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Viewer Bio. Boomer


By Mario Bug

Age: 32
Height: Medium
Weight: Big
sex: male..mabey
Like: To win
Dislikes: Loosing
Race: Red blue men

Long ago a man name Boomer, was electrocuted. He became half red and half
blue. He switched colors. A evil man name Smithy liked that so he put
him in Bowser’s Keep.

Boomer guarded the chandeliers. One day Mario, Mallow, Bowser, Geno, and
Toadstool found him and fought against him. He lost, but he couldn’t admit
it. He fell off the chandelier, and he got rescued by a bunch of shy guys.
Then he decided to start his own game called Boomer's revenge. He made
lots of money. He then relaxed he must defeat Mario, But that’s another

Thoughts From Jay

Um, a nice small bio. Short, but original and cool. I’d like to learn more about Boomer, maybe we’ll see more from Mario Bug.