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Viewer Bio. Bug Man

Stanley The Bugman

By Stanley the Bugman

Vital Stats
STATUS: Former B-list Hero
RACE: Human
LOOKS: Kinda like Mario
CLAIM TO FAME: Chased Donkey Kong out of Pauline's garden
LIKES: Pauline
DISLIKES: Bugs, Donkey Kong
LAST SEEN: Beggin for money on the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom

Stanley the Bugman, the kind-hearted exterminator who flushed bees and flies and large apes out of sweet Pauline's greenhouse got his big starring role in Donkey Kong 3. Stanley took over Mario's old role at fighting the Kong family after Mario made it big in the Mushroom Kingdom fighting Koopas and rescuing Peach. Stanley had always had a crush on Pauline and jumped at the chance to help her out when Donkey Kong crashed through the walls of her greenhouse and let some pests in. Despite being a lowly bugman and not a heroic plumber (plumbers get all the chicks), Stanley managed to kick some Kong behind and free Pauline's garden. After a brief romance, Pauline dumped Stanley and moved out of the public eye. Stanley was devastated. After several attempts on his own life, he joined a self help group. With renewed confidence, Stanley reopened his bug business.

Look for Stanley, Daisy, Wart and many other one-note Mario characters in a brand new Virtual Boy adventure this fall.

Thoughts from Jay
I like bio's from little-known characters. The character of Stanley the Bugman was brought out quite well, keep up the good work.