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Many NCs

Many Ncs

By Multiple Authors

Wario By, M. J. J. Daitch
Present Height:14 feet, 10 inches
Present Weight:4000 pounds
Wario was born Wario Dawson Schmaltz on February 2, 1935, youngest child (except for his evil twin with the same exact first name featured later in the bio) of Richard Schmaltz Jr. (1891-) and Samantha Schmaltz (1895-1993), people from Moscow, Russia, in Manhattan.Manhattan at that time was ruled by Queen Tina Keckruts (1905-1952) and her king consort, Thomas Keckruts (1895-), maternal grandparents of Bowser.Wario had a pretty fun and rather relaxing time with the king and the fat queen.The Mario Bros. (1939-), Mario and Luigi, became Wario's best friends ever yet in 1940, when the Mario Bros. were only little babies.But in 1952, when Wario was 17, Queen Tina died of a heart attack, due to eating too much frankfurters, hamburgers, french fries, pizza plain or with toppings, chocolate cake, ice cream, etc.Her 25-year-old daughter, Princess Agnes Keckruts, became queen.Queen Tina and King Thomas had low taxes, but when Princess Agnes, Bowser's mother, came to the throne, she raised the taxes higher than you can imagine (very high).On March 2, 1955, Queen Agnes married to Roddy Koopa (1926-), now her first and only king, son of a famous lizard couple from Italy, Bowser's paternal grandparents, Elena Koopa (1898-1977) and Antonio Koopa (1892-).King Roddy liked the push of taxes, just like Queen Agnes.Wario didn't like that.Soon after Queen Agnes's marriage, Queen Agnes made a big egg about 6 feet, 1 inch.On December 10, 1955, 15 days before Christmas, the baby hatched.The king and queen agreed to name the baby Bowser, because no other name came to mind.When Wario came walking along with his best friends, the Mario Bros., a few days after the baby hatched, they saw the king and queen bringing out the newly hatched Prince Bowser, now about 6 feet.Mario and Luigi's offering was a pacifier.The baby prince, Bowser Koopa just crushed their fingers.Wario gave Bowser his maternal grandmother's (Queen Tina's) favorite foods that caused her to die of a heart attack.Bowser loved the food.For pleasing the prince, the king and queen gave him the works.They gave him lots of gold, diamonds, treasures.That is how Wario got the idea to go on a trek to get coins and other valuable stuff.He exchanged his valuables and got a huge castle for he and his family to live in.As he kept doing good deeds for Bowser, the king and queen gave him more valuables.As he exchanged his treasures his castle got bigger and bigger and bigger.As he kept exchanging, his castle kept growing.Finally on June 27, 1959, Wario was married to an 18-year-old Wario fan, Elizabeth Parkergratt, daughter of people from Moscow who knew his parents, Hubert Parkergratt (1899-) and Pamela Parkergratt (1903-1989).In 1963, they had their first child, Frederick Schmaltz whom Wario helped to respect and do good deeds for Bowser, so that the family could get rich and the castle could get bigger starting by the time he was 3.In 1967, they had their 2nd child, Jonathan Schmaltz, who was trained by his father to guard the castle, wearing a knight's armor suit starting when the next child was born.In 1971 the next child, Michael Schmaltz was born.Starting when he was 3, Michael was taught by his father to be a good cook so that he could have his own restaurant to replace the kitchen they had that wasn't that good, to use to serve the family and other people.In 1975, their fourth child was born, George Schmaltz.His father trained him in making magical machines, including time machines.George made his own machine to get to places in this world and in other worlds, planets, and lands.He used this machine called "the transportation machine" to go to places on his travels and have family members come to live with them.In 1979 the fifth child, Pete Schmaltz, was born.Pete was tutored in history by his father starting when he was 3.In 1987, Mrs. Schmaltz appeared to be fat and she thought she was too old to give birth.Wario thought she'd over eaten.But then he became surprised that when he was at the hospital with his wife, who was then 46, he saw 7 babies come out.The septuplets are now known as the Koopa Kids.They're names at birth were Larry, Morton, Wendy O. (O. stands for Opal), Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig Von Schmaltz.But Wario got so sick and tired of them and their instincts that in 1988, he told his son George, then 13, to make a transformation machine.He sent the transformation machine and his baby septuplets to Bowser.When he received the babies and the transformation machine, Bowser decided to have them put in the transformation machine so that they could look a lot like him.Mario and Luigi did not like Bowser.He was mean to them.Mario couldn't believe that Wario liked Bowser.After fighting against Tatanga he then achieved the land which is now known is Mario Land, in 1992.Next, Wario took over Mario's Castle after traveling to Mario Land with his transportation machine made by his son George.Now it was Wario's Castle.Wario had 2 castles now.But then, Mario conquered the 6 zones, and then, conquered the castle.The next year, while Wario was vacationing, his mother died at age 98.He then returned to his castle in Manhattan.His father, then 102, said to Wario that he should really get going for a new adventure to get a new castle.The next year, he got his transportation machine and went to Kitchen Island.He fought off Captain Syrup and his gang of pirates.With his valuables, he achieved a new castle.Before he left his castle on Kitchen Island, he built a robot to guard the castle on Kitchen Island.He then returned to his castle in Manhattan.In the beginning it says that Wario has a twin.Now, I'll reveal this twin of Wario's.Wario's twin's name is Wario Richard Schmaltz.Wario Dawson is 4 minutes older than Wario Richard.It was Wario Richard who appeared in Wario's Woods, not Wario Dawson.But for the entire rest of the story, when it says Wario in the rest of the bio, I mean Wario Dawson.The next year, in 1995, Wario's wife was 54 and was too old to give birth but gave birth anyway to twins.They were named after Mario and Luigi.Wario sent Baby Luigi to Bowser Koopa Jr. (Baby Bowser).Wario sent Baby Mario to the Yoshi's.In 3 years Wario came back to his castle on Kitchen Island.He turned off the robot and thought that Captain Syrup and his gang couldn't get through with him around, but the gang went into the castle one night and took all that treasure.After a long adventure he defeated Captain Syrup and his gang and got those treasures back.I'm sure that he also got the statue of Princess Toadstool, bought out Mario's Castle and made it his again, and had all 3 castles get bigger.He then had the same robot guard his castle at Kitchen Island.He had another robot guard the castle at Wario Land (which was once Mario Land).He then returned to his castle in Manhattan.With his son, Jonathan on guard at his Manhattan Castle, and 2 robots on guard at his Kitchen Island Castle and at his Wario Land Castle, Wario shall probably never be disturbed again.I think Wario knows now to not turn off a robot, because you know what happened last time.Don't you?
Thoughts From Jay
Wow...thats quite a story...

