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Saturday, March 03, 2007

We thought we'd like to share with you news of a cell phone game has been established and has surfaced entitled "Marbario". None-the-less the game follows the storyline of Super Mario Brothers but with different characters. Let's lay that out:

The overall objective of the game is to save you're girlfriend from Pavo, aka Bowser. Here's a description: Mobario is a classical jump 'n' run game. The story is quite simple:
Mobaria, the girlfriend of Mobario was kidnapped by the evil Pavo. You have to rescue Mobaria from Pavo's Castle, but you have to get there which is not easy. The land, the sky, the caves and even under the water are nasty enemies waiting for you. In Pavo's Castle, fireballs make your journey more difficult. And at the end you have to fight Pavo, who is really strong, you have to beat him 10 times, but take care with jumping on him.

Now you have to make you're way through 9 levels and defeat all the enemies. The boss of each level is Pavo.

- Report By Gage at 10:29 AM

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