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Viewer Bio. The Koopalings

The Koopalings(Koopa Kids)


The story:Each kid is really a human(So that means there is no Mrs.Koopa).
They live in diffrent parts of New York(except Wendy and Morton)
-Roy is Roy Sawyers. He is a tough kid who is really smart. He lived in Brooklen.
-Larry, Lemmy, and Iggy all had Mohawks as humans. Their real names are Larry, Lemmy, and Iggy Lincon. They lived in Queens and were really tough. Excepet Lemmy(Who played Video Games at the arcade all day.)
-Wendy O. Koopa is really Wendy O. Richards. She was the First Daughter. She had an additude as worse as her whining. She, of course, lived in D.C.
-Ludwig Von Koopa was a Piano player in real life named Ludwig Von Johnson. He lived Downtown.
-Morton Koopa Jr. Was Morton Guthrie. He lived in Chicago.

The kids were the Toughest in the world. Bowser knew this and sent Koopa Troopas after them. The were transformed to Lizard-Like evil brats(Except Wendy, she was already an evil brat.)

Thoughts From Jay

Short bio on the history of the Koopa Kids. I never realy thought of them as changed humans, but heck, why canít they be!?