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Other Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Pirana Plant By, Ian
Age: 14
Looks: Like a cross between a fish and a plant
Lives: About every pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser’s Castle
Likes: Plant food, red & green overalls
Dislikes: Peaches, Toadstools, Kings of mushrooms
Gender: Female???
Hobbies: Biting Mario & Luigi, eating plant food
Wants: A bunch of servants to feed her red & green overalls all day
Is currently: In the Mushroom Kingdom, begging Bowser to let them back in.
Kamek, the king of Magikoopas, created the piranha plant tribe. They were always hungry so Bowser sent them on a mission to get rid of Mario & Luigi. It was a good idea, for piranha plants liked red & green overalls. Unfortunately, fireballs destroyed most of them. Two were left. You know what happened- married, had some kids, were fruitful and multiplied. After a while it came to take on the Mario brothers again. They tried to get the overalls again. One of them did it, and showed Mario’s underwear! He quickly left to change, came out and blew it up with a fireball. They were used many times but were defeated every time! Angrily, Bowser sent the clan away, vowing never to use them again! They left. Suddenly they noticed a spaceship! They got on. The clan was taken to a world called Hyrule. They were sent to a dream when they got there but ANOTHER hero defeated them- this one named Link. They left the world, hoping to find a better place. They hurried to Bowser in order to get back. They probably will get back in the tribe, but who knows?
Thoughts From Jay
Not a bad bio. You can tell i'm running out of compliments right? Too many viewer bios.

Reznor By, Ramatis
"...Bowser's second-most Unique Sub-Boss..."
Vital Stats:
Gender/Race: Male,Triceratops
Age: A Bazillion Jillion
Height: Gigantic
Weight: 180 Tons
Likes: Bossing people around,Always winning
Hates: Annoying employees,Luigi,cute animal racers,Losing
Aliases: Tricky,BP Richfeild
Lives in: Numerous Fortresses,a Trailer at WeSaySo Inc. 60 million B.C,A Spiraly Mountain
Reznor(Aka Tricky and Mr. Richfeild) was Bowser's top Sub-Boss in SMW. He was a worthy enemy for MARIO,and his fortresses were really decent. Reznor invented this really cool duplicating machine and made 3 clones of himself. So when MARIO came along,there would be 4 Reznors on a turning wheel with four platforms,spitting fireballs at him over a cheap,easy-to-break bridge. He was quite sure MARIO would never make it. And he didn't. But suddenly LUIGI came along and kicked 'em around. But WHO,pray got the full praise? MARIO! Anyway,Reznor tried again and again to defeat them so Koopa wouldn't have to,but failed as long as LUIGI was around! King Koopa was so upset about Reznor's poor performance,that he was kicked off the force at the end of SMW. Reznor was terribly dissapointed. But while Diddy Kong Racing was in the making,the programmers suddenly have run out of ideas for a racing boss for Dino Domain. Reznor signed up for the job,dyed his scales red,and renamed himself "Tricky Triceratops" and became a racing boss for Diddy Kong Racing. However,he was dissapointed to learn he was the first easy boss to defeat. So after 1 month of auditioning(for the race and the ending sequence),Tricky left Nintendo,claiming for good,and went to his own habitat in his own time. The red dye eventually peeled off while he was around,but he was finally appreatiated. He signed up to be the boss of a Tree Pushing company called "WeSaySo". In the form,on the name line,Tricky wrote "Mr. Reznor Richfeild" and that was that. Reznor Richfeild became a very powerful and rich dinosaur afterwards. All his employees cowardly shook in fear of his presence. However,there was another glitch to take care of. Earl Sinclair,one of the braver employees of WeSaySo,often but Richfeild in many knots. Richfeild was often annoyed with him. So with every little mistake he did,he'll pull down the window,poke his face out,and yell "SINCLAIR! In here! NOW!!!" Everyone else would cower in fear of his voice,but Earl got him every time. But it was time for revenge. On the last episode of Dinosaurs,Mr. Richfeild had destoryed the world. His company buildings wiped out the whole species of a certain bug which ate annoying weeds every year. Earl was supposed to deal with the blasted annoyance of the ever-growing Cider Poppies,but did everything Mr. Richfeild Suggested. "Weed Killer all over the world!" was Richfeild's order,so Earl sent in the Weed Killer. Unfortunatley,the weed killer also killed every single plant in the world. FOOD SHORTAGE! They needed to make rain,but needed clouds to make rain. "Bomb all the volcanoes!"was Reznor Richfeild's order. "Then we'll have all kinds of clouds to make rain!" Another mistake. The cloud were too much. They completley blocked out the sun,making it cold. So instead of rain coming down,it was snowing. The snow was said not to dissappear for many years,but Richfeild didn't mind. He had his WeSaySo warming up products that people needed,so he was filthy rich! There was his happy ending. As of right now,Reznor/Tricky/Richfeild's whereabouts are unknown. Prehaps he's dead? Or maybe he went into the hear future in time? No one knows. Maybe not even Nintendo. "Sinclair,I am a very powerful dinosaur...and you're...just...a puny nothing."

