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Friday, April 28, 2006

TMK, has posted the following announcement from Brian Ward, producer of the Super Mario Super Show, Vol 2 set and it's so good, that I thought we should post it too:
Due to the heavy, positive fan response to the first volume of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, I've decided to dedicate a lot of the special features of the second volume to the fans and I've recently been inspired...

Ever dressed up like Mario? Luigi? The lovely Princess Peach? How 'bout Koopa? I wanna see the pics.

Make them as accurate and creative as possible and you might see yourself on the second volume of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! DVD.

Make sure there isn't anything trademarked in the shots. No toys or posters, etc. That stuff has to be cleared. Make sure the backgrounds are as neutral-- but as creative-- as possible.

Also, if there are other people in the shot, every single one of them needs to sign off on the picture. In other words, if you have a group shot (even if someone's in the background) and someone doesn't want to be seen by thousands of people on the box set, I can't use the photo.

Keep it CLEAN. You know what this means. It's a family series, so if your photo isn't aimed at families, it's not getting onto the set, so don't waste our time.

One last rule: The costumes MUST represent the Mario and Luigi you've come to love from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. ABSOLUTLELY NO PICS FROM SUPER MARIO WORLD OR SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 WILL BE ACCEPTED. Email me at with your pics!

Due to the overwhelming number of Super Mario fans out there, please understand that I can't include EVERYONE. So you'd better make those pics GREAT!! Let the games begin!!

So, submit your pics and you may appear on this DVD.

- Report By Sean Kelly at 10:48 PM

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