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Viewer Bio. Axem Rangers

Axem Rangers

By Starnik

Alter Egos:These guys have Egos?
Number of times been mistaked for Jerry Lewis: 1 (don't ask)
Okay, A long time ago on an island far, far away, there was a rip in the fabric of real space. from this rip, a horde of dream beings called "Shy Guys" marched out. some stayed in Dream Land though, but that's not important. Some of the shy guys started to grow bazooka mouths. They called them selves "Snifits".
Now, Let's go hundreds of years later:
Smithy was about to conquer Earth, when 6 snifits (pink, black, red, green, yellow, and white) came up to him. Now as we all know (see Jay's Smithy bio) Star Road had bad Entertainment, thus Power Rangers was always showing there. This gave Smithy an idea, and used his Magic™ to mutate the snifits. He gave them axes and called them AXEM RANGERS™. Unfortunately, he took away there basic weapon, the cannon balls that shoot from there mouth. He did this because they could no longer control it, an 1/3 of Smithy's army was badly hurt.
There first target was the small town of Barrel Volcano. They destroyed every Mushroom but the one called Hippon-something. Least to say, the Czar Dragon and Zombone were not happy. They surprised attacked the AXEM R. and killed the White One. The AR was shocked. The ran away, back to Smithy. Then, Mario came along looking for the Star Piece. After He defeated the Czar Dragon, The AXEM Rangers went back down (courage restored) to take the Star Piece...
And the rest, is history!
Thoughts from Jay
What’s Magic a Trade mark of??? Is Axems a Trademark??? Nevermind.