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Viewer Bio. Croco


By Ian

Croco isn't all a bad guy- he just likes stealing things. But how come
he has that hobby? Come and let me tell you the story of Croco and his
best friends.
Croco and his friend Belome liked one thing more than any other thing-
Super Mario games. They had played them for all of their lives. Then,
one day, a tragic thing happened- Croco's TV set was stolen! Croco and
Belome set out to find the crook, only to get beat up by three bandits!
Croco thought, "Hey, these guys have a good hobby!" So Croco told them
that if they gave back his TV, he helped them steal things. The bandits
agreed to this.
Then came the day of Smithy. Smithy started controlling Croco's mind;
and he told him to steal from Mario and Mallow! He did the same with
Belome. He also gave Belome a taste for marshmellows. Croco's head was
cleared after the Moleville incident, but Belome had to be destroyed for
that to happen. Croco was determined to get revenge on Mallow. Then he
remembered that Mallow looked like a cloud. "Maybe he is from Nimbus
Land and the long-lost Prince Mallow? Maybe, I could steal from his
people!" So he tried that, but he lost his Signal Ring in the process.
Giving up, he started selling items to Mario to help them.
After that, Croco gave up stealing. His henchmen did the same. They
decided to learn the art of magic instead. Then Croco found a spell
known as "Life 2." BRAINSTORM: He could bring back Belome! He did that.
The five became friends again and started a job: testing their favorite

Thoughts From Jay

Great, This sure does clear up all the confusing parts about the game, Super MaRPGio. Cool bio, and we learn a valuable moral. Let one man steal your stuff, and never steal no more. Think about that one for a while.