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Viewer Bio. Axems


By OOLemmy

Before you read: Go to game ideas, week 10 and read Super Koopa Bros. Species: Robots Age: Old 16. New 1. Gender: Red, white, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, silver, brown, gold male. Pink, Purple female. Leaders: Red and white. (mostly red) Our story starts 27 years ago, the king of T-world died. He had one son, and his wife had just laid an egg. The people on T-world are reptilian. The king looked like a chameliaon. The queen looked like a dragon. When the king died, the queen died shortly after and their two year old son, Reiditronimi, who looked like his dad, took over. He was young, so the king of one of the moons, B. Sancousy, helped him. (B was a family friend) When Reiditronimi was 3, the other egg hatched. Lets skip ahead 10 years. The yonger brother , Adamotomon, who looked like his mom, was a genous. He dicided they needed body gaurds so he made 5 axem ranges and blade (the ones from MaRPGio). Adamotomon a Reiditronimi were totally different. Reiditronimi was a cruel king who was in charge of military. Adamotomon was nice, kind, and in charge of the government. When Reiditronimi was 27 he hatched a plan. He wanted the mushroom kingdom. He created smithy, but smithy lost. Two years later the tried again, but this time, Reiditronimi tried making axem rangers. One messed up and turned good (gold). The others worked fine. They fought the koopas and others but lost. Same with Smithy. This time though, Reiditronimi and Adamotomon fought. They lost, but ran off alive. Adamotomon and Reditronimi WILL try again (I have future game ideas planed). Well basically, thatís it. BYE!!! Thoughts from Jay
Wow, a totally different approach to the background of Super MaRPGio. Two different forces controlling all of the Bros.í enemies. When will they meet these bad guys?