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Viewer Bio. Daisy

Princess Daisy

By Ramatis

Vital Stats:
Gender: Probably Human, Female
Height: Rules a land that's too poor to afford rulers,yardsticks,ect. But I'd guess near Toadstool's height.
Weight: She's a woman. It's against her gender to tell.
Age: Against her gender to tell, also. But possibly 15 to 25.
Number of times she tried to kick Mario outta her castle: 76(All on cold stormy nights,too)
IQ: ????

Since it's obvious Princess Daisy and Princess Toadstool look a lot alike, they're definitely related. As 1st cousins, Princess Daisy lives practically all alone in her little Castle in Sarasaland. She enjoys her cute little garden, her cute little flowers,but hates those nasty,irritating little weeds that pop up every so often. Daisy originally lived in Brooklyn, but she never knew any of the Mario Bros. back then. She soon found out with the help of King Koopa that she was "Princess" Daisy of Sarasaland. Her mom died a long time ago; her dad was that huge slimy thing in the SMB movie,but later died of old age.

The King's will mention having all of the workers take all of his junk and take another job. While Daisy got all of the valuables and stayed in her nice,cute little' castle. Sarasaland was about on the other side of the planet that held all of the Nintendo worlds together. And Princess Daisy always visited Toadstool on a monthly basis.

On the day after Daisy got back from her visit,she decided to tend to her garden-again. While she happily watered her flowers and "talked" to them,one of Koopa's Sub-Bosses,Tatanga,decided to kidnap Princess Daisy so he could gain twice as much power as he did in his dark,dreaery world next to Sarasaland. And so he did. When Princess Toadstool got this news,she sent MARIO to Sarasaland to rescue her cousin or else. Luigi got the virus and couldn't go(he'd go hide in the closet in embarrassment if he had to go since Luigi's cute figure has changed a bit). So MARIO went on out alone to rescue Daisy. When he finally did,he started to take interest in her,but Daisy refused and complained why Luigi wasn't there with him.

Mario,being the big pain in the neck,constantly bugged Princess Daisy to be his girlfriend the week before he left. Daisy finally managed to kick him out and send him back on the day El Nino came to the planet and Mario trudged through 8 feet of snow to get back home.

Game-wise,Daisy was never heard from again. Though she still pampers her nice little garden and still visits Princess Toadstool every month. She was also best friends with Pauline(DK) when she lived in Brooklyn. She was also one of those many girls kidnapped in the SMB Movie with Daisy.

Sarasaland's government's some kind of Monarchy. Since Princess Daisy lives at the castle and runs everything by herself..and seeing how much time she spends in her garden. You might say Sarasaland has a pretty messed up government. Sarasaland is a land of crime, grime, and graffiti. The Sarasaland Cops gave up; there were too many criminals. They now have a new job; clearing out Donut and Coffee shops. Getting a job in Sarsaland is nearly impossible. 95% of the Sarasaland population are unemployed. Cuz the more money you make,the greater the chances of a criminal robbing you. You might say Princess Daisy is rather carefree. Hehe... Oh, well. That's all I would have to say about Princess Daisy: The one and only careless Princess! Hehe...

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Thoughts from Jay
NO! SMB Movie references! Great bio, a little bit of fact and a HUGE AMOUNT OF MADE UP STORY. That's what I like. You mean she might not be human? And what's with that crack about Luigi? "Luigi's cute figure has changed a bit" When will Mario learn? Toadstool is his girl, and he should leave Daisy to Luigi. For a super hero, Mario sure sets some bad examples for the kids.