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Other Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Hot Foot By, Unknown
I know I sent this before, but now that Hot Foot is on the NC Name Game, I must send it again:
Lives: Fortresses
Age: Eternal unless you turn on the sprinklers...
Height: 5-6 (Tall for a flame)
Weight: He melted the scale
Likes: Oil, gasoline, and grabbing Bob-Ombs by the fuse
Dislikes: Boo Diddly for stealing his spotlight
Hot Foot was created when Fire Chomp flew into the castles one day, sneezing from his allergic reaction to Ptooie and Nipper Plants. A stray fireball from his sneezes landed on one of Bowser's magic candles, thus creating the burning one we know and love. Hot Foot quickly developed some sense of intelligence, as he told Fire Chomp to stay out of the Pipe Maze, which is why you never see him there. He also dislocated the base flame of Fire-Bar, and threw it into Bowser's main computer, creating the Roto-Disc. Then he threw red paint into the lava pits to give Podoboo a new look. Having done all he cared to do, Hot Foot retired to his candle in Bowser's Castle, where he remains to this day. But he's a little bit lonely up there, which is why he follows the Mario Bros. If they dare tread into the castle. As for the rest of the Hot Foot gang, well, let's just say that Hot Foot ran into one of the Podoboos old flames while on vacation in Land of the Giants...

Thoughts From Jay
Woops. Again, I forgot to copy the name. Sorry again. I might have put up this guy's other Hot Foot Bio, so look for it.

Tuxedo Ken By, Tuxedo Ken
Name: Ken
Age: 18
Height: Last time I checked, he’s 6’1
Weight: No one knows
Number of pizza slices (small) he can eat in one day: 6
Number or times he’s had to rescue Yoshette: Too many to count!
After appearing for the second time in Mario’s World, Ken was trained by the Mario Bros. But when Bowser and his creeps started going after Yoshi’s new love interest, Yoshette, Ken suddenly felt that he should protect her as best as he can, because she would play an important role in the future. When he discovered the truth about Yoshette, he knew that she had to protect the world from all evil.
During the time when Koopa’s former sister, Koopette, had the Sailor Yoshies, the protectors of the world trapped, a mysterious person called “Tuxedo Ken” appeared and rescued them. A few weeks later, Yoshette and her friends discovered that Ken was actually the mysterious stranger that rescued them. Ken then redesigned his time machine to fit six people. The six people going on this journey were himself and his friends, Yoshette, Yoshida, Yoshina, Yoshella and Yoshira, who were the Sailor Yoshies, and took them back 1,000 years, and discovered that he was a prince, and that Yoshette was the princess of the Yoshies, and that the two of them were to wed each other, but Koopette attacked the kingdom and killed them, and the other eight Sailor Yoshies, who were unknown at the time.
Ken and Yoshette were wed after the defeat of Koopa’s team, and were ruling the world peacefully, until the intergalactic being, Smithy, attacked and stole Yoshette’s crystal. But in the future, the Sailor Yoshies defeated Smithy with their “Sailor Yoshi Power”, unaware that Smithy’s partner, Exor, was still alive.
As Tuxedo Ken, it is his job to protect Yoshette from the evil beings who want to destroy her and take over the world, and become the future king of the world. Ken’s signature symbol is a red rose, so when enemies see that, they know that they’re also dealing with Tuxedo Ken.
I am Tuxedo_Ken, protector and husband of Sailor Yoshette. hehehehehe

Thoughts From Jay

Mezzo Bomb By, Pokemaniac
Name: Mezzo Bomb ( a.k.a. bob-omb buddy )
1st Appaerance: Super Mario 64
Species: Pink Bob-omb, Male ( very rare )
Likes: Peace
Hates: War
One day Bowser called upon some more Bob-Ombs to go destroy Mario. One, however, was a Pink Bob-omb named Mezzo Bomb. Mezzo didn't like fighting or war, so he stayed away from other bob-ombs in bob-omb battlefeild. one day, a guy named Mario came, and asked to borrow Mezzo's Cannon. soon, Mezzo and Mario became good freinds. Mezzo followed Mario all around the world. Whenever Mario needed him to activate the cannon, he was there. So, the next time you say how great mario is, Remember that it all wouldn't have been possible without the true Mushroom Hero, Mezzo Bomb!!!!

Thoughts From Jay
I should play SM64 sooner or later.