Bowser By, Fox8777283
Name: Bowser Koopa (without the title of "king".)
Gender: Male
Species: Some kind of turtle, or a dragon. A Koopa.
Age: I dunno...
Weight: However much the T.V. weighs that you see him on.
Height: Actually, probably not very tall. I mean, if you compare him to Mario, he's huge, but hey, if you go by comparing Mario, the Princess is huge!!!!!!!!!!
All right,here we go!!!!
A few years ago, in 1985, Bowser Koopa decided that he didn't like people ignoring him (how can you ignore someone who looks like him???), so he decided he'd capture the Princess and get some attention. Then, he decided that, while he's at it, hey, take over the Mushroom Kingdom!
Of course, Mario managed to save her, which really peaved Bowser. He decided to make a more complete plan to to take over the Mushroom Kingdom (that's why he wasn't in Super Mario. Bros 2.). During this break, he met his wife (see, he's NOT asexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So, then he had some kids (boy, these two move fast!).
Having so many kids was to his advantage. He could make them part of his Koopa Troop, and this time he wouldn't fail. Of course, Mario foiled his plans once again.
This time, he would send out his kids to destroy and conquer certain areas of the Mushroom World as a diversion. He took this oppurtunity to capture the Princess (Mrs. Koopa wasn't very happy about this!) So, he just "let" Mario rescue the Princess to make his wife happy (at least, that's what he says!).
After getting his plans foiled time and time again, he decided to start trying to conquer smaller things, like the Princess's castle. He stole 120 stars from the castle and distributed them to some of his troops, and kept some for himself. The stars were radiating power, making him and his troops more powerful than in his previous games. Once again, he captured the Princess (maybe Bowser just LIKES to fight with Mario. I think he'd be upset if Mario didn't show up to save Peach!). Not surprisingly, Mario vanquished Bowser's dreams of conquering.
After all these times of being beat up, is Bowser going to quit? Of course not!!!! He's already been working on a plan... but this time, will actually succeed? Probably not.
Thoughts From Jay
We need to have Bowser win once...Id love to see a game where the bad guy wins.

The Cloud Lakui rides on By, Tommy
Age: Who cares?
race: Cloud
Gender: Neither
Height: anything
Weight: light
status: n/a
Here is a really neglegted character, the cloud. Lakui is always riding on it, but no one gives it respect at all! Well it really is not a character. This cloud helped Mario in Mario World. The cloud helps Lauki move. Before Lakui only could walk in a wheel chair. Now Lakui is riding in this cloud. This cloud is what Lauki lives in also. Mabey it will be in a game. (ok, why)
Thoughts From Jay

Clawgrip By, Scott Moonstar
Gender: Male
Clawgrip is a crab from subcon working for wart Clawgrip throws rocks at anybody who comes and faces him. After beinging defeated by Mario,Luigi, Toad, and Princess toadstool. Clawgrip went to Mushroom sea to live underwater. Now he is good friend to Any sea animals come to visit him but claw grip still dosen't like mario.
Thoughts From Jay