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Viewer Bio. Bowser Koopa

Bowser Koopa

By Matt/8

Okay here goes nothin
Hight:12 feet
Weight:500 tons
Bowser was born 1000 years ago.
Because his parents were killed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer(It makes the
story more interesting.)he lived with his uncle Kemeck.But he got tired of
living with his uncle Kemeck so he ran away.He found a pipe and fell into
it.The next thing he knew he was in a new world. Goombas and koopas were
running around the world in sworms.Bowser wandered around the world and met
Koopa the Quick. (Koopa the Quick is now his best friend)Bowser looked
around some more and found out that part of the world tiny and huge,some was
desert,some was battle fileld and some was meadows and mountains.Bowser
loved the new world so HE TOOK OVER!!!!One day Mario and Luigi came to
Bowser's world and started to cause mischif.Bowser did not like Mario and
Luigi so he fought them in combat.They beat him,but he persisted on and has
been beaten to this day.

Thoughts From Jay

Two Bowser bios in one week. They both contradict each other, but who cares. Great bios donít like these donít need to be worried about.