Game Boy Color". It's... odd. Talk about the commercial here.
    Small future releases update... Game & Watch Gallery 3 is set to ship on December 6th, and Mario Party 2 on January 24th. Start saving up.
    On a final note, it appears Mario will have a cameo in the upcomnig DK64... in 8-bit, 2D form. Mario will show up in a hideen version of the original, classic Donkey Kong, which will be hidden in the new game. Good to know that Rare and Nintendo remember their roots.

     The first bit of info. on a new Mario game for Dolphin has been released through Nintendo's online Japanese magazine. In an interview with the magazine, Miyamato-san himself said that "Whenever new hardware comes out, Mario has to play the leading part as the console's top batter. Right now, he's getting in shape for Dolphin." Getting in shape obviously involves an update from the Mario of old. Says Miyamato, "You'll see a completely new side of Mario on Dolphin. Don't you agree that both Mario and Luigi have become a little too cutesy? It's time they became a bit more grown-up. That's where the Dolphin comes in." This evolution comes as a pleasant surprise to many more mature Mario fans, but an even more exiting announcement for many came in the confirmation that Luigi is in Mario's newest game. Miyamato has obviously heard the cries of Mario fans at large for the neglected brother, going as far as saying that "If an onlooker were to see the game in our development room now, he'd probably think that Luigi is the main character."
     Commentary: This early announcement of a new Mario game for Nintendo's upcoming Dolphin system doesn't come as a huge surprise. (New Nintendo system implies new Mario game... natch). What does come as more of a surprise is Miyamato's announcement of a newer, less cutesy Mario. This represents a great step forward not only for Mario, but also for Nintendo, (who's reluctance to focus on more mature gamers cost them the 32/64-bit war, many say). Previous new system Mario's, such as Super Mario World and Super Mario 64, were revolutionary in gameplay and structure, but left the older, less "hip" Mario in place. This lack of change resulted in Mario losing ground to "cooler" mascots like Sonic and Crash (see SMBHQ's rant on this subject). With this new Dolphin game, not only is revolutionary gameplay promised, but also a revolutionary look and feel to everyone's favorite plumber.
     The inclusion of Luigi isn't that great of a surprise either (his appearance in the next Mario has been rumored for years), but this confirmation of the rumors may finally help silence those bemoaning the neglect of the green-clad brother. Another, less direct result of this report is that it casts into doubt the possibility of another true Mario game for the N64. While Miyamato did work on Yoshi's Island and SM64 at the same time briefly, and he himself has said that there will be another Mario on N64, one has to wonder if he can pull of another game while engineering a new Mario (both game-wise and character-wise) for such an advanced new system. The announcement of one of the first games in development also helps belay fears that Nintendo's Dolphin will be plagued by the same types of delays that the N64 was (although it is still possible). Who know's, a playable or videotaped version of this new Mario game may even appear at Nintendo's upcoming Space World show (though it's unlikely it will be far enough along by the August 27th start of the show).
     This news marks the official announcement that SM64's next generation succesor is on the way. SMBHQ will be keeping up with this story through any news bites and rumors that come our way, as well as through the pictures, movies, and more game information that will be coming all the way to the game's US release. So keep your eyes peeled right here for the latest developments.

Jan - Feb 2000

    Well, the big news this week is a new game. Mario Party 2 is out. Actually, it has been since January 23rd. Go see the game info. page for more information on the game, or check out the reviews to see if you should buy it.
    Kyle's Kommentary: More of the same here, it seems. Mario Party 2 is a great game in it's own right, but it's a little too similar to the original for my tastes. The new mini-games are nice, and the new items too, but the old game got old too quickly for me. Maybe it's because my friends think it's too slow (Mario Party 2 is a little faster). If you missed the first one,and have any friends, Mario Party 2 is a must buy. If you and your friends still love playing the first one, Mario Party 2 will give you even more party fun. Either way, I'd reccomend it to most gamers.

    Mario Party 2 commercials are also going over the airwaves. The commercial features a horde of peopel trying to get into a party at a suburban house. Two bodygaurds block the entrance while the guests call out things like "I was his friend in grade school" and "I know Mario. I'm a friend of the Princess" (This last one always cracks me up). The scene then shifts to inside where four kids are playing Mario Party and having a great time. Finally, one of the kids steps out past the gaurds, points to a delivery man who calls out "Pizza" and lets him into the party to the dissapointment of the others. Good ad. Check out Kids' WB if you want to see it.

    In Japan, another Mario game has recently come out for the just released in Japan N64 Disk Drive add-on. Mario Artist: Picture Maker seems a lot like MArio Paint from what I've seen, complete with Mario and Zelda stamps, animation, music, etc. Coming soon for the oft-delyaed add on will be Mario Artist: Talent Maker. Mario also appears when the system loads up, pushing around the N64 logo and climbing all over it. Will the 64DD and it's Mario games come to the US? Unlikely.

    On a final note, I have some unconfirmed reports detailing the storyline of Wario Land 3. According to the source, Wario gets warped into a Music Box and needs to collect 5 items throughout the box to restore his power and get out. He also figures these rare items could make him rich, so he goes off to find them. Sounds plausible. The game is set to come out in the spring.

