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Viewer Bio. Daisy

Princess Daisy

By Stanley the Bugman

Vital Stats
Age: About the same as Peach's
Looks: Like Peach
Dresses: Like Peach
Lives in: The desert kingdom of Sarasa
Likes: Mario and being like Peach
Dislikes: Tatanga... and that she was only in Super Mario Land
Hobbies: Her rose garden (or that's what the Super Mario Land manual says)
Wants: To be like Peach (see a trend?)

Yellow dress Pink dress
Flower in her hair No flower
No green brooch Wears a green brooch
Red hair Blonde hair
Slight limp No limp... in fact, Peach has superior jumping ability

Princess Daisy grew up in the far away Sarasa Kingdom, where the sun always shone over those hot desert sands. Daisy led the normal princess' life: drinking tea, waving, being waited on hand and foot, and avoiding photographers. However, since and early age Daisy was tormented by being compared to her prettier, friendlier, more talented, and better smelling cousin form the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach. Peach had a better kingdom with more subjects, better presents for her birthday, and that cool green brooch (which would be broken a family reunion scuffle; the one Peach wears now is a replacement). Peach had royal Mushroom Retainers, while Daisy had only a in lowly janitorial service. Peach's life was even more exciting, as she had been kidnapped by Koopas FOUR times! Daisy was jealous.

In an effort to take Peach out of the spotlight for once, Daisy made some connections and arranged for this a fake kidnapping. Tatanga, a Bowser wannabe who lived in the skies and even had his own wannabe Bowser's army: imitation Goombas called Chibikos, Koopa Troopas called Nobokens, and Piranha Flowers called Pakkun Flowers. Tatanga made it seem like Daisy gets nabbed and Mario comes a running. Mario beats Tatanga, quite easily, and spends a weekend with Daisy. Mario promises to call back, but never returns from Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy eventually ended up dating Luigi, and Tatanga got his payment and vowed never to screw with Mario again.

Thoughts from Jay
I noticed the whole Peach vs. Daisy thing. Cute. I like conspiracy, you mean the how kidnapping thing was a plot by Daisy? Who would of known.