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By Smithy Smith

Well it all started from the family of powerful [mechanic rulers] named the Smiths. They were powerful but the cluthes of the Star Raod wouldn't give them Freedom to do evil. One day Frithy and Grithy had the son named Smithy. Frithy though him how to rule Exor and learn computer technoligy. Grithy on the other hand is a living nightmare. She makes kids do all the chores and over 100 loads of dirty clothes a day. When you over 100 years in Smith years your are an adult. Smithy known of the Star Road and known of the Smith keeping them away. Though somehow Smithy was extermely powerful and used Exor to break the Star Road. He also used Bowser's keep [Castle] as his base. As all of you may know about Bowser in SMRPG was extermely ANGRY! ALthough he did know that his team [no offense to you Bowser fans] was no match for the Smithy Gang. Though he also didn't know about Geno nethier that it grants wishes. HE decided to gather tham all up and destroy them and get anybody to join Smithy as he could. Smithy failed but he now has more pwer than ever. Though it is a living nightmare still when Grithy visits. Though his grandmother Writhy was even worse. I have a mystery about Grithy at and as some of you may know about Croco and me at SMRPG Super Spot! But back to Smithy anyhow. Smithy attacked Busber any of you know about Busby the bobcat? I have a friend that is a fan of him. Smithy rarely showed his trueform of power. Usually used his true power incase he was in very hard fight for him. Like when Mario, Mallow, Geno, yes even Bowser, and Princess Toadstool with some help from the stars they collected and weaponary and armory and so on to help them. They saved the WHOLE world [not just the Town]. THough Bowser still attacked in Mario 64 but that is for a Bowser bio. Planning to get all of MArio's foes Bowser, Wart, Wario, Tanganga, Donkey Kong, and Kamek [The leader of the Magikoopas and who raised up Bowser and has his Magikoopas and himself to help him out]. Though he has territories around the galaxy and his now extremely powerful. When will he pull his attack on Mushroom Kingdom World [If I say world I mean the hole world of Mario] Well you'll just have to wait for Nintendo to give Smithy a game.

Thoughts From Jay
Well, I followed this bio for a little bit, until he broke out into his own personal advertisement. Smithy, Grithy, ack, my head hurts.