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A Whole TON of NCs

A Whole TON of Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Multiple Bios By, John
Name: The Angry Sun
Height: He's a giant celestial body with a bad temper, YOU go measure him!
Weight: Same problem as Hot Foot; he roasted the scale
Age: Celestial+320 (32)
Nobody knows exactly what made the Sun angry, but a few desert legends go as follows: The Sun could actually hear what the travellers of the Koopahari Desert would say about the heat, which soon got on his nerves. One night (or was it day, and the Sun was too busy to rise?), the Sun decided it was time to give the travellers something to complain about. So he attacked everyone who said anything about the temperature, and since then, he's been tormenting anyone who travels the widest quicksand pit and braves the deser twisters of the unforgiving Koopahari. Moral of the story is: If you can't take the heat, get out of the desert.

Name: Podoboo
Height: Like anyone wants to go to the lava pits to measure a ball of magma that will melt the tape measure.
Weight: You can't put scales in lava.
Age: He's an eternal flame (Anyone thinking of a song by The Bengals, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!)
Podoboo is a living entity like Fryguy, with a pattern as original as peanut butter & jelly on whole wheat bread. Bowser meant to create a giant lava jet that would shoot up from the lava pits and burn bridges, but he got Podoboo instead (His wand needed batteries). He tried to create a lava boss from it, but Podoboo had other ideas. Ideas like jumping out of lava pits endlessly. On Sky World, the elevation has caused some Podoboos to go in reverse. When Bowser learned that Podoboo was invincible at first, he stuck with it, but after SMB3 introduces Starman to fortresses, and Hammer Suits and Tanooki Suits to the Bros., Podoboo has become rather annoying to everyone. Splitting into four branches, including a blue one (Sparky, Fire Ball, Pyrosphere, and Podoboo) has done little to help his cause. Oh well...

Name: Boom-Boom
Height: About 5-9
Weight: He just HAD to jump on the scale. Now I can't weigh anyone else.
Age: OLD
Boom-Boom is an example of advances in video game evolution. He's a cross between Spiny and a Koopa Troopa, with Bowser's stamina. The Koopa Troopa part gives him that flight ability, and he's got Bowser's leaping talent. The Spiny part sevres to protect him from stomps at times, but no one thought to make him fireproof, as a quick defeat of him goes to the Bros. if they have firepower. He's roasted in 5 hits. Sigh. I guess all that fist waving really didn't scare them after all.

Name: Hammer Bros. & the Family
Height: Same as Super Mario
Weight: I'd know if they'd ditch the weapons long enough. At least they fixed the scale.
Age: Various, from 18 to 24
The Hammer bros knew what they were doing when thy tried pounding the Mario Bros. like nails with their hammers. When they returned in SMB3, they'd come from a worldwide vacation, on which they picked up their relatives. From Australia: the dual shot, double trouble Boomerang Bros. From New York: the haevy-hitting, 222 pound, tremor-causing Sledge Bros. And from somewhere under Mt. Krakatoa: the Twin Toasters themselves, the Fire Bros. Hammer-hoisting gave the Hammer and Sledge Bros. some SERIOUS jumping ability, but the others fell short. They wreaked havoc on the Mushroom Worlds until the Mario Bros came along and defeated them all. Even earthquakes and sledgehammers couldn't stop them. On Dinosaur World, Amazin' Flying Hammer Bros. tried to hammer out some dents in Bowser's plans, but they still failed. Oh well, can't win 'em all...

Name: Spike
Age: 21 or so
Weight: 167 (Could someone please do something about the spiked ball in my scale?)
Height: Whatever Mario's height is
Gender: Male, for the most part.
Likes: Swimming, ice, pointed objects
Hates: Ptooies, droughts, dull razors
Spike was the last turtle to enter Bowser's army. He was given the ability to produce an endless amount of spiked balls (in a most disgusting manner), and climbing abilites. He lives by water, ans this makes the perfect spot to relax, and the Mario Bros. won't dare tread near water (they're plumbers, they see enough water). Spike never though of making himself fireproof, so he declined the offer to join Bowser on his trip to Dinosaur World in SMW. Spike decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with his friends, but they declined before they got out the front door of Castle Koopa. to quote Spike at this time "It was too much @%#$ work!"

Name: Bob-Omb
Age: ....... Uh........... 28?..........
Weight: Just one second, I fixed the scale, and I have Bob-Omb on it, and [BOOM!].... Never mind....
Height: Twice as tall as half their height ;-)
Gender: Artillery, who cares?!
Likes: Fire, exploding, lightning
Hates: Wigglers, Wendy O. Koopa
Bob-Ombs are less dangerous than most other foes. That is, until they lose their temper. Then... BOOOOOOOOM! No more Bob-Omb. Mario hates being blasted, but likes using them to blast walls and enemies. Bob-Ombs would rather soak in Island World. Thanks to Wendy O. Koopa, they can swim, but they blame her for removing their arms later on. The Giant Bob-Omb of SM64 was actually the first Bob-Omb created. He went through a door on Land of the Giants, and grew to large proportions. Afer a few years, he fought Mario. Now, rumor has it that he's forming a resistance against Wart. Hmmm...

Thoughts From Jay
Wow, thats a lot of bios. good job.

