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Bowser NCs

Bowser Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Baby Bowser By, YosterB

Age: 3
Weight: Light
Height: Short
After Bowser was defeated by Mario the first time, he decided to forget about Peach. He soon got married and had a child named Baby Bowser. Soon after he was born, Bowser decided to see if baby Bowser could be evil, so Bowser turned the world into a story book and stole the Yoshi`s Super Happy Tree, which he gave to Baby Bowser. But soon, the Yoshis defeated Baby Bowser. He was soon mad, that he ran away. So Bowser had 7 more kids to replace him. But soon, Peach came back from Sub-Con, and Bowser was in love with her again. So he divorced his wife and took the kids to attack Mario and Luigi, but they were soon defeated. Later, they tried again but failed. Bowser decided that his 7 kids couldn`t defeated Mario, so he tried to himself. He soon failed. One day, he heard a small tapping on his door. He opened it to find the long lost Baby Bowser. He was overwhelmed with joy. Then he learned that Mario was having a party, and Bowser wasn`t invited. So after Mario and the others got 100 stars, Bowser stole them all and brought them to the eternal star board. He wanted to see if Baby Bowser could defeat Mario now, so he had Kamek clone him and gave each clone a star. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, and D.K. tried to win back the stars, but all lost. Finally, Yoshi won back all 100. Baby Bowser was mad again. But he learned that he had a weakness. He couldn`t beat a Yoshi. Bowser and Baby Bowser returned to Bowser`s Keep, where they and the koopa kids live. Will Baby Bowser be in any other games?? Will the Koopa Kids?? We`ll have to wait and see.

Thoughts From Jay
So who was Bowser and who was Baby Bowser again? Nevermind, I'm confused.

Baby Bowser By, M. J. J. Daitch

Here is a bio about Baby Bowser, Bowser Sr.'s own son.|Status:Alive|Age:4?(1999)|Height:3 feet, 4 inches|Weight:42 lbs.| Bowser Koopa Jr. was born on April 1, 1995 to Bowser Koopa Sr. and his consort.In July 1995 Bowser's only wife died.Now, for 3 months Bowser Jr. spent more time with his dad.By October 1995 he was trained enough.Before, Wario's wife who was Jewish as well as Wario himself, gave birth to Wario twins, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, on March 1, 1995.The Schmaltz couple (Wario and his wife) could not take good care for them because the Schmaltz family was not used to babies by then and besides, they cried too often.So Wario sent Baby Luigi to Kamek Magikoopa (once a court magician and also a court sorcerer working for Bowser Sr. in Super Mario World, now a guardian and messenger of Bowser Jr.(he still does magic)) to give to Baby Bowser, not knowing that he would really give a torture chamber to Baby Luigi.Wario sent Baby Mario to the Yoshis, a common type of dinosaur since 1991.The Yoshis got Baby Luigi to be with them, beat Baby Bowser and got him crying.But just like the Koopa Kids, Baby Bowser didn't have an end yet.I'm sorry, but it looks like this is the end of the bio.You know, I will soon be able to take courses in computer programming in MS-DOS/Windows mode and give the unpatented programs to Nintendo so they will patent it and sell the games in stores and take the credit for the games.All the first 4 games will be for the NES.Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars (with SMB/Duck Hunt/a Track and Field game (I forgot the name of it), and Yoshi's Island:Super Mario World 2.In Super Mario World for NES, part of the options will be to pick the order in which to fight the Koopa Kids and ride Yoshis in 8 colors.The NES Super Mario World will have 2 more characters than the Super NES one, Toad and Wario.The NES version of Super Mario Kart will have much more drivers than the Super NES one, including Wario and the Koopa Kids.The NES Super Mario All-Stars will have practically the same things as the Super NES one, only in SMBLL (Super Mario Bros.:The Lost Levels) you will be able to play as Mario, Luigi, or both, and SMB will also include Duck Hunt and a Track and Field game that I forgot the name of.In Yoshi's Island for NES, you will see the truth behind Baby Mario and Baby Luigi just like I mentioned in my 4 previous bios (maybe not in 4 but at least 2 or 3) and when YI:SMW2 for Super NES says, "This is a story about Mario and Yoshi", take it and assume that when it says "Mario" in the sentence, they mean Mario, Wario's son and not the real Mario.