    Miyamato the great has released more information about the next big Mario game. But will it even be a Mario game? In Nintendo Powers special issue he talks about his next grand vision.
I'd like people to think that the new Mario for Dolphin is something that they've never seen before. That's what I'm thinking about right now. I think I can make an entirely new game experience, and if I can't do it, some other game designer will. I'd like to make a new Mario game that appeals to everyone, full of interesting new ideas. If it turns out that Mario doesn't really fit into the type of game I want, I wouldn't mind using Zelda as the basis for the new game."
Link instead of Mario? Say it aint so, Miyamato. He continues...
"Super Mario Bros. established the category of side-scrolling action games. Mario 64 created the standard for 3-D action games (I believe). It is imperative to me that this next game also influences the direction of video games. Sometimes I think it's more important for me to create this new direction for games than to make the game fit Mario or Zelda. Perhaps Mario and Zelda fans wouldn't mind if the game is fun. If they think, ‘Wow! I've never played a game this great before,’ then I've succeeded."
Kyle's Kommentary: Miyamato's unprovoked allusions to a non-Mario first game is a little troubling. But I'm not worried, mainly because Mario has history on his side. Miyamato has always used Mario as the opening, almost "pack-in" game for a system, and then has another masterpiece with Link later. This trend is likely to continue for Nintendo's 6th system, if not because of history then because of corporate pressure (Nintendo should be behind Mario... it is their mascot). But like he said, if it's a great game, who's gonna complain? As long as it's not Pokemon...

    In other news, Mario Party 2 is coming out soon (January 24th to be exact). It's shaping up to be even better then the first. New features include many many new mini-games, a new "challenge" feature which lets you play an opponent of your choice in a mini-game, a one-player quest mode for our friendless friends, and six all new game boards. Same old characters I'm afraid, but they all dress up in cute costumes for each board. Preliminary reports on the Japanese version look good. Watch out for this one.

    The Mario Party 2 print ad has come out as well. The 2 page spread has Mario's white glove cranking the volume knob on a stereo system. The words "Mario Party" replace the 8th volume level, but Mario is turning it up past "10" to the 11th volume notch which has the words... you guessed it: "Mario party 2". On the right are three screenshots, and a little convincing blurb, "Get the place jumping with 5 new adventure boards and 64 mini-games. It's the most fun you'll have at a party without getting grounded."... or getting arrested I assume. High praise indeed!

May - Jul 2000

    The big buzz around Mario fans this month is still the impending August 20th release of Mario Tennis 64. In addition to Donkey Kong Jr. and Shy Guy being revealed as part of the already expansive cast of characters, as well as hidden courses being shown, lots of details about the gameplay were revealed in an interview with the games designers. Among other things, the interview talks about Waluigi's girlfriend, how exactly Camelot got to use Mario and friends, and the possibility of Mario Bowling. It really is a great read for any Mario fan... go get the full text. Nintendo has also mentioned a competition at sites around Japan to go along with the games release. Why does August 20th seem so far away?

    The Big news this time around is actually two weeks old (What else is new). Wario Land 3 for the Game Boy Color is out. I can't really comment on it since I haven't played it yet, but it seems to be more of the goodness you know and love (or hate) from Wario Land 1 and 2.

    Along with Wario Land 3 is a new TV commercial featuring the purple & yellow plumber. The commercial is alot like a Scooby Doo catoon, with Wario running in and out of two rows of doors and appearing in different locations. I nthe commercial Wario proceeds to chase coins, eat a bouncing donut, get shocked, and eventually get fried by a fireball. This may give you some idea of what the game is like. The ad ends like all the other GBC ads with the Game Boy Color mouth (tm) saying "Get into it"

    Finally, good news for Mario fans and video tennis buffs alike: Mario Tennis 64 has been moved up to an August 20th release. So we get to meet Waluigi a few weeks sooner. Yippee!

    Straight from E3, news on Paper Mario (They took the "Story" off of the name... that makes THREE name changes!) A video clip of the game was first shown at Nintendo's conference for the press at E3, and also shown at Nintendo's booth. It didn't show much new, but did exemplify the 2D nature of the characters in the 3D world. The pics also prove that Luigi will be in the game! Paper Mario Story is set to be released in the US on December 26th. Better put it on your Christmas list now.
    Here's some screens of the game from the video:     In a smaller news story, Mario has recently appeared in a Kool-aid commercial. At the end of the commercial, Mario runs by as an announcer tell us that you can turn in Kool-aid points for a GBC system with Super Mario Bros. DX. So for all of you that loves sugary drinks, you now have a new way to get Mario.

    No news is good news they say. The beginning of the year is always slow for gaming, but some stories have finally broken out. The biggest one, which you may have heard a week ago from is Mario's newest announced game, Mario Tennis. The game is being produced by Camelot, of Mario Golf and Hot Shots Golf fame, and will feature the regular cast of Mario characters, including a newcomer named Waluigi. Nintendo describes Waluigi as Luigi's version of Wario, and arch-nemesis shrouded in mystery. He has been tired of living in secrecy and decided to finally break out for Mario Tennis. The game will be coming out pretty quickly, this summer in fact, so look out for it.

    Nintendo cares about it's customers. Don't believe me? They're so caring that they are giving away free gloves. Due to complaints about people hurting their wrists in the rotating stick mini games in Mario Party, Nintendo has instituted an offer to give owners ofthe game a free pair of fingerless gloves for use on the annoying mini-games. Head over to Nintendo's web site to get them.

    Mario's milk ad campaign (mentioned in the 12/20/99 news update) has now spread to magazines. The mag ads have a giant, 3D, milk-mustached Mario busting out the top of a TV set, holding a bottle of milk. The ad reads "Power Up! Want to grow? The calcium in milk helps your bones grow. Mama Mia!"

    This just in from the "tidbit no one cares about" department: Super Mario Adventure, formerly Super Mario RPG 2, is now being called Paper Mario Story. This secures it's lead for the most name changes for a Mario game (Every other game is tied for zero, this game already has two).

    Just a reminder, Wario Land 3 is set to come out on May 20th. Mark your calendars.

