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Viewer Bio. Frogfucus


By Tommy Sheridan

Age: Old enough to know gender: male race: frog height: not that tall weight: not much # of crikets cosumed in one day: 34 Curent wareabouts:Tadpole pond Long ago in tadpole pond there was a young frog named Frogfucus. Frogfucus never was smart in tadpole school. But he loved to learn. He sudenly became a very smart student. He was learning things he never knew before. Years later Frogfucus got all of the news before anyone else knew, because he learned them from the water. The tadpoles would "fetch the news" for him. Then one day Frogfucus was munching on a bunch of crickets, and then sudenly out of the sky came a peice of fluff, that look like a marshmallow. The name Mallow was written on it. Frogfucus notice that this piece of "fluf" name Mallow, was very powerful and he must be from somewhere very far (either from planet Vulcan or where ever Yoda is from!!). He knew he was much more then just a piece of some tastey campfire snack. Frogfucus decided to raise him as his own grandson. Mallow learned everything he knew. A few years later Frogfucus sent Mallow on a erand to buy him some cricket pie. Mallow got it, with the help of Mario(some characters need his help). Frogfucus was very proud, but he had to tell Mallow something he was hiding. Mallow was NOT a tadpole(I love that part). Mallow started to cry, but with the help of Mario, and his friends, (and even a enemy) Mallow found his way home. Frogfucus then went back to his normal way of life. Eating crickets, flies and all the weird stuff that frogs would eat. In case if your wondering if he ever had any brothers or sisters, lets just say he had a brother named Kermet who was a frog... Thoughts from Jay
OK, it could of used a little more originality. I like the cheep puns like the Star Wars line (I think Yoda is from Degoba or something), and the Kermit line at the end. You forgot to mention Frogfucus’ past life as a Jedi Night.