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The Mario Bios By, M. J. J. Daitch
Height:6 feet
Weight:220 pounds
Luigi and Mario Mario were born February 14, 1939, in Brooklyn, twins to Roberto Mario (1905-) and to Maria Mario (1917-).Luigi, if you didn't notice, is older than Mario by 8 minutes.Their first friend ever was Wario Dawson Schmaltz, a 5-year-old from Manhattan.Mario and Luigi became friends with Wario in 1940.Brooklyn around the time when the Mario Bros. were born was ruled by King Walter X (1859-) and his queen consort Petunia (1863-1970).Petunia died, but Walter X is still on the throne.Walter X's father Walter VIIII was 112 when he died February 18, 1939, 4 days after the Mario Bros. were born.The Mario Bros. grew up to be good friends with Wario.Because of that, when the Mario Bros. were 7, their father planned that they'd move to Manhattan.They did.On December 14, 1955 when the Mario Bros. were 16, they were walking along the street when the king and queen of Manhattan brought out the newly hatched Prince Bowser.The Mario Bros. brought out a pacifier for their offerings.Wario got good tasty food for the prince.Wario got the works, a huge pile of gold, diamonds, treasures, etc.The Mario Bros. got a loaf of Italian bread, that was poisoned.They thought the bread was regular.They got the bread home and ate it for dinner.The inside of the bread was totally green.When Mario and Luigi thought that it was Italian bread filled with melted green vegetables that would go good with butter, they got sick to their stomachs, fell ill and nearly died.The doctor said that the Mario Bros. had a case of poisoning.Their mother and father said that it must be from the bread they ate.That's how Mario and Luigi got the feeling that Prince Bowser, learning how to do bad tricks from his parents, was not going to be a nice guy.After a few years passed, Bowser was growing up.Even though he was at an age where he could understand, he was mean to the Mario Bros. and taunted them.Bowser kept doing the same old tricks over and over up to the time when he was 10 years old.When Bowser was 10, Mario and Luigi never saw Bowser again.The Mario Bros. were now 26 and were ready to go out and travel on adventures.While Luigi was saving the city's sewers from his enemies, Mario was saving another part of the city to save his loved Pauline from Donkey Kong.Next, Mario had Donkey Kong in his clutches but Donkey Kong was saved by Donkey Kong Jr.Luigi was having trouble fighting off his enemies from the city sewers, so Mario exited Donkey Kong's part of town and entered the city sewers and fought off the enemies with Luigi's help.But after not hearing from Bowser for 20 years, Toadstool (Toad for short), Mushroom World messenger and mushroom retainer, sent a letter to the twins, telling them that their Kingdom has been taken over by a gang of Koopa's.The Mario Bros. knew that Koopa was the royal family of Manhattan's last name.They went farther down than the city sewers to get to a land just right above the Underworld, "Land of Hades and the Devils".This land below Manhattan's sewers is called The Mushroom Kingdom.As Toad, messenger and mushroom retainer was talking about troubles in his world, The Mario Bros. told about their life doing stuff like going to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.Now you know that the Mario Bros. are from the real world and not from the Mushroom World, because you know that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are Wario's children.Isn't that right? Okay.Let's go on with the bio.Toad, after hearing what the Mario Bros. said, was over amazed by hearing about their cultures.The Mario Bros. went on to Bowser's castle.When they reached the castle, they saw Bowser again.He was all grown up.He said, "Hi Mario.Hi Luigi.It's so nice to see you again." What trouble have you caused this time, Bowser?", Mario asked."I've conquered this castle, which was once the castle residence of the Mushroom King.There, I overthrew the king and kidnapped his daughter.", Bowser said."What must we do to get the princess back and the king returned to the throne?", said Luigi.Bowser replied, "For rescuing the princess, you need to check the castles of my 7 younger brothers, Yowser, Howser, Towser, Wowser, Rowser, Powser, Gowser, and my castle, if you couldn't find the princess in any of my 7 younger brothers' castles.For returning the king to his castle residence and throne, you need to defeat my 7 younger brothers and me."Mario and Luigi, successfully, beat Bowser and his 7 younger brothers, rescued the princess, and helped get the king back to his castle residence and his throne.Bowser had another task prepared for the Mario Bros.Now, only one of the Mario Bros. could go out to save Princess Toadstool and put the king once again back on the throne.Bowser's twin, Dowser was in every castle before the last castle in the game.Bowser is older than Dowser by 3 minutes.Now, the Mario Bros. took a vacation.In one part of the vacation, Mario dreamt about being in Subcon and fighting off a villain known as Wart.But while Mario, Luigi, and the others vacationed, Bowser had adopted Wario's baby septuplets and turned them into lizard-like creatures so that they would look a lot like him.These babies are now known today as the Koopa Kids.Bowser took action in the Mushroom World and the Mushroom King fell out of power.Bowser built himself a castle for his new majesty and sent the Koopa Kids in airships.Toad, mushroom retainer, told the Mario Bros. that 7 kings of 7 worlds have been transformed into different kinds of creatures, which they were, and he explained the whole story of what happened during the vacation written in the bio just before Toad's part.They successfully beat Bowser, the Koopa Kids, and their gang of enemies.Then, the Mario Bros. vacationed to Dinosaur Land, inhabited by real kinds of dinosaurs, including Triceratops, T-Rex, Brontosaurus, etc., right below the sewers of Brooklyn, the site where the Mario Bros. were born.But in the meantime, during the vacation, Bowser built a castle for himself there and built castles for the Koopa Kids.Before that, the Mario Bros. picked up a dinosaur egg from a rare species of dinosaurs.The egg suddenly cracked and broke open.There he was, Yoshi.It was the beginning of a knew type of family, a Yoshi family.The Mario Bros. were successful in beating Bowser and the Koopa Kids.Then Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, and some others including Bowser went into Super Mario Kart.Mario had also been fighting Tatanga in Sarsaland before that.A few months after the Super Mario Kart races, Wario invaded Mario's castle and made it his, but Mario conquered all six zones, got all six golden coins, and conquered the castle.Mario and Luigi had also gone through 4 steps that they'd taken before in Super Mario All-Stars.As for Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario had to have the same dream again.A few months before, Mario had been kidnapped by Bowser and Luigi went out to save him with Yoshi and return real world artifacts stolen by koopas to their rightful places.A few days later, Bowser stole real artifacts from certain times and he then kidnapped Yoshi.Mario went on a long trek through time to restore those artifacts and rescue Yoshi.The Mario Bros. also appeared in many other games.The next big event was when Wario came along and bought out Mario's castle and made it his again.Wario had turned Mario Land into Wario Land.But I wanted you to let you on a little secret.Luigi, Mario's twin went to a far off distant land, built a castle, and claimed the land, "Luigi Land", but in this new Game Boy game, Luigi Land:Wario Land 3, Wario will probably conquer Luigi's castle, make it his, and claim the castle and the land to be his.He will then own 4 castles.Isn't that interesting.