Aug - Sept 2000

    Some sad news today for Mario fans: Paper Mario has been delayed to a Winter 2001 release. The game would be ready on time, but is being delayed for "marketing/retail reasons" a nintendo spokesperson said. I guess we'll just have to be patient.

    Also, I forgot to mention the Mario Tennis commercials that have been showing up on TV recently. There are two I'm aware of. The first one features two preppy country club guys walking out of a tennis game. They're subtly mocking this "one guy" who they beat badly behind his back. When they reach their car, it is a flaming, dismantled wreck. "Bummer" one of the guys says. The moral? According to the commercial "It's not smart to get Bowser mad". The commercial then proceeds to show some gameplay action to a voice over. The second, more disgusting commerical is a similar scene, although it features a water fountain hooked up to the output pipe from an outhouse. The water coming out is green, and the preppy remarksthat it's "tasty" (or something to that effect). This commerical teaches us that "Plumbers are bad losers," according to the announcer. Not the best Mario ads I've seen, but they seem to be doin their job; Mario Tennis has been the top selling US video game for two weeks straight now.

    It's finally happened Nintnedo's Space World show has come and gone. You've probably already heard that we didn't get the playable Mario demo for GameCube. (formerly Dolphin) We did however, get quite a few impressive tech demos, and one very cool playable Game Boy Advance. I won't bother putting up screens and movies of these... you can find them yourselves at

     First up is the impressive, 6-minute "Mario 128 demo" shown at the pre-show introduction. The demo starts with a 2D, SMB Mario running out and being transfromed into 3D cubes on a flat field. From there a 700-polygon Mario appears (the same model used in SM64, BTW) and starts picking up the boxes. In each box is a new Mario which also picks up and plays with the boxes until 128 Mario's are on the screen walking, running, and manipulating boxes! Eventually the Marios start rolling each other around and even off the edge of the play area. The most exciting thing about this demo is that it only uses 1/3rd of the GameCube's processing power. While this wasn't indicative of any new game, it was still very exciting to see, and also shows that Mario is most definitely the symbol of Nintendo.

    Next was a short bit of video flashed on the screen dubbed "Luigi's Mansion" by the press. In it, Luigi is seen running away from ghosts, sliding down a bannister, and generally being frightened. He is modelled in extreme detail, complete with knocking knees and chattering teeth. This demo should make Luigi fans happy, as he seems to be getting center stage (although this may or may not turn into an actual game). Rumor has it that this demo was a glimpse at the "more mature" Mario Miyamato hinted at. Only time will tell.

    Mario also showed up in a playable Game Boy Advance title: Mario Kart Advance. People who got a hands on test described it as a cross between SMK and MK64. The graphics are a lot smoother than in SMK, and look better (because you have the whole screen instead of half). Items from MK64 make their way into the game, and though it still looks rough at 30% complete, it's sure to be a marquee game for the systems launch when it's done.

    Getting less attention at the show was Mario Party 3. The last of the N64 Mario Party's will have 10 new boards and 70 new mini-games, some of which seem to be much more complex than before, including a Tetris Attack style game. There will be more items this time around, and some sort of helper that follows you around. Look for it early next year.

    The other bit of big news around the Mario world is the release of Mario Tennis on August 28th. As per usual, it's time for Kyle's Kommentary:: After getting the game today and playing it for about 6 hours (with and without friends) I have to heavily endorse this game. It's easy enough to pick up in a few minutes, but hard enough to keep you playing for a few weeks, and fun too! The multiplayer mode is the best part, and will be sure to cause much yelling ans creaming among you and your friends. For more information check out SMBHQ'S Mario Tennis page. You can also check out for the official Nintendo Ring Tournament and a Mario Tennis web browser skin.

    Well, Nintendo's big Space World show is coming in less than 2 weeks in Japan, and Nintendo is starting to leak some info. about the games that will be show in there. Included in this list of games are Mario Party 3 and Mario Kart Advance. Recently, Nintendo released some screen shots of these games on their web site.

The only information we have about Mario Kart Advance is from this screenshot. First off, the graphics look comparable to the SNES version of the game, which is good. Secondly, we can see the 3-shell and spiny shell items in the shot, so we know they'll be in the game. Third, Mario Wario and Bowser are in the shot, so they should all be in the final version. Mario Party 3 will reportedly have 70 new mini-games and revamped version of old one and two player games as well. Of course we'll have more info. on both these games after the show on August 24th.

    For all of you who thought Mario's fame was waning in the wake of Pikachu and his ilk, heres a few tidbits from Japan to change your mind. First is the placement of the recently released Mario Tennis at the top of last months Japanese sales charts. The new Mario sports game even beat out the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 9 for the top spot. Obviously, Mario still carries some weight in Japan. In other news, respected Japanese magazine Famitsu recently gave the upcoming Paper Mario Story a gold rating, getting three 8's and one 9 (out of ten) from it's 4 reviewers. Obviously rumors of the game being "too kiddy" were exagerated and the Mario RPG sequel should be great for gamers of any age.

    It's been announced that Mario Party 3 and a previously unheard of Mario Kart Advance will be shown in playable form at Nintendo's Space World show later in August. Mario Party 3 will be on Nintendo 64, and Mario Kart Advance will be shown for Nintendo new Game Boy Advance system, showing that Nintendo intends to feature their main mascot promnently on this new handheld. This news comes courtesy of Japanese magazine Famitsu, which didn't mention any playable Dolphin games at the show. Will we get a chance to play Mario's new Dolhpin game at Space World. It's likely... but not confirmed. More as it happens.