Thoughts From Jay
Wow. Yet another Baby Bowser bio. Where did this character come from anyway?

King Bowser Koopa By,

RACE: Koopa/Dragon
AGE: Since the Dawn of Time
WEIGHT: Several Tons

BIRTH: Since before time even existed, before dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was a light. In that light was the goodness of things to come. But, there was also fire in that light, a hatred, a hatred for....for mushrooms. This may seem strange but Mushrooms are the goodness in the universe and...and the Koopa's, the fire in that light, are the evil of the universe. Now as the Star Roads began to form, the light grew stronger until finally it exploded making a big bang (the Big Bang Theory). Life sprouted on the new world (earth) quickly. The life as we knew it to be at the time was fungus. But, in the Big Bang, not only did it create fungus but it also created many eggs. Among these eggs was a monster one, for these eggs were soon to become the Koopa's. For literally Millions of years life flourished around the unhatched eggs and the Mushroom people started their first civilization amoung the dinosaurs. At this time of peace in the galaxy a meteor hit the earth splitting the world into separate dimensions. There was our world and there was now the Mushroom World. As time progressed here, so did it in the Mushroom dimension. The Mushroom people flourished and at the time was beginning to build their enormous Kingdom. Little did they know an evil was about to strike. The millions of Koopa eggs hatched forming a new civilization. All the eggs hatched EXCEPT for the monster egg and 7 small eggs surrounding it. The millions of Koopa's were not all turtle looking creatures, but were instead many different looking creatures. For example there were Goomba's and there were MagiKoopa's, both were considered the same species. For Millions of years the Koopa's worshiped the monster egg hoping it would hatch. Among one of the "priests" to the egg, was none other than Wort. I will now fast forward us to the year 1957. After billions of years the monster egg finally hatched and the birth of the King Bowser Koopa would forever influence the life of the Mushroom World.
CHILDHOOD: The Koopa assigned to watch over Bowser was Kamek . Kamek was chosen to watch over Bowser and to shape his darkness. All was going fine until he had a vision of the future. Kamek's vision was Plumbers! He saw right away that there was trouble in the path of his prince. So Kamek went to the ruler of the Koopa's at the time...Wart. King Wart Koopa ordered Kamek to seek out the soon to be born Plumbers and destroy them. Unsuccessful Kamek was at this, all do to Yoshi. But as soon as Yoshi was out of the picture. Kamek saw another opportunity and went after the brothers again. Mr. and Mrs. Mario, fearing for the twins life went searching for an answer. Geno appeared and offered to take the Mario Brothers to place they could not get in the hands of Bowser. Geno took the Mario Bros. to our dimension and it was there on out they were raised by an Italian couple. Now, that Kamek had thought the Mario Bros. were out of the way, he could now focus on Yoshi, for Kamek saw a threat in that lizard as well. So he stole the Yoshi's Super Happy Tree. Of coarse that plan was soon foiled as well. Kamek gave up and was soon banished by Wart. Wart now obssesed with the Mario Brothers went searching for the dimension on which Geno hide them. Wart came up empty handed except that he stumbled apon the dimension of...Sub-Con. Bowser, now older began to plot his master plan against the Mushroom Kingdom.
TEENS: Bowser now in full command began to plot his plans against the Mushroom people. His first order of plans was to get control of Sub-Con. This was the only time Bowser ever succeeded. King Koopa sent his trusted friend, Wart to rule Sub-Con while he tended to the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser now that his first plan had been completed was now up on the search for the Mario Bros. King Bowser Koopa found a clue in Pipe Land (a.k.a. Pipe Maze) when his Koopa Troopa's never returned exploring one particular pipe. Bowser sent one of his Super Koopa's to explore the pipe and that is when he stumbled upon Brooklyn, Our Dimension. Now that Bowser new were his next world to conquer was he then focused on the Mushroom Kingdom.
ADULT: Bowser King of the Koopa's issued a "peace conference" with the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and their Royal Retainers. Little did they know it was a trap. Bowser held the Princess captive and made a ransom for the Princess for the Mushroom Kingdom.. The year is now 1985 and the Mario Bros. have already been through some amazing adventures. The Mario Bros. already faced a giant ape and strange turtles in the pipes. It was no suprise when they found themselves being sucked down a pipe. When the Mario Bros. were soon updated on their past by none other than Geno it was clear to them that they had to stop this King Koopa. To Bowser's suprise the Mario Bros. returned and defeated him. This angered Bowser so much that he ordered Wart to attack Mario in his dreams from Sub Con. Yet again the plumbers foiled Bowser's plan. Just when Bowser was about to admi defeat in the Mushroom Wars.....The 7 egg's from the past hatched! The egg's were the Koopalings. Lemmy, Iggy, Roy, Morton, Larry, Ludwing, and Wendy O were soon to be Bowser new hope. Now that Bowser had back up, he had a new idea. "If you cannot beat them, join them." That is were Bowser got the idea to marry Princess Peach Toadstool. King Koopa sent the 7 Koopalings in his new Doom Ships to the 7 lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser closer than ever to succeeding was foiled yet again by the Mario Bros. Angry, Bowser fled to Dinosaur Land (His home town). It is there that he fled every time Mario ruined his plans. Little did Bowser know that Mario was planning a vacation on Dinosaur Land. When Bowser soon found this out he was not thinking about taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, but instead he was thinking about revenge. He kidnapped the Princess. But, this time Bowser was expecting Mario to come, so he had his son Iggy build him an invincible machine (Clown Coppter). Once again Bowser was defeated. This time Bowser was so mad that he actually banished the Koopalings never to return. Instead Bowser found that he did better when he was incharge of the Mushroom Lands himself. Bowser had one problem though...he needed more power. So Bowser went to Pipe Land and warped to Peach's new castle to steal the Star Road Stars. Once Bowser gets ahold of ALL the stars he would be able to access the Star Road. Bowser having great power took over the Princess' castle and opened up all the paintings. Yet again Bowser was defeated. But, was this the last time Bowser would try to rule the Mushroom Kingdom? Or is there another light ready to make a Big Bang???
DEATH?: So how exactly was Bowser able to escape death all these times?? Maybe we should ask his caretaker Kamek...the one who looked after and protected the prince with his magic so long ago.........

