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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The WiiWare service launched in Japan yesterday and along with it a Mario title. The latest incarnation of the Dr. Mario series, Dr. Mario Virus Buster is available on the service there for 1,000 Wii Points. Apparently people who have the full version of the game can send demos to their friends via the process below... (More information on this from Nintendo World Report)

Currently, this game is dubbed TBA 2008 for North America. To make things a tad bit simpler, WiiFolder posted their tour of the game (narrator is Josh and, of course this is an English version!).

- Report By Gage at 8:34 PM

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(Love that image). GAME retailers are offering everyone a preview of Mario Kart Wii on April 5 and are also launching the Mario Kart Grand Wii competition taking place around the United Kingdom. Winners of each of the 30 stories will receive an all expense paid trip to Mercedes World, Brooklands for the official game launch party and a chance to win a VW Mario-themed Beetle! More information (and Beetle pic) here. Good luck to whoever enters.

- Report By Gage at 3:05 PM

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Monday, March 17, 2008

In a press release released by Nintendo of America this morning we get some pretty kicka$$ news about Brawl. Since it's launch on March 9, Brawl has sold 1.4 million copies in the United States. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is now dubbed the "fastest selling game in Nintendo of America's history."

- Report By Gage at 8:25 PM

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Our awesome plumber has decided to write an open-letter to Nintendo, complaining about his job.
Dear Nintendo,

We've been in a business relationship for quite a while now, and to be honest, I never used to have any complaints about my job. I mean sure, my line of work has never really been considered "easy" by any means, but in the early days it just felt so much more... rewarding.

Do you get what I'm saying guys? I wasn't too fond of chasing a huge ape up a series of ladders, but with that fine-ass Pauline waiting for me, I didn't mind. Same thing with running around Mushroom Kingdom, I don't mind taking out a few Koopas since I know Peach is going to be waiting for me. ("At another castle"...God that joke gets so old)

But recently, you've been forcing me to do shit that just isn't in my job description. I remember the first time Shigeru called me up. "Yo Mario, wanna go to a party? How about 8 of them?" And of course I said yes. That's because my idea of a party is knockin back a few cold ones with some buds, some drinking games with the ladies, and maybe Superbad. But no, you twisted fucks' idea of a party is to have me and all the assholes I hate run around in circles for twenty minutes. That's not a party, that's a track and field meet. Which brings me to my next point.

Have you seen my waistline in the last few years? I would assume not, because you've got me playing more sports than Michael Jordan. What on God's green Earth gives you the slightest thought that I would make a good soccer player? Have you seen how long a fucking soccer field is? It's rediculous. While we're talking about rediculous things, whose bright idea was it for me to compete in Olympic events against Sonic of all people? He was about to retire anyways, but no Nintendo, you just had to bring him back and have him compete against me in track events. What were you thinking? He runs so fast you can't see his fucking feet.

Finally, as I'm sure you're all well aware, for most of my life, the enemies I have faced have all been relatively tame, being dispatched with a simple jump or three at the most. Now you want to take me and make me battle to the death against a man with a gun? I can punch him, he can shoot fucking bullets at me! You're all assholes, I hate you.

Die in a Fire,
Of course this wasn't really Mario but this was submitted to Digg earlier today. I don't know about you but the whole "Die in a Fire" line sounds corny...

- Report By Gage at 4:45 PM

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet SMBHQ Brawl logo on the main page, first of all. Second of all, today's update on DOJO!! displays some "hidden masterpieces" for SSBB. You can unlock the Donkey Kong arcade, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World, F-Zero, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Also provided are instructions on how to unlock these classics.

- Report By Gage at 5:11 PM

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Mario Kart Wii has been slated for an April 27, 2008 release date for North America.

- Report By Gage at 5:07 PM

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

There have been reports that some Brawl copies aren't working and players are receiving disc reading errors. Nintendo has explained these errors occur because the game disc is double layered (and high capacity) and the Wii is having trouble reading the disc.

Nintendo has set up a page in which people whom experience this error can use and have the chance to get their disc repaired. Here's the link.

- Report By Gage at 9:38 AM

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

GameStop Corporation announced today they will be hosting Brawl tournaments at 2,5000 GameStop and EB Games store locations. GameStop and EB stores will start their tournaments at 10:00 p.m. local times - though you should contact your local store for exact times. You need to check in 30 minutes before play starts.