Oct 2000 - Dec 2001

OK, welcome to Jay Resop's first pathetic attempt at a News article. It will be short, bad, and hopefully we'll all get a good laugh. Anyway, all I can really say is that the Gamecube has been out along with Luigi's Mansion. I know I'm enjoying both, heh. And Super Smash Bros. Melee has also just came out. Well, that's all I can really think of really. Yeah, I know this section needs work. Give me an e-mail if you have any news or ideas.-jay

7/3/01 Wow, I've fallen behind quite a bit. You didn't miss much news however. Oh, wait, there was this little thing called E3 back in May.

If you haven't heard, GameCube was shown in playable form for the first time at E3. There was good news and bad news for Mario fans at the show. The bad news is that Nintendo decided not to show a true new Mario game for their 128-bit console. The good news, especially for Luigi fans is that Luigi's Mansion was playable, and seemed primed to take the prime spot in the GameCube's U.S. launch on November 5th. Mario was also playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequel to the N64 beat-em-up.

Luigi's Mansions unique gameplay was shown at E3, and it seems... unique, to say the least. Luigi, armed only with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner, must search through a haunted mansion sucking up ghosts (a la ghostbusters). Not much is known about the game's backstory or more advanced gameplay. A few tidbits that I've scrounged up for you about the game:
  • Luigi won't be able to jump in Luigi's Mansion, so don't expect Super Mario 64 style platform challenges. Miyamato has said he enjoys the new challenge of designing a game of this type without a jump button.
  • Mario has been confirmed as "somewhere in the game". Then again, he was also "confirmed" to be in Yoshi's Story before it was released, and then he wasn't. Hmmm.
  • A short, odd looking doctor will aid Luigi in his quest. How or why has yet to be determined.
  • Luigi will get new equipment as he moves on in the game. Confirmed so far for Luigi's eventual inventory a fireman's hose. Perhaps Luigi will use this to drench the ghosts? Only time will tell.
  • Luigi uses a portable Game Boy Color as a sort of ghost radar in the game.
  • Luigi's Mansion has been praised for it's realistic lighting effects, most noticable around Luigi's flashlight. Many visitors at E3 gave it honors for aving the best graphics at the show.
The other big Mario news from E3 is that Bowser and Peach will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. They will be joining Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong from the original, along with a regular who's who of historical Nintendo characters. Some other tidbits:
  • Mario has use of his cape (from Super Mario World) in the game. So far, he's been shown using it to deflect projectile attacks back at their sender. Could some flying moves be in the works for our plumber hero?
  • A gallery mode will be included in SSBM. In this mode, digital, 3D statues of classic Nintendo characters (including Mario characters) and items can be viewed from all sides, along with information tidbits about the characters and items.
  • The one player mode of SSBM will feature each character in specially designed stages in the style of their past games. For instance, one of Samus' levels forces her to escape through a vertical tube before a countdown timer reaches zero. Expect the Mario levels to mirror classic games like Super Mario Bros. 3.
In other news, Super Mario Advance, Mario Party 3, and Dr. Mario 64 have been released over the past three months. Click the links to see the game info. pages for those games.

The april fools joke is now here.

There's been a lot of craziness in the Mario ports to GBA. According to various reports from and other places, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story will all eventually be ported to the 16-bit portable. The first of these conversions will be Super Mario World in what is currently being called Super Mario Advance 2. It will probably be similar to the original game with new features to show off the GBA (a la Mario Advance having super-sized enemies). also has a ton on new screenshots for Mario Advance, and some short video snippets have been released on the web. Looks like GBA is going to be much nicer to Mario than the GBC and Virtual Boy before it.

I suppose it's possible that a few visitors to this site haven't heard that Paper Mario is in stores now! Now for the obligatory:

Kyle's Kommentary: Hmmm, let's see. The first remotely Mario-style game since SM64 (Not just an appearance like Mario Party, etc.), the sequel to the infinitely great SMRPG, a lack of many other good N64 games... it seems pretty obvious to me. GET THIS GAME! Rumors of it being too kiddy oriented have been greatly exaggerated; the storyline is a little simplistic and the graphics are very cute, but it's still a very deep game. The time attack and badge systems will keep you on your toes, and there's a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for even casual Mario fans. The lack of Squaresoft doesn't seem to have hurt either... all the stuff that matters from the original is here plus more. I'll say it again: GET THIS GAME!

Hmmm, it seems my previous few news updates have been deleted. Since they're on my other comptuer for now and I'm too lazy to type them out completely, I'll briefly summarize the two big ones:
Dr. Mario 64 is set to come out this April. More of the same gameplay, now with 4-player compatibility!
Lots of screenshots were shown for Mario Advance for the upcoming Game Boy Advance. It looks to be built off the SMB2 engine, with notable new features such as Mario sized shyguys. An updated version of the original Mario Bros. will be included.

    Not a very exciting holiday for Mario. No new games were released stateside and no new info. on the new next-gen Mario, news was slow. But the new year promises to be much more exciting for Mario. Here's why:

    First off is the very exciting announcement that Super Mario Advance and Wario Land 4 are in development for Game Boy Advance. Not much is known about these games, but it's expected that Wario Land 4 will closely emulate the last two games of the series, while Mario Advance could be a near-copy of SMW. Along with Mario Kart Advance, these games will definitely help Game Boy Advance be another must have portable.

    The other news bite of the moment is the recent release of Mario Party 3 in Japan. Nintendo's Japanese web site has posted pictures of all 64 mini-games for the popular game that has won over both critics and fans. The game currently has no release date in the US, but we should see it here before the N64 is put out to pasture for good.

    Finishing off the news is the release of ads for the upcoming Mario Tennis (GBC) and Paper Mario in magazines. The Mario Tennis ad features a gold, trophy shaped Game Boy with Mario battling Luigi on the screen. A golden Mario with a racquet sits on top of the trophy. The opposite page has the message "Champions come in all shapes and sizes". Paper Mario’s ad features a full page sized Mario as seen in the game with a dotted line around him. The opposite page calls this a "free demo". Cute, eh?

