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Viewer Bio. Koopa Kids

KKs Bio

By OOLemmy

Names: Larry, Morton, Jr., Wendy O., Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, Ludwig, and a ton of others.
Species: Koopa
Ages: 1-21
Likes: Them hurting Mario
Dislikes: Mario hurting them
First appeared: SMB3
One score, and one more year ago (21), King Bowser Koopa and his queen decided that they needed someone who could rule the emperor after they died so they had children. Queen Koopa laid 128 eggs!!!! One hatched VERY quickly. This was the first Koopa kid. You probably are thinking “Ludwig”. You're absolutely WRONG. The first Koopa kid wasn't named for a while. Ill tell you what happened to him. When he was one, Bowser was making a glop to put Mario in. What happened was the BABY fell in. It was a youth potion and the Koopa was made a baby PERMANENTLY. Throughout the years the other eggs hatched. Bower’s favorite children were Ludwig, his genius son, Roy, the meanest of the mean, Iggy and Lemmy, the deadly duo, Wendy, the princess brat, Morton, Jr., bad singer extrodinare (Morton is Bowser’s middle name), and Larry, Bowser’s younger self. There first, sort of, appearance was SMB2. They wanted to kill Mario for there dad. So, without him knowing, Ludwig invented a dream machine, which allowed the Koopas to go into the world of Sub-con. They took some REALLY old troops and invented some new so there dad wouldn't recognize them. Then, to disguise themselves even more, they dressed up in funny costumes. Iggy and Lemmy together, disguised themselves as Wart, the head on the invasion. Unfortunately for them, they lost, and to make it even more humiliating, by the hands of Princess Peach Toadstool!!!! They then decided not to make up there own plans. A few years later, Bowser, unknowing of their earlier plan, asked them to help him out in conquering the Mushroom Kingdom. The kids agreed. Again though, they lost. A few years later they were asked to help conquer dinosaur world and...they lost. A LONG time later you looked at game ideas week 10 game Super Koopa Bros. and that tells the end of this. Will they be in another game? Will flurries, albastosses, and other troops in SMB2 ever be seen again? Will Jay put this bio up before they do? Will I ever stop asking such stupid questions? Will the bio end here? Yes. Join us next week, same Koopa time, same Koopa channel for another bio by... ME, LEMMY KOOPA!!!!
Thoughts from Jay
Ok, Lemmy has been bothering me for a while to put up his bios, so I’m getting them all out of the way. This is an entertaining bio, though. Good job.