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Bowser Koopa

Bowser Koopa

By ShadowX

Age:Aprox 55 Gender:Male Race:Koopa Height:Depends Weight:Overweight,needs diet. Status:Alive ,head of the Koopa Empire. Background Info:The Koopa Empire, the most advanced and powerfull empire in the Mushroom empire was at war with the mushroom kingdom.There was no strict reason why.Probably between Koopa expansion,or age old bickering between the two govournments, Minerals which could be sold for cash(hell their even more corrupt than the ShinRa)whatever,the Koopas wanted the Mushroom Kingdom. It was ruled by the head member of the Koopa Family at the time, a powerful and well known and respected family.Here I will start the bio of the most infamous ruler of all time, Bowser Koopa. Prelude to Yoshi's island:The Koopas had two main forts.One in the Koopa Capital, the other In Dinosaur World.Bowser's Father and mother needed to go and leave the Koopa kingdom for some reason or another,and they entrusted Kamek,His great uncle and top general to be his guardian in the dinosaur world(Which was a Koopa state at this time).This was the oppertunity Kamek had been waiting for.He now controlled the whole Koopa Empire,and was guardian to the King. Kamek, being a master magician, forsaw that two brothers, Under the names of Mario & Luigi ,would bring Chaos into the Koopa Family.To make sure their were no threats to his young relative,he needed to eliminate these pests.He sent some troops to capture these two brothers, but they screwed up, bring only one back. At this point, a small clan of peacfull dinosaurs(a group which Kamek turned a blind eye to) called Yoshis, world was plunged into pandemonium when the sibling which got away was discovered.The leader, called Yoshi, decided that he would protect him from falling into the hands of the Koopas.Kamek, having sent his troops into battle against King and Queen Toadstool(Our Princess Toadstool's Mum and Dad), was unable to defend, and so Yoshi infiltrated the defences of Neon Castle, rescued Luigi, and and the Koopa's plans were foiled. Forward 35+ years. The war had boiled down now and things were mostly peaceful all around. Bowser, Now titled 'King Koopa' decided he would cause anarchy within the Mushroom govournment by kidnapping the Head people within it and Princess Toadstool herself(and so a popular trait begins ;). The Mario Brothers,which Kamek had warned him about, gave him best his first taste of defeat(Sadly another popular Trait ;).And so the Mushroom war ended, with both sides tired of fighting.Years went by. Bowser Decided that he would launch an attack upon the Mushroom Owned countries in the Mushroom World, enlisting the help of his kids now old enough (10-15). His genious son,Kooky/Ludvig created mini versions of the family airship(Doom Ships) and each of them possesed one ,and Bowser entrusted them with the magic wands,designer made to each kids choice,and sent them to wreck havok on the world ,as a decoy to capture the princess(remember, Princess got captured at the end of world 7).The Koopa Kids turned the Mushroom rulers into animals,and Bowser was able to capture Princess Toadstool. Everything went fine.......untill the Marios showed up! They defeted the KKs, Larry-Ludvig and rescued the princess,and peace was restored, and Bowser Surrendered(or did he?) and with his kids retired to a break at their holiday home, the Neon Castle in Dinosaur world, still owned by the Koopas. Each year,the mushroom Granprix would be held by either the Koopas, or the Toadstool family.Decided with a coin toss, the Hosts this year would be the Koopas.Watching Yoshi Speed through the tracks, a plan began to form in his mind........... Back on Home turf in Dinosaur World, Bowser began building up his armies again.Mario and co, who were relaxing in the most popular Dinosaur World Holiday resort, heard the pleas of an insignificant dinosaur named Yoshi which looked strangly familiar.The Eggs of his friends had been stoolen. (The Koopas had a grudge for obvious reasons thought Mario...... Bowsers plan:The Mario's will give-into the pleas of help and walk right into a trap, as for the eggs, what would they have been used for???Mantlepiece Collection???Ludvig's experiments???A GOOD BREAKFAST????No one knows ;) But He was Foiled again, and Dinosaur land was liberated, And the Koopas returned to the capital. Modern day In a Complex piece of espionage, Bowser took control of the Pricess' private castle, Hoping the Mushroom govournment would give into his demands, But he was foiled by Mario(Luigi was having a coffee break at Nintendo HQ: Osaka...)so quicky that he did not even get to ISSUE HIS DEMANDS !!!! KyAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHHA Oh well, Lets Hope he has more luck in the future ^_^

Thoughts From Jay
Wow, another comprehensive biography on the #1 bad-guy, Bowser. And I though I was pressed about different governments.