     Paper Mario's official release date has been set as February 5th, 2001. It was previously slated for a more ambiguous Winter 2001. Reserve yours now!

     Did you start drooling when you heard about 128 fully 3D Mario's running around a screen at once? (See 9/6/00 news if you don't know what I'm talking about) Well, you're in luck, because in a recent interview, Mr. Miyamato hinted that just such a demo may be built into the GameCube system when it launches come next holiday season. If true, the demo could possibly be inserted during the systems start-up sequence. The extent of user control one will have on this demo is unknown, but it's still an interesting little tidbit to get interested in.

Aug - Oct 2002

Yoshi's Island Released Yesterday!

9:30 PM EST, September 21, 2002, Saturday/by Jason J.
Yoshi's Island was released today! Get it for the GBA!

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

4:30 PM EST, September 5, 2002, Thursday/by Jason J.
I have some pictures of the Yoshi's Island: SMA 3 for the GBA. Here are some pictures, but I'll give some information about it. Baby Mario lands on Yoshi's Island when someone attacks the stork and drops Baby Mario. Baby Bowser is about to get him. It's from the Super NES. It's amazing how they can transfer the Super NES to the GBA! It also has four multiplayer support!


3:36 PM EST, September 5, 2002, Thursday/by Eric M.
Well I haven't had a chance to get the New Mario toys from Wendys yet, but here's a picture from

Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak

4:36 PM EST, August 31, 2002, Saturday/by LP-IcyStorm
A little late for this, yes, but Nintendo has made a bundle pak featuring Super Mario Sunshine. It's a very good offer that you can't miss! Here's a list of items in the package:
-Super Mario Sunshine Game Disc for Nintendo GameCube
-Super Mario Sunshine Official Player's Guide
-Nintendo GameCube Memory Card 59
-$10 U.S. ($15 Cdn.) Off Coupon for Nintendo GameCube WaveBird Wireless Controller
-Plus a One-Year, 12-Issue Subscription to Nintendo Power® Magazine®
Here's the link to the site. Official Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak Offer
This offer expires 10/31/2002, so hurry and order if you don't have the game! All the items listed above is worth $95, but you get it for $69.95 (plus tax and shipping & handling)!

Possible Mario Kart for GameCube

8:30 PM EST, August 30, 2002, Friday/by LP-IcyStorm
There's a rumor of a possible Mario Kart on the GameCube. Nintendo hasn't confirmed it, and it's still a working title. If the game is made, it'll feature up to 4 players, and possibly have Daisy and Waluigi as characters. No official news from Nintendo yet, so stay tuned!

Mario Sports

4:45 PM EST, August 30, 2002, Friday/by Eric M.
In case you haven't heard Mario Golf and Mario Tennis are coming to Gamecube. No release dates yet but my guess is early-mid 2003. Here's a few screen shots.
Mario Golf
Mario Tennis (Screen shots taken from

Mario Party 4

3:52 PM EST, August 30, 2002, Friday/by Eric M.
Ok I have some news on Mario Party 4. The game will be rated E (everyone) and will be released 10/28/02 (3 days before Halloween). Mario Party 4 will feature improved graphics from it's N64 prequels, along with over 50 new mini-games. It will sell for around $50. Heres a few screen shots from

More Sunshine

2:56 PM EST, August 29, 2002, Thursday/by Eric M.
Hey I got Super Mario Sunshine today! It's great. The game starts out in a cutscene. Full voice action, no reading. The acting is pretty good, although I dont think Mario said anything. Mario is on vaction with Peach, her butler, Toad, and other mushroom people. Anyway, the plane lands on an island and they get out. Peach's butler is worried about her in the heat and tells Mario to get somthing. Then they see a "paint like substance" and the game begins. Soon you come to an other cut-seen inwhich mario gets his water pack thing, the FLUDD. The cutscene explains how to use the FLUDD and it too is full voice, again no reading. You may think the pack takes from classic Mario style, but it really adds to it. In the beginning you can shoot a stream of water or use the jets to hover for a short time. From what I have seen of the town (serves the same purpose as the castle in SM64) and the first stage the game is so huge and so alive it would be like 10 SM64s. You keep the same moves from SM64 (they are easier this time) and also get many new ones(including hover and jet spray. The graphics arn't that bad either. They are MUCH better then those of SM64, but still, I think they could have been better. Even more updates on SMS coming as soon as I have them!

GBA News for Mario Fans

8:44 PM EST, August 27, 2002, Tuesday/by LP-IcyStorm
Hey, all. I've got some new news on a GBA Game. Super Mario Advance 3: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is scheduled to come out 9/24/2002 in North America and 10/11/2002 in Europe. Other wise known as Super Mario World 2. In Europe, it might be known as Yoshi's Island. That's all for now. It's the same version as the Super NES game of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

More Sunshine News

6:52 PM EST, August 26, 2002, Monday/by LP-IcyStorm (Jason Joo)
This LP-IcyStorm, and that'll be my codename from now on? Okay, okay. As, Eric said, today was the release date of Super Mario Sunshine! I've got more Sunshine news, of course, everyone knows a lot, but for those who don't know, here's some more info. The game's rated E for Everyone. Release date is 10/4/2002 for Europe. There's more, but we'll spare you the info and give you some links to more information. Official Super Mario Sunshine Site / GameSpot's Super Mario Sunshine Page (Membership needed) That's all for now, more info on other Mario news coming your way besides Sunshine, so stay tuned!
(These pictures are taken from


12:00 AM EST, August 26, 2002, Monday/by Eric M.
Mario Sunshine Released today! It should be in most stores by tomorrow.

