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Many Bowser NCs

Many Bowser Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Baby Bowser By, Sleep Kirby
Weight: 1/3 of Bowser
Height:1/3 of Bowser
# of times they have been mistaken as the Koopa Kids: 1

The story of the Baby Bowsers is a sad one. After their defeat in SMW, the Koopa Kids were sent all to Subcon to die. So Bowser, without any helpers, lost again and again, so finally, after SM64, he played with his DNA and made clones. But as all clones are, they were only 94% right, and sence the clone Machine was made by a Magikoopa, they were only 1/3 right. So Bowser, being the evil one he is, teached them to be evil and twisted, so when Mario got together with Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario and DK to settle who was the Super Star, they evetuelly got all of their stars stolen by Bowser, at his secret base. There he gave each of the Baby Bowsers a Star to defend, but like the Koopa Kids, they were wimps and Mario and his friends got them back and sent Bowser far away. The Baby Bowsers are now hiding in the Mushroom Kingdom, waiting for Bowser to lose again.

Thoughts From Jay characters are always odd. But at least they are original.

Bowser Part 2 By, Matt Kupfer(Matt/8)
Whight:13 tons
Bowser's life Age:30000
Hight:13 feet

Bowser Koopa is ruler of a land called Vally Of Bowser.Bowser is nicesed ruler.(Once one of his Koopas betrayed him so he killed it.)He hates Mario.Bowser has a list of what he does every day.Today he Fought Bomber Man.He now has a brother who's name is Bowyer.(Bowyer is from SMRPG.)Bowyer looks like a bow and arow.Bowser is very rich.(I mean really stinkin rich.)Bowser has his own castle.Bowser hates Mario and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.(She killed his parents.) That conclueds my bio.

Thoughts From Jay
You'll probably have to find Matt's first bio to read this one. Happy Hunting.

Neon Bowser By, Big Bob-Omb ( a.k.a. The Bomb King )
Name: Bowser ( in a neon form )
1st appaerance: Super Mario 64 ( Bowser in the Sky )
Species: Turtle, Male
Likes: Evil, Bad, Hate, etc.
Hates: Mario, Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi, ( this list could go on and on and on.....)
Bowser, after being beaten Twice on the same day, retreated to his hideout in the sky. There, He took in Lots of star power. He then fused into a neon bowser. His skin and shell glowed differant colors, and with the power of the stars, he could create shockwaves and destroy the platform. Soon, Mario found Bowser in his Hideout. They fought BIG TIME!!!!!! However, Bowser, even in his Neon form, couldn't beat Mario. so, he retreated. He then Lost his neon look, and became less powerful. Bowser is currently coming up with a plan for SM642. ( We all know whats coming. )
That was the strangest bio i ever did. Hey, did you ever fight Bowser in the sky?

Thoughts From Jay
OK, I guess I have to play SM64 to get this one.