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Viewer Bio. Goomba


By Yoster

Vital Stats
Name: Goombas
Height: Small
Wieght: Not much
Gender: Some male, some female
Race: Deformed Mushrooms
The Goombas started out as mushroom people, but something went wrong. Bowser was doing nuclear bomb-omb testing and hit 25 mushrooms (kinda like Godzilla). The Bomb-ombs turned them orange, destroyed their arms, deformed them, and made them evil. They reproduced, and soon began the begining of......the Goombas. The Bomb-ombs did something to their minds too. So they spoke weird (ex."Goomba want eat "). The other Mushrooms didn`t know that the Goombas were evil, but they soon found out. One day, Toad saw a king with 2 big bite marks in their heads. "What`s wrong," asked Toad."Goombas...goombas," the king replied. So the Goombas were exiled fromthe Mushroom Kingdom. They were mad at Bowser. They attacked his castle. Bowser was smart. He made a deal with them. If they were in his army for 35 1/2 years, then they could attack the Mushroom Kingdom whenever they wanted. The Goombas agreed to the deal. Everyone lived happily everafter (exept the Mushroom People).

Thoughts from Jay
And so Boswer created the goombas by accident. Goombas are cool, and they're everywhere. The best part is in SMW when you can pick 'em up and kick 'em. If they'er nuclear, they should be able to spit radiation. They would be a worthy enemy for Mario!