First News Updates!

9:39 PM EST, August 25, 2002, Sunday/by Eric M.
Hey, This my first news story and it's good one! Mario Toys are coming to Wendys this September. The toys will come with the Kids Meal. More information and Pictures soon.

9:00 PM EST, August 25, 2002, Sunday/by LP-IcyStorm (Jason Joo)
Hey everyone! This section hasn't been updated in a long, long time! I'm one of new news editors, Jason Joo! We'll be keeping you up-to-date with tons of good Mario info! I'll start it off with some good Mario Sunshine info. Super Mario Sunshine is great! There's so much to say about it. Let me give you a bit of info on Super Mario Sunshine. The game project had begun on the Nintendo 64, but merging on to the Nintendo GameCube platform. The graphics are better than Mario 64 at least, but the graphics are the only downside. Gameplay is very cool. You have a new water weapon, that allows you to fly, speed in water, fire water at enemies, and wash off and clean graffiti off of walls, benches, ect. The sound and music is great. Since SMS has a tropical theme, it's a perfect match! Control is easy and you'll adapt to it very quickly. It'll go on the market for a suggested retail price of $49.99. Here's a picture of Mario Sunshine from GameSpot.

Mar 2003

New Mario Game!

2:47 PM EST, March 3, 2003, Monday/by Eric M.
Although not much is known about it at the moment, Mario 128 has been confirmed as a "go-project" by Miyamoto.

Super Mario Advance 4

2:42 PM EST, March 3, 2003, Monday/by Eric M.
Super Mario Advance 4 is going to be a port of Super Mario Bros 3. Finally!!

Mario DVD

7:42 PM EST, March 1, 2003, Saturday/by Eric M.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie is coming to DVD June 3rd.

Jun - Dec 2003

December 9, 2003

In the news today:
A link to this little news article popped into my inbox today and it was too good not to post:


Mario Turns to Wax

Nintendo mascot to be featured in Hollywood Wax Museum.

December 08, 2003 - Move over wax Neo. Watch out candle Trinity. Nintendo's famous Italian plumber, Mario, is scheduled to join the ranks of superstars Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks as the latest addition to the famous Hollywood Wax Museum.

To celebrate what it calls the 'season of Mario,' Nintendo, the Hollywood Wax Museum and Mario himself will unveil the five-foot tall wax version of the videogame star. The celebration takes place Tuesday, December 9 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hollywood Wax Museum, which is located at 6767 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. The official unveiling of the wax figure kicks off a half hour later.

November 17, 2003

In the news today:
It's double the Mario today as both Mario and Luigi: Superstar Sage and Mario Kart: Double Dash come out today on the GBA and GCN respectively.

And so, with today's releases, we end another successful year in the world of Mario. Make sure to keep your eyes on this page for announcments of the 2004 Mario release dates.

November 11, 2003

In the news today:
Get ready to PAR-TAY! Mario Party 5 comes out today for the Nintendo Game Cube. Make sure to pick up a copy.

October 21, 2003

In the news today:
The best selling NES game of all time arrives on the Gameboy Advance today. Be sure to pick up your copy of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

In other news:
On November 17, Mario Kart: Double Dash will be released. Make sure to pre-order your copy today and receive a free Gamecube Demo Disc, which contains the following:

  • Five mini-games from Mario Party 5
  • F-Zero GX playable demo featuring Captain Falcon
  • Fire Emblem (GBA) - unlockable weapons, abilities, and new music for your game (requires GBA Cable)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles demo featuring Leonardo
  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike - playable demo of Hoth level
  • Sonic Heroes demo - two levels, three characters, and seven movies

October 6, 2003

In the news today:
Woah! We are way behind in the news. Lets see if I can catch up.

Wario Ware is coming out for Game Cube. Check out these Japanese screenshots from TMK (

Donkey Konga??????? You be the judge with this interesting looking Game Cube game (screenshots once again by TMK):

More News on these games and more to come!

July 28, 2003

In the news today:
FORE!!! Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour comes out today for the Nintendo Gamecube. Make sure to pick up a copy and have a swinging good time!

July 1, 2003

In the news today:
I don't like copying too much from other Mario sites, but TMK ( has a good description of "Mario & Donkey Kong" in, staff member, David Dayton's E3 report. Here it is for you: (note: It seems I was right on the money when I thought this game will be more related to the original DK game)

As Mario, you must travel through screen after screen of puzzles and traps, chasing the package-swiping Donkey Kong. Maneuver through the obstacles in the stage, collecting three scattered packages and rescuing one of your pals who just happens to have been locked in a bubble by that rascally ape. Find your friend and carry him/her to the exit door to complete the stage and move onwards. If you've played the GB Donkey Kong (not Donkey Kong Land), you know what kind of gameplay to expect, as this is the same game with new levels and a few other changes. If you haven't played the original, imagine M&DK as a cross between the arcade Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. 2, mixed with puzzle game elements. Mario can pluck items and enemies, then hurl them at each other, and he can even backflip and triple jump.

Once again more information on this game (and all other upcoming Mario games) will be posted whenever possible

June 27, 2003

In the news today:
In a follow up from the last edition of SMBhq HeadlineNews, The Mushroom Kingdom( features some screen shots of the game "Mario & Donkey Kong" for the GBA. We will let you use the pictures to help decide what this game is all about.

Once again, I will provide more information on this game as it becomes available to me. Feel free to send in anything you know about this game to me.

