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Viewer Bio. Dodo


By Ian

Gender: Male bird
Height: short
Weight: a lot more than Mallow
Age: about 25
Status: Alive, currently making plans for Valentia's wedding and
wondering what diet he should go on
How many statues he can peck when he's mad: 64
How many cricket pies he can eat in a day: 64,000

Dodo is a very fat bird. He has only one friend. Her name is Valentia.
From his birth to the wedding, here's a bio on Dodo:
Dodo was born in Land's End. He didn't like it there. He ran away from
home when he was ten. After a while he moved to Tadpole Pond. He was
still a normal bird then. Then Dodo was adopted by Frogfucious. His
favorite food was Cricket Pie. The bird could eat 64,000 in one day!
Therefore he is seriously overweight. He had one friend: Valentia. They
made evil plans together. About 15 years later they made another evil
plan. This one was to take over Nimbus Land. There Dodo was supposed to
pretend to be Prince Mallow. Being weak-minded fools, the Nimbus Landers
believed this. Now Dodo made Valentia his queen. Then Mario, Mallow and
Princess walk in. They defeat Dodo and Valentia. Dodo landed on a tower-
Booster's Tower, that is! Now Booster and Valentia are going to get
married. Dodo, finally noticing how overweight he is, decides to go on a
diet. He presently does not know which one. Sorry, Dodo, but I guess
you'll have to wait!

Thoughts From Jay

Ok bio, but it could of used some more pep. Add some wierd story on Dodo’s back life on how he came to the Mushroom World on a spaceship that was ment to go to Pluto. Now thats a great story.