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Viewer Bio. Bowser


By Sean King

(Note:The early part of the bio takes place whith the Great Reptile Wars)

Back in 80 b.c.,an egg was layed during the Great Reptile Wars,when
dinosaurs and Dragons went to war.Worried about their child,the parents
preserved their egg underground.Then,in 1952 a.d., the egg hatched.His first
sight was Kamek,a 200 year old magikoopa asigned by the baby's parents to
raise him.He named him Bowser.(The next part has to do with the Mario

Afterwards,Bowser's house was ambushed by an army of dragons and mushroom
men.Capturing Bowser,they took him to a large cannon,and placed him in.The
last thing he saw was a large familler dragon.

Bowser then headed back to the Mushroom Kingdom,and,when he made it to his
castle,he saw a creature he first heard about from Kamek....Dragoon,lead
general of the Dragons and murderer of Bowser's parents.The two fought,and
Bowser managed to kick Dragoon out of his castle.

Althought,that wasn't Bowser's last encounter with Dragoon.......


Bowser Bio PART 2
Okay,where was I,oh yes,Bowser just defeated Dragoon(end of my game Bowser
Land.)Now for 6 months no one saw Dragoon.Then terrible news broke out:Evil
characters from all over attacked major areas of the Mushroom
World!Bowser,although not the evil type,decides to stop them,for he believes
Dragoon is tied with the attacks.Sure enough,he was.Bowser defeated him in
Dragoon's underground lair.Then,3 months later,Dragoon shows his true
intentions and ambushed the Mushroom Kingdom!Mario,realizing he's done a
terrible thing working with Dragoon and teams up with Bowser.In the
end,Dragoon is electricuted.Bowser and Mario break up the truse and become
enemies again.

What Bowser is up to today is unknown,but apparently he may be preparing for
Super Mario 64 2(is it really gonna be made or is it a rumor???!!!!)Until
then,well,who knows!


Thoughts From Jay

Wow, Bowser and Kamek are old. What do you know, a viewer bio/game idea cross over. I like this twist on Bowser’s life.