SK's Opinion:
The views of Sean Kelly are purely of his own and have nothing to do with the views of SMBhq or Nintendo
After taking a close a look at these screenshots, I speculates that M&DK is going to be a game more closely related to the classic DK games rather than a Mario-style platformer. Only time will tell. For SMBhq HeadlineNews, I'm Sean Kelly.

June 23, 2003

In the news today:
Over 10 1/2 years after his Nintendo debut, Wario makes his first appearance today in a non-Gameboy platform game: Wario World. Make sure to pick up a copy for your Nintendo Gamecube.

SK's Opinion:
The views of Sean Kelly are purely of his own and have nothing to do with the views of SMBhq or Nintendo
With "Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins", it looked like Nintendo was creating an "alternate" Super Mario series complete with a new villain, Mario's evil doppelganger, Wario. However, with the following games, Nintendo handed over the series to Wario, instantly changing him from a villain to a sort of anti-hero. Now, after over 10 1/2 years of hard work, and one bad detour with the VB Wario Land, Wario finally makes it into the big time with his first non-gameboy platform game. Well I can say that it is about time. I was waiting for a Wario Land game to be released on a system other than Gameboy ever since SML 3 came out. But, instead of platform games, Wario appeared with the rest of the Mario clan in specialty games(Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, etc. etc ). But now, things are looking up for the yellow and purple one. Perhaps this may open the door for more platform games staring the secondary Mario characters. Only time may tell. For SMBhq HeadlineNews, I'm Sean Kelly.

In other news:
One of the upcoming Mario games for the GBA is a game called "Mario and Donkey Kong." This game is apparently a team up of the two classic Nintendo characters, where you get to choose whom you want to play as, ala SMB2. More information on this game will be posted as it arises. (Thanks to for providing me with this info)

June 10, 2003

In the news today:
Last month, Nintendo (and every other video game company) showcased it's new games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. Here is a list of Mario games featured at the show (with screenshots and descriptions from the Nintendo website.)

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Gamecube)
Tees, clubs, golf carts, and ... Piranha Plants?! It must be Mario Golf!
Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and a cast of their cohorts have dusted off their clubs and set their sights on the Toadstool Tour championship. Two new styles of golf courses and a new swing system offer both the seasoned Mario golfer and those new to the game a fresh look at golfing in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Features include:

Choose to play on a conventional course or an all-new course designed from the ground up to be all about the Mushroom Kingdom! Chip over warp pipes and avoid hazards like Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps and Thwomps when playing on Mario-inspired courses.

Tee for two, three or four! You can tee-off solo or fill out a foursome for some friendly competition.

Control your swing in a manual mode for experts and a partially automated mode for novices.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Gamecube)
The Mushroom Kingdom just got a whole lot more hectic as Mario and company double up for furious kart racing, but this time they're driving two-seaters!
Pick a partner and race through wild courses as you compete in tough circuits or duke it out with power-ups and items in battle arenas.

Features include:

Double the fun! Each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time. Choose from a huge cast of favorites, like: Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario and many more, and pair them up in any combination. The character in front handles the driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six different items plus eight special items that only specific characters can use.

Reach new levels of frenzy with four-player mayhem, as each player controls two characters as they speed through Mushroom Kingdom courses.

Place first in racing circuits to open up progressively more difficult circuits. Of course, you can have multiplayer races on any open courses or battle in arenas.

Link the game with eight other players using a broadband adapter and race each other side-by-side using multiple game systems and multiple televisions!

Mario Party 5 (Gamecube)
Mario and his closest friends are trying to restore peace to Dream World by racing around a collection of all-new game boards-and tons of surprises await! The new game sports new game boards, more than 60 new mini-games, new playable characters, an expanded one-player mode and, of course, the multi-player madness that made it famous in the first place. This sequel extends Mario Party's reign as the king of the party game!

Features include:

Change the location of event spaces on the virtual game board to get a leg up on your competition and race to collect more stars than anyone else.

Duke it out in new duel, traditional or everyone-vs.-Bowser mini-games.

Have fun with everyone's favorite characters, as well as some new ones debuting in their first Mario game.

View the game board with ease and get back to the game faster with the new 3-D maps.

Compete against the Koopa Kid Brigade-a trio of Koopa Kids who take their turns simultaneously, cutting down significantly on the wait time and letting everyone get back to the action more quickly.

Win mini-game competitions to collect coins and reach stars that are randomly placed on the game boards. Collect the most stars and coins to win a game board. Beat all the game boards and win the game!

Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Gamecube)
Dr. Mario® headlines the collection of popular puzzles, which also includes two all-time favorites: Yoshi's CookieTM and Panel de Pon, the game that inspired Pokémon® Puzzle League. These are all fun puzzlers that are easy to pick up but impossible to put down!

Features include:

Clear lines and line up blocks of different colors and fast-dropping capsules in this collection of three of the best puzzle games ever created: Dr. Mario, Yoshi's Cookie and Panel de Pon.

Discover multiplayer mayhem, as all three games now include four-player options. Other new modes and characters have also been included, offering more game-play variety than ever before.

Plug in your Game Boy Advance and use it as a controller, or transfer your favorite game to it and play it on the go!

Wario World (Gamecube)
Wario’s back in all his greedy glory, brawling his way through mobs of foes as he hunts his treasure!
Wario's back in all his greedy glory-staring for the first time in 3-D-as he searches for his transformed treasure in Wario World. As the game begins, Wario is so happy that he just can't stop smiling. After all, he has finally completed his long-desired castle. Deep within his castle is a treasure room, where he hides the many, many treasures that he has plundered during his many adventures. What he doesn't realize is that, hidden among the treasures, there is a strange black jewel that shines with an ominous light. This jewel has a very strange ability-it urns gems into monsters!

