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Viewer Bio. Shy-Guys


By Tuxedo Ken

Name: Shy-Guys (aka. "guys that can be knocked out with one very big veggie.") Age: Possibly in their teens Gender: Both male and female In the days before Baby Mario landed with the Yoshi clan, Kamek had just finished forseeing the future, and knew that the twins (Mario and Luigi) would bring ruin to the Koopa Kingdom, so he decided to create masked bodyguards to roam the island, and called them "Shy-Guys". The days passed and Baby M landed on Yoshi’s back while Baby L was kidnapped by Kamek. The Magikoopa decided to wait until he had Mario so he could destroy both at the same time, and he also captured the stork. According to the map that landed in front of Yoshi, it was a map of the Mushroom Kingdom Valley, where Baby M’s and Baby L’s parents live. Yoshi rallied his friends to help rescue Baby L and the stork, and stomp Kamek out of their lives. The trek lasted several days, and while the Yoshies were walking along, Kamek’s Shy-Guys attacked them, but the Yoshies thought quick, and defeated them all, and soon defeated Baby Bowser in an alternate world of Yoshi’s Island. The Shy-Guy population was decreasing fast, so Kamek created more Shy-Guys, before Baby Bowser stomped him again. It was a few years later, when Baby Bowser was more mature, and could protect himself. He attacked suddenly, and stole the “Super Happy Tree”, the source of the Yoshies’ happiness, and turned their island into a 2 1/2-D picture book. Only six baby Yoshies were Yoshi’s Island’s only chance for freedom once again, and when they found out what happened, they headed for Page 6 of the book. Along the way, they encountered a White Shy-Guy, who told them that he was not an enemy, but a friend, and he also gave them the secret locations of two other Yoshies, and said that they would be a big help in the fight against Baby Bowser. The small group, consisting of light blue, green, dark blue, yellow, red and pink Yoshies discovered the two missing Yoshies, the rare Black and White Yoshies on pages 2 and 3, and discovered that they could eat all foods that would normally give a Yoshi a stomachache. This would be a big help for us, the Yoshies thought. Meanwhile, Baby Bowser was guarding the Super Happy Tree, and snacking on its fruits. Before he stole the tree, he created Black Shy-Guys, and ordered his Toadies to capture the Baby Yoshies. The Toadies failed, and soon the White and Black Yoshies ate all the Black Shy-Guys, clearing the way for the group of six to reach Bowser and defeat him. It’s 25 years later, when Mario, Luigi and Bowser have grown up. The Mario Bros. had just saved Princess Toadstool, her faithful retainer Toad, and the Mushroom Kingdom, and dealt Bowser his first major blow. While Bowser was away recuperating from his injuries, he told his friend, Wart, that he was sending his Shy-Guy army to him in Subcon. Wart agreed, and was snacking on flies while he had the Subcons imprisioned in a jar. Some Subcons that escaped, told Mario in his dreams about Wart and that he hated vegetables, and that evil creatures were ruling the peaceful world. Later that day, he was walking along to a perfect spot for a picnic, with his brother, Luigi, and their friends, Princess Toadstool and Toad, and told them about his dream. "Don’t worry, Mario. It was just a dream."Luigi told him. Mario wasn’t too sure, and wanted to help out the Subcon world. But he looked at a map of the world, and couldn’t find Subcon, but he did find Hyrule, and planned on visiting there someday. Suddenly a door appeared in front of the foursome, and when Mario opened it, the Subcon world appeared in the distance. "So Mario’s dream was true. There is a world called Subcon, but it’s in a parallel dimension." Princess Toadstool said. They stepped through the door and landed in Subcon. Later that day, the foursome defeated most of the Shy-Guy army, and also killed Wart. The scant few that survived have diguised themselves as Fly-Guys in Super Mario 64. Will the Shy-Guy population rise? Only time, Super Mario RPG 2 and Super Mario 64 II will tell.

Thoughts From Jay
Wow, a long, interesting report on the Shy-Guys, the most popular enemy, besides maybe Goombas. I couldn’t of done a bio any better.