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Viewer Bio. Lakiut



Weight:30 lb
Hight:I have no idea.

Lakiut was flying in his
cloud when he saw a pipe.He wondered where the pipe went to so he flew down
the pipe.Upon landing he saw people with mushrooms on their heads.He was in
the Mushroom Kingdom.He said hello to a man who screamed and ran off.He
tried to make some friends but all anyone did upon setting eyes on him was
scream and run off.Lakiut found another pipe and went in it. It took him to
Bowser's Castle.He told Bowser he needed a job; so Bowser gave him a job of
doing evil things to Mario.At this time most Lakiuts are evil but a few are

Thoughts From Jay

Ok...a short bio. Clearly explains how Lakitu came into the game. Good ones? Oh ya, the camra one in SM64. Isnít that the one that killed Luigi at the beginning?