Features include:

Experience extremely fast-paced game play, making for a rolling good time, as Wario puts up his dukes to battle a seemingly endless tide of weird and wild enemies.

Help Wario brawl his way through huge areas, as he tries to reclaim his treasure. He'll have to defeat big bosses and save innocent creatures that are scattered throughout the worlds as well.

Use all kinds of over-the-top wrestling-style moves at Wario's disposal.

Laugh with Wario as he takes damage in comical ways, becoming flat as a board or catching on fire.

Mario & Luigi (Game Boy Advance)
An epic unfolds in a strange new land as Mario and Luigi team up for a hilarious, action-packed quest!
An evil witch has stolen Princess Peach's voice, replacing her fair speech with explosives! As chaos breaks out in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi head for the castle and meet up with Bowser, who just arrived to kidnap the princess. When they find out what happened, these sworn enemies join forces and follow the witch to a neighboring kingdom. After an aerial ambush crashes their ship and sends Bowser to who-knows-where, Mario and Luigi embark on foot, learning new moves and combining their brotherly might to fight off enemies, as they venture toward the kingdom's castle.

Features include:

Explore the new world using a unique simultaneous-control setup that lets you control each brother separately or team up for super moves.

Enjoy the involved story, puzzle-solving challenges and the experience of a classic role-playing game combined with the jumping challenges of a platformer and an all-new, reflex-testing battle system

Interact with other classic Mario characters and enemies throughout the game.

Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4 (Game Boy Advance)
The best-selling game of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3, makes its portable debut with all-new features!
Bowser and his troublemaking kids have forced the land into complete chaos by transforming all the local kings into animals, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to stop them. In what many consider to be the best Mario game ever, players have to run, jump and stomp on enemies through eight enormous worlds, as they use new and classic power-ups. Dash past danger, swim treacherous seas and even take to the air, speeding toward a collision course with Bowser.

Features include:

Jump bottomless pits, stomp familiar foes and use awesome power-ups like the Warp Whistle and the Frog and Tanooki Suit, as you take the flight to Bowser and his kids.

Open up new levels and game features when you scan special cards through the e-Reader attachment.

Complete increasingly difficult levels, beating one of Bowser's kids at the end of each level on your way to the final battle with Bowser.

Discover multiplayer Mario madness when you link up with any of the other three Super Mario Advance games for frantic fun in the original Mario Bros. game.

Wario Ware, inc.: Mega Microgames (Game Boy Advance) - OUT NOW!!!!!
Wario delivers the most frantic game play ever with over 200 unbelievable, lightning-quick microgames!
Greed has once again gotten the best of Wario but, this time, he's seeking his riches in the video game industry! With a penny-pinching eye on development costs, Wario and his friends in Diamond City have put together a batch of hundreds of micro-sized games covering every genre thinkable. Players must finish each one in rapid succession without making too many mistakes. The number of games players must clear will go up, as players progress through the game.

Features include:

Sharpen your reflexes as you blaze through a seemingly never-ending supply of retro classics, sports games, sci-fi shooters and much, much more.

Meet a group of wacky new developers working for Wario, including Dr. Crygor, Dribble & Spitz, Mona, Kat & Ana, and more.

Engage in a boss battle after clearing a certain number of games, at which point you will unlock a new developer.

Here is a list of upcoming games that have a set release date:
Wario World - June 23, 2003
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - July 28, 2003
Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4 - September 22, 2003

Watch out for those games coming soon to a Gamecube(or GBA) near you.

Feb - Mar 2004

March 24, 2004

For you fans of the Mario Cartoons, here is some news for you:

In July, a Super Mario Bros Super Show DVD is going to be released. It will contain a weeks worth of episodes, including the Live Action bits (with "Captain" Lou Albano) and the Legend of Zelda episode that usually aired on Fridays.

The DVD will be released on July 6 and may lead to future DVD releases, as well as a box set.

For more information click here.

- Sean Kelly

February 25, 2004

Here is some interesting Mario news. The following is a News Release from Twin Gallaxies:


Near-Perfect World Record Logged on NES Super Mario Bros.

FAIRFIELD, IOWA - February 25, 2004 - For years, the world record on NES' legendary Super Mario Bros. video game was stalled at 5 minutes and 20 seconds. In recent months, however, increased media publicity on classic gaming has re-ignited player enthusiasm for breaking long-standing records, with world titles falling on titles like Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

And, now, debatedly the most contested NES game of all time, Super Mario Bros., may have been brought to a "near-perfect" finish, as Scott Kessler, of North Carolina brought the record down to 5 minutes and 17 seconds. "Yes, this could be considered a near-perfect performance," explains Twin Galaxies Referee Robert Mruczek, who watched the entire game on videotape before declaring the feat a new world record. "It may be possible to shave 1-3 more seconds off the time," adds Mruczek, "but, that may not happen for a long time."

Recently, fierce rivalries on Legend of Zelda and Metroid for the NES have seen new "fastest time to finish" world records submitted for publication in the forthcoming edition of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records.

"Its a time of heavy competition, spanning multiple generations," says Walter Day, the editor of the Record Book. "A new generation is stripping the older players of their cherished world records. Classic game titles are no longer a thing of the past; they are uniting the different generations with the world records as the unifying link."

To read a full report on the new Super Mario Bros world record, go to:

For more information, Contact Walter Day at Twin Galaxies at (641)472-1949 or

- Sean Kelly

February 4, 2004

The 2004 Mario release dates have started coming in, with no less than 3 releases announced:
Mario vs. Donkey Kong - May 24, 2004
Mario Golf: Advance Tour - June 28, 2004
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ - April 5, 2004

Also say hello to Trek EXE, our new reporter. He should start reporting soon (hopefully).

- Sean Kelly

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