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Thursday, September 30, 2004

OK this news a little late, but according to TMK there is a new Yoshi game, in a similar style to Yoshi's Story, coming out for GBA called "Yoshi's Universal Gravitation".

There isn't much info on the game at the moment, other than it might use a motion sensor as the main form of control.

Here are some screenshots for you:

- Report By Sean Kelly at 8:50 PM

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bringing back memories of McDonald's old SMB3 promotion, Wendy's is currently giving away a free Mario toy with it's kid meal.

The toys available are:
Rolling Racer
You can test your driving skills with this cool hand-held racing game. See how long you can keep Mario's kart on the track without hitting an obstacle! Look out for sharp turns!

ATV Freeroller
Mario's mini rolling kart means ACTION! Push kart under, over and around the most challenging courses for a "real" off-road experience!

Collector Cards
You've never seen collector cards like this! You get four Special Edition Mario Collector Cards in every pack! The front of each card features fun facts about Mario superstars. The back of the cards connect to create one big picture!

Catch some air! It's fun to send Mario soaring with this free-floating parachute. Toss Mario up and watch as the parachute automatically opens and then lands safely back on the ground.

Mario Doll
It's time to take Mario on one of YOUR adventures! This soft Mario doll is the perfect size to take wherever you go. Easily fits in most pockets and bags for on-the-go action.

This promotion goes on from now until October 17, 2004, so head to your local Wendy's and pick up the toys (even if you are a little old to but a Wendy's kids meal)

- Report By Sean Kelly at 2:39 PM

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