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By Yo`ster B., the green Yoshi

Age: younger than Mario
Owns: a street light, a fishing pole
Weight: I`m guessing light if that cloud can support his weight

A long time ago in the Mushroom World there was a species of Koopas known as Lakitus. The word Lakitu means "creature of the clouds." The Lakitus got there name by flying around in clouds and dropping things on people. But the weird is that they`re all near sighted. Kamek saw these marvelous creatures and decided to use them in Bowser`s army. These creatures fought the Yoshis twice, but loss both times (YI, YS). After the second time the , the great race of Lakitus died out. Years later, a Koopa Troopa was born. But this koopa`s shell looked a little bit different then the other Koopa shells. This Koopa was also near-sighted. So his parents named him Lakitu. Lakitu wasn`t like the other Koopas, he wasn`t evil. So one day he decided to run away. He didn`t take many things, only a camera, a street light, a fishing pole, and 25 cents. While he was walking, he saw an old Mushroom person with a cloud. The Mushroom person sold thing Lakitu the cloud for 25 cents. Lakitu rode the cloud to the Mushroom Kingdom. On his way, other Koopas saw him. They found thetre own clouds and copied him, but they were evil. They dropped spiny turtles on the Mushroom people. And thus the great race of Lakitus were reborn. Bowser used Lakitus in his army and still does. Then one day Princess Peach was captured by Bowser. Then the Mario Bros. came to the Kingdom. They saved the princess. After a couple of years, Lakitu came tro the Mushroom Kingdom. The princess was scared at first, but then Lakitu told her his story. Soon the princess had an idea. She was going to hold annual go-kart races, and Lakitu could help her. So Lakitu used his street light and fishing pole in the races. Years went by, and Princess Peach was captured by Bowser again. So Mario went to save her. But thjis time Lakitu and his brother video taped the entire adventure. After Mario saved the princess, the races were held again. Lakitu helped again, but this time he had a fancy sign that told the drivers thatr they were going in the wrong direction ( last time he just had a piece of cloth with an X on it). After that, Lakitu bought a house in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he now happily lives. THE END Thoughts From Jay
OK...a more detailed discription of any generic character I could come up with. Good job.