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Viewer Bio. Smithy


By Steve G

Vital Stats
Age: 1 day old (if they're lucky!)
Gender: Male (well most of them)
Height : A bit bigger than an average hand.
Weight: 3 feathers
Likes: Being able to survive longer than a day!
Hates: Anyone and anything that can squish him!
Definition: Goomba (n.)- A brownish squishy enemy that is found all over Mushroom Kingdom. They are known for be squished on. Derived from greek goombik (squishy object)
The story starts when Kamek saw that Baby Bowser had potential of being very BAD person. So using his trusty wand, he made it rain eggs. (No yoshi was not in em') These eggs landed in Giant Land (SMB3) and they hatched. Inside were huge goombas. They were mostly male except there was only one female and lucky for them mating season was just around the corner. Anyways unfortunately the female Goomba died because of "squishy" complications but fortunately there were now millions of little male Goombas.

The Goombas were happy for several years in there kingdom but one day Kamek snatched the little Goombas and took them to Bowsers castle where he trained them. He needed enemies to make sure that Princess Peach would not be snatched by any unwanted guests. Bowser was not stupid either, he knew these goombas were not going to be very useful but he placed them all over the land to hopefully catch the hero off guard somehow.

Mario and Luigi had no trouble with the goombas during SMB and SMB3. After both adventures, the Goomba population was decreasing fast so Kamek casted two spells. One was to make another female Goomba appear and voila another bazillion goombas. But again she did not last long!. The other spell was to create a laboratory so that Bowser could strengthen the Goombas. After Bowser took Peach (again) in SMW he took a quarter of the Goombas and brought them to a lab in dinosaur Land and put the other three quarter in a dungeon at Mushroom Kingdom. In the lab, he placed a hard shell on the Goombas so they would not die if they got squished and he made them rollable. This did make them somewhat stronger but they were still not much of a threat to Mario and Luigi.

Bowser prepared to change the rest of the goombas to stronger enemies but he soon found that his laboratory was gone! No one knows what happened to it. So he just let them go to help him out (kinda) in SMRPG and SM64.

Meanwhile in Giant Land the big Goombas were almost extinct and it seemed like a female Goomba would not appear. They knew they were in danger of being extinct so they decided to search for a way out or something that would make them survive. They found a pipe that took them to the Huge part of Tiny-Huge Island a la SM64 and they were happy there until Mario crashed there party.

No one knows what happened to the Goombas after SM64. They may be preparing for SM642 or maybe their race is extinct. Or perhaps maybe Bowser was smart enough to find a stronger enemy than Goombas... but I doubt that! No one will ever know... for now!

Okay my Bio is done I just have one last thing to say....let's face it they are dumb but Goombas are still cool! (???? -Kyle) One more thing if you ever see a Goomba do not piss them off cause they can make the sky flash (In SMPRG)