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Viewer Bio. Boshi




**Note from Jay-Any persons with weak stomachs should skip reading this bio. Thanks.** Boshi was raised by a Green Yoshi (Mom)and a Yellow Yoshi(Dad)That's how he became a Blue Yoshi. Boshi was a happy Yoshi child, until when he was 9. His Mom had a Pink Baby Yoshi and The Baby stole the spotlight.As Boshi became forgotten more and more,he became meaner and meaner!! Finally,He could'nt stand it anymore.So,when he was 14, He killed off the Baby while His parents were gone on their anniversary.Just as His Mom and Dad pulled up into the driveway,Boshi threw the Baby's corpse into the recycleing basket. He murdered Yoshi Gates when he was 16 for inventing Yoshisoft '95 be cause his parents spent too much time on it.The next day,Boshi got those sunglassez, spiky collar,spiky cuffz and spiky legbandz! When he was 19,He killed his parents,then moved to Yo'ster Isle. There,He practiced racing for 1 year.He was undefeated until Yoshi beat him in the Yoshi Derby by 2 inches.That concludes Boshi's StoryBio!

Thoughts From Jay

Ack! This bio should be rated R! You should work for Steven King or somthing (are you Steven King?). I like this bio, expecialy the death of Yoshi Gates (I hate Win 95). I think I just lost my lunch...