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Other Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Yoshi's Island Monkies By, Unknown
Race: Monkies (duhhh)
gender: male or female
age: how am I suppose to know??
On Yoshi's Island years ago there were monkies living there. They were having fun there. Then one day Yoshi brought a annoying little baby name Mario. Evil little Mario(through the monkies eyes) cried alot. So the monkies tried to still him. Yoshi whos not nice, stoped the monkies. Poochie really liked the monkies, even though he liked Yoshi. The monkies want to get rid of eviel Mario, they think they will someday.
Thoughts From Jay
Sorry again. Will the owner of this bio please step forth?

Mezzo Bomb NC By, Pokemaniac
Super Mario 64-- 1st role! Mezzo Bomb prepared cannons and stuff for Mario.
Mario Party-- Mezzo and some other bob-ombs appaered in Wario's Battle Canyon.
NON-MARIO GAMES HE WAS IN: none. he is a true Mario Character. a neglected one, yes. But a true Mario Character!
Where did he come from? he just appaered outta nowhere.
Why is he Pinkish Red? the other bob-ombs are black.
Why did he go to war with other bob-ombs? he said he's a peace loving bob-omb.
How did he get control of all those cannons?
*Helped Mario throughout the whole game! he didn't get any credit. none.
* Fought bravely against the other bob-ombs. even though he didn't actually win.
So, Mario fans. the next time you play Mario 64, remember that without Mezzo Bomb,
Nothing can be accomplished. without this little pink bob-omb, the world, i better stop here. i think i'm getting a tad boring. Ciao!
This NC is Copyrighted! ( kidding ) but it was created by ME, Pokemaniac Pikachu.
Thoughts From Jay
Another thing on Mezzo Bomb by Pokemaniac.

Mushroom Land By, Brian W.
Age: 10 kazillion years
First plant to evolve: Mushroom
And the Great Mushroom God said let their be fungus. All of the sudden the new world was covered was covered in fungus it took so long for the mushrooms to evlove the Great Mushroom God just uprooted them and made them come to life then he left. After that the Mushrooms got real smart and started to make warp pipes. When suddenly A whole lot of people came and Divvied then mushroom land into kingdoms. The way the people conquered the mushrooms so fast was they threanted to eat them if they didn't let the humans. One of the Humans was kind and named the greatest Kingdom after the mushrooms. Thus was Mushroom Kingdom. Long After that the Kingdom was being conquered by an evil tyrant named King Morton Koopa (Bowser's father) it took the best warp pipe builders to build warp pipes in time to pull out 2 champions. One of the champion's name was Link who talked of adventures of time travling with a Master's Sword in a world called Hyrule. The other Champion's name is unknown. He did make a distress Beacon to make a Hero from space come to help the third hero went by the name Meteoroid aka Sambas Aaron Then all the sudden when the second hero was shot by a fire ball which was shot by King Morton Koopa. The kid then turned into an angel and told everybody not to worry his destiny was to die and go to heaven as Kid Icraus. In a rage Link started slashing every one of Morton's minions. Samus was charging up a huge gun. After Samus Charged up Link threw his sword. At the exact same time Samus's blast and Link's sword hit Morton who fell down and slowly and mumbled about his son taking revenge. In a huge furry Link removed he sword and stabbed Morton as much as he could screaming horrible word in the Hyrlian language. After there was no more pieces left of Morton Samus calmed Link and convinced him to stop slashing any goombas in site. The next day there was a going away party for Samus and Link. There was also a funeral For "Kid Icraus." After Link went home Samus said good-bye and destroyed the portal that "Kid Icraus" came from. Little did anyone know except one little Mushroom named Toad that there was one warp pipe that everyone had forgotten that led to a strange place called Earth Toad did not tell anyone because he knew that trouble would arise again. The End? by Brian W. (

Thoughts From Jay
Wow. talk about crossovers. I never thought of the Mushroom Land as Neglected. Oh well.