Thoughts From Jay
Yet another bio by Ramatis

Shy Guy(s) Part 2 By, Ramatis
As we last left off, in YI, Baby Bowser got so upset for doing all that hard work for nothing, he killed off many Shy Guys and injured Kamek. So Kamek and what was left of the Shy guy group went through a time portal to go in the future. But Baby Bowser silently crawled behind them and was caught in the Time Warp with them. Kamek decided to write out a peace contract and they would go in the near future to seek World Domination. Mwa ha ha haa…. So they went into the future. They found that other guy no one should really care about trying to rule the world again. So, again, they easily pushed him back and took over the future of Yoshi’s Island. Kamek again won Janken(aka Rocks, Paper, and Scissors in Japanese) over the Shy Guys and took over. And yet again, the Shy Guys were the common enemy of YS. In the bargain back at the Time Warp, Baby Bowser himself wanted to run the plan all by himself. Kamek sighed and agreed. So he was in his own private office overlooking everyone’s progress on a monitor throughout the entire game. Baby Bowser’s plan was indeed very hideous and horrible. Not to mention very evil! He stole the SUPER HAPPY TREE!!! The key of happiness of all Yoshi’s Island. What made the Yoshis so happy? Why did a common tree make the Yoshis smile with glee? It’s the sugar, I tell ya. Those happy, innocent-looking fruits that grow on that blasted tree are really bulging with pink sugary sweetness that keeps the Yoshis going. Now that Bowser has taken the tree, they can no longer have their wonderful, sweet, cavity-causing fruit. So their happiness drops to a negative point so low that they can hardly do a thing. Then 8(count Black and White) baby Yoshis hatched right after the tree was taken. And since they’ve never seen the Super Happy Tree(and never had that fruit ^_^) they all wonder why every single other Yoshi is so sad. They soon learn by our own Yoshi we know and love, so they set out to bring it back. Somehow, the Black and White Yoshis seemed to have gotten separated from the others. So that’s why they can only be found in certain levels. While thefting the Super Happy Tree, a lot of fruit on loose vines dropped in a trail that led to the castles. One Shy Guy noticed the dropped fruit. It was too late to send in others to clean it out before the Yoshis arrived and he couldn't pick up ALL that fruit by himself, so he used a magic trick that Kamek taught him and but up many of the fruit in bubbles. So when the Yoshis arrived at certain levels, they would find many Shy Guys carrying Happy Fruit to the castle’s stash. In which they could easily take away from them. Now, as for the floating Happy Fruit, I’m stuck on. I assume that they weren’t really Happy Fruit at all. Just balloons that look like them. But, however, in this game, it’s really the thought that counts, so the balloons don’t affect the Yoshis one bit. But… we all know, not all of the Shy Guys were evil. The Shy Guys in a White cloak were rebels against Kamek and Baby Bowser, as with the other Shy Guys. They still worship the KKK, but they hate everything else evil. Many of the other Shy Guys made fun of them wearing white, and since they were such powder puffs. So the White Shy Guys always lent a helping hand to the Yoshis whenever they discovered them.
Thoughts From Jay
See if you can find Ramatis' first shy guy bio befroe you read this one.

Skeeter By, Pokemaniac
1st appaerance: Super Mario 64 ( and sadly his last )
Species: Water Skimmer , Male
Likes: Water
Hates: Mario
Bowser, who took over Peach's castle, and stole the Power Stars, realized he needed stronger and more challenging enemies. among these new troops was Skeeter, a green water skimmer. Skeeter patrolled the watery places in the castle. time and time again, he was squished, stomped on, punched, kicked, and generally thrown around by Mario. soon, he grew tired of being neglected. So, he generally ignored Mario. However, He was still smashed, Kicked, and punched. soon, he developed a strategy. he would stay on top of the water far from shore, so mario couldn't fight him. Skeeter's strategy worked well. unfortunetly, it didn't stop Mario, who stayed away from skeeter. Mario soon found all of the stars in that area. that really ticked Skeeter off, too. Still, Skeeter waits for Mario to come back, and has been ever since, so he can really lett Mario have it good.
Thoughts From Jay
Another bio by Pokemoniac. The same people send in many bios.