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race: goombis mushiche(scientific) gender: nutar to common means: squished mushroom Goomba used to be a nutar mushroom with a brown top. However, a red bob-omb blew up and caused the Goomba mushroom (goombis mushiche) to become alive. Magikoopa caused Goomba to become evil for life. Bowser and the Goombas took over the mushroom kingdom. A red magikoopa changed the Goombas grouped up with Mario. They worked together(even though Mario uses Kuribo the goomba's shoes) to defeat the koopas. Somehow, the Goombas in a different dimension got hit by squinty eyed purple mushrooms and the same story happened at the same time. What happened next? the Red magikoopa turned into a red para-troopa!

Thoughts From Jay
Ok...another bio on goombas. Iíll leave it as that.