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Viewer Bio. Punchinello


By Mallow' brother's cousin's neighbor's roommate's friend

Sex: Male
Age: Who knows?
Height: short
Weight: fat
race: unknown
number of bombs consumed a day: 12

This is the story of a crazed bombed maniac named Punchinello. He always
wanted to be famous. He his in caves most of the time. He then moved to
the Moveville moutain. He was in a place where a star crashed.

Then Mario who happend to be in the same area found him. Punchinello
relized if he could kill Mario he would be famous. He almost did. He made
a gigantic bomb fall on himself. People thought Punchinello was dead. But
he went off to host a TV show called Punchillo tonight. He then got very
jelous of Bomberman because he was the other great bomber. He had him
guest star... and the rest you can figue out on your own.

Thoughts From Jay

Um, wierd ending. Crossover with Bomberman. Great job.