Thoughts From Jay
Wow, nice bio. But are the Mario Bros really neglected? Nevermind.

Chargin' Chuck By, Ramatis
"...Bowser's one and only Football-crazed enemy..."
Vital Stats:
Race/Gender: All male,muscle-bound Koopa Troopas covered in Football uniforms.
Age: Various
Height: Not very high.
Weight: Very heavy. Over 300 lbs.
Games they play other than Football: Baseball
Likes: Football,Baseball,Koopa,Tackling MARIO
Hates: The fact that England falls Soccer Football(they hate Soccer),MARIO,losing their helmets and footballs
49ers or Cowboys: 49ers
Chargin' Chucks were originally Koopa Troopas with bigger muscles than all the others. When King Koopa hooked up Cable to the Koopa's area,many of them liked to watch football. They were obsessed with it. So they practiced and exercised all day long until they had huge muscles and could fit in football uniforms. Like Lakitu,they were an extremly worthy enemy for MARIO when SMW was made. In fact,they were so tough it took 3 HITS to take 'em out. There were also many other kinds of Chargin' Chucks. Clappin' Chucks constantly did jumping jacks whenever you jumped. They often were seen in pairs. Clappin' Chucks were the kind of Chucks that exercised a bit more than most others. So that they thought they could be healthier and stronger than them if they exercised more often. Lookout Chucks were the defensive side of the Chargin' Chuck family. They ran around,looking for any meddling plumbers to stomp on and warn others about. Splittin' Chucks are the most dangerous kind of Chucks. Splittin' Chucks were insane. So insane that they had three split personalities that often split apart into three different Chucks and caused mounds of trouble for MARIO! "Confused" Chucks still remain to wear their football gear,but are now throwing baseballs. Quite possibly the second-most dangerous Chuck. Note that they're jumping a bunch. (boy,those Chucks sure are competitive) Diggin' Chucks are simular to "Confused" Chucks. While they still wear football armor,they've put down their football and picked up their shovel and they dig up rocks to toss at MARIO. Note that they do this even when Mario's not around. They must be exercising their arms so that their muscles will be bigger. (Uh,did I mention these Chucks were competitive?) Chargin' Chucks are among the most competitive creatures of King Koopa's Arsenal. Exercising everyday,even attacking is giving them a workout! They're even a worthy enemy for Yoshi! For Yoshi personally doesn't like eating any enemy with athlete's foot!
"What we have here is a problem to communicate with proper English!"

Thoughts From Jay
Hm...good bio. Too many chucks...

Culex By, Unknown
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Height: Big
Weight: anything
Status: Alive

Along time ago in a galaxy far away there was a being named culex. He would consume planets as he went bye them. He was matter and anti-matter. he advently went to earth. Then he relized he couldnt stay there. but he lived in MOnstro town. He met Mario. He challneged him and his friends to a fight. He thought he would win. He almost did. Then he lost. He went aback to his home planet. Till next time.

Thoughts From Jay
Woops. Sorry, but I seemed to have lost the name to this one. If anyone can claim this bio, I'll put their name on it.