Thoughts From Jay
Wow. Comprehencive. I bet thats the biggest word you'll ever see me use.

Bowser Koopa By,

Age: 5000
Weight: 900 tons
Height: 1 foot shorter than Sears Tower
Gender: Male Koopa
Bowser is really king of the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms. I say this because in 1 million B.C., the first Mushroom King gave the Mushroom kingdom to his best friend, Koopalius, the first Koopa Kig. Before Bowser was born, Princess' Toadstool father lead a revolt to put the Koopas out. Now back to the story... Bower was born about 5000 years ago. he lived with Kamek, the Magikoopa. Bowser got sick of Kamek and tried to poison him, but it didn't work. At the age of 21, Bowser became king of the Koopas. Bowser knew his family history so he tried to take the Mushroom kingdom back(and still tries to this day.). Bowser actually succeeded until Mario and Luigi came to the Mushroom Kingdom, threw Bowser off the throne and put Peach on the Mushroom Kingdom throne. Bowser quit for a while to come up with a plan. During this time, Bowser genetically altered his DNA and created the Koopa Kids(so see, the Koopa Kids are artificial). Bowser used them to try to take over the Mushroom Word. Bowser kidnapped the Princes again so he could have a wife and REAL kids. Bowser cloned the Princess and gave Mario the clone when Mario came to rescue the Princess. So all the other times after SMB3, the Princess is really a clone. No one knows where the real Princess is except Bowser, and he's not telling. Bowser is currently coming up with a plan for SM642. The end

Thoughts From Jay
Is Bowser really that big? I don't know, I've never met the guy.