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Viewer Bio. Blargg


By Ramatis

"...The most dangerous monster in the caves..." Vital stats: Gender/Race: Some male,others female; Blarggasaurous Age: Acient Height: 30 stories tall(like Godzilla) Weight: Many tons Likes: Nice lava pools,fire,Southern Fried Mario Hates: Mario Uncooked,Mario Alive,Mario even existing,cold things,lava pitfalls Does he think that Taco Bell dog is annoying: Yes;Very much. He's wanting some nice roast Chiuaua for dinner very soon. Most Annoying Quotes: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell." Blargg is the most deadly enemy in the caves of Super Mario World. He wants nothing more than a nice fried plumber to fill in his ever-growing appetite. Blargg roamed around long lava pits that needed to be crossed by Skullhead Rafts. So while MARIO,oh so innocently and peacefully rides on the Skull Raft,Blargg is waiting down in the lava pits below him........He jumps!!! Rats! Mario notices and jumps as well. That's the life of a Blargg. You think you're getting ready for your next meal,and at the last second,it jumps out of your reach. Blarggs were a very worthy enemy for Mario. They couldn't even be killed. So MARIO had to use all the manuverability he had to avoid the Blargg until the end of the Raft ride. Blarggs were actually peaceful(yet dimwitted) creatures until Koopa attacked their colony and brainwashed them. After the end of SMW,with the Blarggs failing thier mission,Koopa vowed to never brainwash a retarded creature again. Currently,the Blarggs are down in thier lava pit home,watching TV and making threats to the Taco Bell dog. "I'll get you and your little Gorditas,too!"They said in their Blarggarian language. Will their dream ever come true? Hopefully so. "Crrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!"

Thoughts From Jay
Ok...I too hate the Taco Bell dog.