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Viewer Bio. Booster


By Stanley The Bugman

Vital Stats
Race: Human
Sanity: Little to none
Experience in the real world: He catches beetles outside sometimes...
Likes: Trains, princesses that fall from the sky, cake
Dislikes: Mario, getting jilted at the altar
Wants: A real friend
Looks like: Wario (kind of)

Booster lives in Booster Tower atop Booster Hill, which is by Booster Pass... His the seventh in the long line of Boosters, and from the portraits in his gallery, going nuts seems to be a honored family tradition (and while we're there, doesn't one of those Boosters bear a more-than-passing resemblence to Wario?). Anyway, Booster seems to not have any real friends besides these three Snifits, which are basically Shyguys with a bazooka beak who we all remember from Mario's adventure in Subcon. He passes the days riding his massive system of toy railroads that weave through the tower, collecting beetles, and layering his pad with explosives and the like. Not a bad life if you like trains, beetles, and Bob-ombs, but everyone needs to get out once and a while, right?

One quiet day at Booster Tower, an explosion way off at Bowser's Keep sends a certain pink-clad princess plummeting onto the rooftop. Booster's never seen something this pretty and before, so he decides he had better keep it! Without yet formulating a plan, he locks Princess Peach on the upmost balcony while he figures it out. Meanwhile, this plumber, a funny-looking tadpole, a doll, and a big turtle all barge in to his tower uninvited, looking for his peachy prize. One of the shyguys comes up with the idea to amscray to a chapel and marry the princess. So Mario and his band chase them all the way to Marrymore, where the interrupt the wedding, take the princess, and leave Booster with a monster bundt cake.

Thoughts from Jay: Heres a great start for the Viewer Bios. You kept to the story, which was fine, and you also added your own comments. But for all you at home, you don't have to stick to the story, come up with your own history's for characters in the Mario Universe. And just to let people know now, you can write about characters already here, doubles are allowed. Vanentina, By Stanley the Bugman