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OK, welcome to Jay Resop's first pathetic attempt at a News article. It will be short, bad, and hopefully we'll all get a good laugh. Anyway, all I can really say is that the Gamecube has been out along with Luigi's Mansion. I know I'm enjoying both, heh. And Super Smash Bros. Melee has also just came out. Well, that's all I can really think of really. Yeah, I know this section needs work. Give me an e-mail if you have any news or ideas.-jay

7/3/01 Wow, I've fallen behind quite a bit. You didn't miss much news however. Oh, wait, there was this little thing called E3 back in May.

If you haven't heard, GameCube was shown in playable form for the first time at E3. There was good news and bad news for Mario fans at the show. The bad news is that Nintendo decided not to show a true new Mario game for their 128-bit console. The good news, especially for Luigi fans is that Luigi's Mansion was playable, and seemed primed to take the prime spot in the GameCube's U.S. launch on November 5th. Mario was also playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequel to the N64 beat-em-up.

Luigi's Mansions unique gameplay was shown at E3, and it seems... unique, to say the least. Luigi, armed only with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner, must search through a haunted mansion sucking up ghosts (a la ghostbusters). Not much is known about the game's backstory or more advanced gameplay. A few tidbits that I've scrounged up for you about the game: The other big Mario news from E3 is that Bowser and Peach will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. They will be joining Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong from the original, along with a regular who's who of historical Nintendo characters. Some other tidbits: In other news, Super Mario Advance, Mario Party 3, and Dr. Mario 64 have been released over the past three months. Click the links to see the game info. pages for those games.

The april fools joke is now here.

There's been a lot of craziness in the Mario ports to GBA. According to various reports from and other places, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story will all eventually be ported to the 16-bit portable. The first of these conversions will be Super Mario World in what is currently being called Super Mario Advance 2. It will probably be similar to the original game with new features to show off the GBA (a la Mario Advance having super-sized enemies). also has a ton on new screenshots for Mario Advance, and some short video snippets have been released on the web. Looks like GBA is going to be much nicer to Mario than the GBC and Virtual Boy before it.

I suppose it's possible that a few visitors to this site haven't heard that Paper Mario is in stores now! Now for the obligatory:

Kyle's Kommentary: Hmmm, let's see. The first remotely Mario-style game since SM64 (Not just an appearance like Mario Party, etc.), the sequel to the infinitely great SMRPG, a lack of many other good N64 games... it seems pretty obvious to me. GET THIS GAME! Rumors of it being too kiddy oriented have been greatly exaggerated; the storyline is a little simplistic and the graphics are very cute, but it's still a very deep game. The time attack and badge systems will keep you on your toes, and there's a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for even casual Mario fans. The lack of Squaresoft doesn't seem to have hurt either... all the stuff that matters from the original is here plus more. I'll say it again: GET THIS GAME!

Hmmm, it seems my previous few news updates have been deleted. Since they're on my other comptuer for now and I'm too lazy to type them out completely, I'll briefly summarize the two big ones:
Dr. Mario 64 is set to come out this April. More of the same gameplay, now with 4-player compatibility!
Lots of screenshots were shown for Mario Advance for the upcoming Game Boy Advance. It looks to be built off the SMB2 engine, with notable new features such as Mario sized shyguys. An updated version of the original Mario Bros. will be included.

    Not a very exciting holiday for Mario. No new games were released stateside and no new info. on the new next-gen Mario, news was slow. But the new year promises to be much more exciting for Mario. Here's why:

    First off is the very exciting announcement that Super Mario Advance and Wario Land 4 are in development for Game Boy Advance. Not much is known about these games, but it's expected that Wario Land 4 will closely emulate the last two games of the series, while Mario Advance could be a near-copy of SMW. Along with Mario Kart Advance, these games will definitely help Game Boy Advance be another must have portable.

    The other news bite of the moment is the recent release of Mario Party 3 in Japan. Nintendo's Japanese web site has posted pictures of all 64 mini-games for the popular game that has won over both critics and fans. The game currently has no release date in the US, but we should see it here before the N64 is put out to pasture for good.

    Finishing off the news is the release of ads for the upcoming Mario Tennis (GBC) and Paper Mario in magazines. The Mario Tennis ad features a gold, trophy shaped Game Boy with Mario battling Luigi on the screen. A golden Mario with a racquet sits on top of the trophy. The opposite page has the message "Champions come in all shapes and sizes". Paper Mario’s ad features a full page sized Mario as seen in the game with a dotted line around him. The opposite page calls this a "free demo". Cute, eh?

     Paper Mario's official release date has been set as February 5th, 2001. It was previously slated for a more ambiguous Winter 2001. Reserve yours now!

     Did you start drooling when you heard about 128 fully 3D Mario's running around a screen at once? (See 9/6/00 news if you don't know what I'm talking about) Well, you're in luck, because in a recent interview, Mr. Miyamato hinted that just such a demo may be built into the GameCube system when it launches come next holiday season. If true, the demo could possibly be inserted during the systems start-up sequence. The extent of user control one will have on this demo is unknown, but it's still an interesting little tidbit to get interested in.

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