Winners from store tournaments will advance to District tournaments being held on March 19. Those winners will advance to Regional tournaments, which will be held on March 29. The top 8 scoring Regional players will then advance to the Finals on April 12, 2008 at the GameStop store in San Jose, California.

Grand Prize Winners will receive one Vizio 37 LCD, an entire Nintendo Software Library, a Wii console, and $5,000. GameStop gift cards will be awarded to second and third place winners. Please read this page for additional tournament information.

- Report By Gage at 6:04 PM

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On Saturday, March 8, fans world-wide will be hitting the Best Buy store located at 622 Broadway for the New York Super Smash Bros. Brawl Regional Tournament. Later that evening the tournament finals will occur. Best players from the February tournaments in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will compete in the finals scheduled for 8:00PM.

The winner will receive a special edition Wii console, personally signed copy of Brawl from the creator, and a home theater system from Best Buy. Later Saturday night will be the launch of Brawl (finally, eh?) at an adjacent alley.

- Report By Gage at 5:27 PM

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If you choose to read this than you're heading for spoilers. Please take the time to check out Kyle's impressions of the official release of Smash Bros. Brawl, which he posted on Joystiq earlier today.

- Report By Gage at 5:15 PM

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wanted to let everyone know that Joystiq has set up a new page filled with information on Super Smash Bros. Brawl including the latest news, a gallery, rumors, videos, announcements, and more. The page will be continually updated so be sure to check it out frequently. Oh yeah and Kyle let me know he just received his copy of the game today. Just...a few... more days... to go! Gotta hold on!

Edit 3/6/08
: Link is now correct. For some reason I posted the URL of an image in the screen shot caption contest going on in our forums. Sorry for the mistake!

- Report By Gage at 4:21 PM

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SEGA Corporation announced today that Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has sold 5 million copies world-wide in three months. The NPD says the game was one of the top-ten best-sellers for December in the United States across all platforms. Official press release below:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games™ Hits 5 Million in Global Sales

Founding Fathers of Video Games, SEGA and Nintendo, Find Winning Formula with First-Ever Pairing of Famous Mascots

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SEGA® Corporation today announced that its history-making video game title, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games™, has sold five million copies worldwide in just over three months. Developed by SEGA for the Wii™ video game system and the Nintendo DS™ system, with creative input and executive milestone approvals by Nintendo's developers, the title brought together for the first time the two most beloved icons in the entertainment industry. In the spirit of the Olympic Games, the legendary mascots also brought friends from their storied franchises along, including Luigi™, Knuckles™, Yoshi® and Tails™, to compete in a variety of Olympic events.

"With adored icons and fun game play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has shot to the top of the sales charts and is clearly resonating with the growing audience of casual gamers that want an engaging and accessible gaming experience," said Simon Jeffery, President and COO, SEGA of America.

Published by SEGA across Europe and North America, and by Nintendo in Japan, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games made its worldwide debut on November 6, 2007, when the Wii version hit store shelves in the United States. According to the NPD Group, which tracks sales data in the United States, the game was one of the top-ten best-sellers in the United States - across all platforms - in the critical holiday sales month of December.

When Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games launched in Europe just days later, it was an immediate hit, rising rapidly to the top of sales charts. Mario & Sonic became the best-ever performing Wii game over the seven-day period that ended on December 11, 2007. In January, Mario & Sonic was the best-selling video game in England across all formats.

"The market for entertaining games that everyone can enjoy is growing faster than any other segment in the industry, thanks in part to the explosive popularity of Wii and Nintendo DS," continued Jeffery. "A key element of our growth strategy at SEGA is to develop and publish games that appeal to this expanding market."

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is licensed through a worldwide partnership with International Sports Multimedia (ISM), the exclusive Interactive Entertainment Software licensee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

- Report By Gage at 3:56 PM

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Monday, March 03, 2008

This is another good time to once again apologize for the lack of updates. There simply hasn't been news out lately but, look at the good side, Brawl will be out this... Sunday? Yes, it's a bit weird but we'll take it!

YesAsia is selling the Japanese version of the Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack for only $20. Information at this link.

- Report By Gage at 10:02 AM

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