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Many Boshi NCs

Many Boshi Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Boshi By, Ian
Height: Six feet
Weight: 150 lbs.
Biggest enemy: Yoshi
Best friend: Croco
Worst nightmare: A team of Yoshis with long tongues trying to eat him

Boshi was born to a red yoshi and a yellow yoshi. He liked to boss people around, hence the mix of "Bully" and "Yoshi" for his name. One day he discovered Yoster' Isle. He went there, bossed everybody around, beat them in a race and became the boss. Then Yoshi came with his plumber. Boshi did not like this, but he accepted Yoshi's challenge of a race anyway. Oh my- somebody actually BEAT him! After the defeat of Smithy, he went mysteriously away from Yoster' Isle with Croco. Nobody knows what he did with Croco, but we're guessing he's the cause of the exploding of Barrel Volcano... but that's another story...

Thoughts From Jay
Simple bio. Pritty Good.

Boshi By, Pokemaniac
1st Appaerance: Super Mario RPG
Species: Yoshi , Male
Likes: Racing, and Cookies
Hates: Losing
One day a Blue yoshi was born on Yoshi's Island. He emidiatly started running. His parents named him Boshi. When Boshi grew older, He bought some expensive Shades with the money he kept winning at the mushroom derby. Boshi also bought a spiked coller, and cut the toes of his shoes off. He became known as The Bad Yoshi, all around the Isle. Soon, he let knowone but him race in the mushroom derby. The Yoshis were sad and wished They could race. Then, Yoshi stepped up and Challenged Boshi. It was a Race no Yoshi would ever Forget. In the end, Yoshi came out in the Lead,and Boshi lost. Then, all the Yoshis including boshi could race again. Boshi soon got over his losing, and The Yoshis no longer were afraid of him.
Thoughts From Jay
Another short bio on Boshi, one of the growing popular characters.