Multiple Bios By, SD Yoshi Blue
-name: Bloober (alternative spelling: "Blooper")
-race: some kind of jellyfish or calalmari-style creature.
-age: your average jellyfish only lives for about one year. I've checked.
-blood type: Not sure if jellyfish bleed, and anyway, the cances of ever seeing blood in a Mario game are of ten million to one.
-gender: I don't think there's a difference between male and female jellyfish.
-occupation: Mario baddie.
-size: About as big as Mario, wich is pretty huge for a jellyfish.
-habitat: The sea, obviously.
-weight: Can't be all that heavy.
-first appearance: Super Mario Bros.
-gaming career: The Bloober's first, and arguably most memorable appearance was in the original SMB, where they infested the underwater sections. Tricky to avoid, and impossible to kill without a fire flower, Bloobers were considered as some of the most fearsome SMB enemies. Their toughness worked as a bit of a two-sided sword: there were players who liked a challenge and respected the mighty Bloober, but easily frustrated players hated Bloober 'till they could hate no more. Still, he made a comeback in the Lost Levels (SMB2 to the Japanese), where he was pretty much the same as before, except for one new skill: in certain non-underwater levels, Bloober appeared, floating in the air. These levels were usually infested with tricky jumps over bottomless pits, and the floating Bloobers proved to be a major nuisance. A jump on their head would see them off (unlike the swimming Bloobers who could kill you upon any contact), but it was still risky. SMB3 featured Bloobers as well, but there was no more floating around: this time they stayed in the water. But, to compensate, they were now usually accompanied by a group of baby Bloobers-completely in fashion with the slight baby boom that seemed to be going on in SMB3 (the Koopa kids, micro Goombas, and now this...)-who would follow the "big" Bloober (I say big, but they actually looked smaller than before in SMB3) around the screen. A couple of years later, the Bloober was used as a piece in the puzzle game Mario&Yoshi on the NES and GB. Bloober's last appearance so far has been in SMRPG, where they patrolled the area around the entrance to the sea.
-future prospects: Although we haven't seen anything of the Bloober for quite a while now, he's still a pretty well-known Mario baddie, and I'd reckon he'll make a comeback someday. He may appear in Mario Party somewhere, but I'm not sure a bout that.
-mysteries: Do the Bloobers ever get washed ashore? Can they breathe outside of water? That's all I really wonder about, wich is surprisingly little for an element of the ever-illogical Mario saga.....

-name: Blarrg
-race: a lava creature or something....
-age: unknown
-size: varies
-occupation: minion of Bowser
-blood type: No idea, but he's probably a hot-blooded sort of person....
-habitat: lives in lava pools
-gender: probably male.
-weight: Not a clue
-known relatives: In YI, they bear a striking resemblance to a monster called Nep-enuts
-likes and dislikes: Is probably not to keen on Yoshi. Probably gets a big bang out of scaring people by jumping out of the lava and shouting "boo!" at them. Um....maybe.
-first appearance: Super Mario World
-gaming career: In certain levels of SMW, Mario had to dodge growling, dragon-like creatures that popped out of the lava beneath him. These were the Blarrgs. Their role was only small, but they were re-used in Yoshi's Island, however, they had changed a lot. Instead of looking like dragons, they were now big red humps of lava with a (very cute) face on them. They came in small and big sizes, the big ones chasing Yoshi around. They now made a crashing sound upon emerging from the lava, as opposed to their "growling" sound effect in SMW. Tetris Attack featured a Blarrg called Gargantua Blarrg as a playable character, and also as an opponent in the stroy mode. Yoshi's Story saw a third type of Blarrg. They looked a bit like the ones in YI, but larger, and with more elaborate faces and skin colours.
-future prospects: Blarrgs seem to be exclusive to Yoshi games now. A new Yoshi game is quite a likely prospect, but it won't be with us anytime soon....
-mysteries: There's something very wierd here....three very different-looking enemies each share the same name. How do the dragon-like Blarrgs from SMW relate to those in the Yoshi games? Since the Yoshi games take place before any of the other Mario games, the SMW version may be a more eveolved form of the Blarrg. But honestly, your guess is as good as mine. This is another one of those unfathomable Mario mysteries.

-name: Para-Beetle
-age: unknown, but bugs don't grow very old, usually, do they?
-weight: that shell looks pretty heavy....
-blood type: insects bleed? No idea, frankly.
-gender: unknown
-race: insect
-known relatives: is probably related to the Buzzy Beetle
-habitat: clouds.
-occupation: serves in Bowser's army.
-first appearance: SMB3
-gaming career: The Para-Beetles have only had one tiny little appearance, in one single level of SMB3's sky world (I think it was level 5-7?). All they did was fly in a big swarm accross the screen, but the trick was that they were all Mario could stand on in that one level, so he had to hop from beetle to beetle in order to make it to end of this pretty tricky level. And that's it. That's all we've ever seen of them.
-future prospects: don't hold our breath. They were probably a one-time only kind of deal.
-mysteries: one question must be asked: why did they appear so little? Why haven't we seen any of them since SMB3? I quite liked their look (the red shell was cute), and there's got to be some more potential in them than just that tiny showing in SMB3. Come on, Nintendo, give them another chance!

Thoughts From Jay
Nice work. Very comprehence bios. Would you mind if I "use" some of these topics such as "future prospects" and "mysteries" in my bios?